Maundy Thursday for the homeless Gomel

Society Today, dozens of homeless Gomel residents showered and were disinfected with their belongings. All of them made a chest X-rays, given clean clothes, food and hygiene products.

Held a "Maundy Thursday" for the urban homeless Gomel regional organization Belarusian society Red Cross within the "right to health". This event — part of the information campaign "I am stopping TB", which is held in Belarus on the basis of the UNDP Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

According to the Homel regional branch of the Red Cross, to the action "right to health" involved police, Tuberculosis Hospital physicians

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Mogilev activists complained about the city council to court

Society Three of the applicants are not permitted by the local authority pickets for the release of political prisoners appealed to the court about the actions of the Mogilev city executive committee. Union activists Yury Novikov, Sergey Fomin and the head of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov asking the court to declare illegal and annul the decision business manager Igor Avseenko City Council for permission to hold protests. May 17 Leninsky court Mogilev will review the complaint activists.

The failure to picket City Council explained that the venue for public events organized by political, union and NGOs,

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Georgian Parliament Speaker: I am glad that today Belarus qualitatively different position

Society In Georgia, widely commented on the decision of the official Minsk regarding the prohibition of Belarusians visiting Abkhazia and South Ossetia, because of the danger of such trips.

Representatives of Tbilisi claims that the statement made today the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

As the chairman of the Georgian Parliament David Bakradze, today's announcement by President Lukashenko — confirmation of the final position of Minsk.

"We all remember that not long ago there was a threat as to when and in what form Belarus recognizes Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I am glad that many circumstances the position of Belarus

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Journalists can help make an informed choice

Society The best harness the power of the media during the presidential election campaign? This issue has become central to today's roundtable of independent journalists, politicians and human rights activists. Round table organized by the analytical center "Strategy" and the National Committee of the United Democratic Forces.

Journalists, politicians and human rights activists have agreed to hold such meetings regularly. Everyone agreed that, together to save the independent media will be easier. Jeanne Litvin, Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, talking about the situation in the media, said that the state distribution of emitted private editions, attempts to register

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$ 500 salary in debt?

Society In Minsk, the average earnings figure reached $ 500, which before the election requires Alexander Lukashenko. This was announced by the deputy chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Borisenko. Is it possible to achieve such average salaries for equal?In the spring of 2008 in the message the National Assembly, Alexander Lukashenko said: "At the end of the five-year period we have to bring the wages, I am afraid to say, to $ 700, will not hold your hand. $ 500 will be enough. It should be 700 — the average salary in the country. Then we will

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The presidential administration has gone to the people

Society The representatives of the presidential administration this week to conduct a personal reception of citizens in different regions of Belarus. The campaign is part of the monitoring authorities at different levels with the population of the country. In the Leninsky district of Minsk met with residents of the capital head of the work with citizens Stanislav Buko.

First wishing to get an appointment with a representative administration began lining up two hours before the start of the reception. Noisy crowd at the entrance to the building of the district administration soon invited to the assembly hall, where people

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The Soviet Union plus the KMT

The Company propose to look at two photographs of French photographer Henri Cartier-Bressona, thematically linked by a single concept — the "crowd" or community of people. These are good pictures.

The first photo is shot in 1954 at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow and called "The Soviet Union. Moscow. 1954." Second — filmed in 1948 in Shanghai (China) and is called "The last day of the distribution of gold gamindanavtsam. Shanghai. 1948."

When I showed you the first photo of the uninitiated, the people and asked the question, what kind of society, the answer was: "It

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Gubarevich: Grunwald — a very significant event in the life of Belarusians

Society At Grunwald field is deputy chairman of the Movement "For Freedom" Yuri Gubarevich.

Here is how he explained his presence at the site of the historic event:

Gubarevich "This is a very significant event in the history of the Belarusians, when jointly managed to defeat the enemy in one of the most important military campaigns of those years. Of course, it should be noted that we have acted together with the neighbors. And the celebration of the 600th anniversary of Grunwald — a good reason to visit the scene, paglyadetst staging, listen to the speeches of officials, again

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Dalia Grybauskaite forgotten Belarus

Society Speaking in Krakow a speech on top of celebrating the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite noted the contribution of the Polish and Lithuanian nations in the victory over the Teutonic Order. About the Belarusian presence Grunwald field Grybauskaite said nothing.

At the monument in honor of the victory in the Battle of Grunwald Dalia Grybauskaite congratulated the Polish people with the 600th anniversary of "our great victory," informs navinnny portal Grunwald victory Lithuanian leader called significant for both peoples.

"For centuries, our people are bound by

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The meeting Saakashvili and Lukashenko was July 12

Society As can be seen from the reports of the Georgian media, the Georgian leader, it seems, went to Ukraine twice. First time — July 9, a one-day visit to the drop of English-language edition of the Digest Messenger, personally congratulate the Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych and his 60th birthday. Details about the meeting not, commentators write. We only know that Saakashvili is no one on this anniversary did not. "Of course, the experts can explain it this way: Ukraine — a member of the Georgia and Tbilisi should strengthen its relations with this country"Writes the online edition Geurasia.


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