Even today, July 14

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Rain …

…all day. Heat: 21 — 28 C.

Do not pass:

In the first match of the 2nd qualifying round of the Champions League 2010/2011 FC BATE Borisov takes in the city stadium in Borisov islyandki "FH." Beginning at 19.00.

In the village of Samokhvalovichy Minsk region begins a three-day international scientific-practical conference "Potato Belarus: scientific support and innovative way of development."


In Nizhny Tagil exhibition opens arms and military equipment "Defense Expo 2010", which will visit Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and

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United States turned to the issue of the OSCE human rights in Belarus

Society The head of the U.S. Mission to the OSCE Ian Kelly made a statement about human rights violations in Belarus, the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna.

The statement said that "the United States notes with serious concern that the continued pressure and intimidation aimed at the independent media and the political opposition in Belarus. After a noticeable improvement at the end of 2008, we note with sadness that, in a subsequent period, there were continuing violations OSCE. "

Among the events that cause the most concern, named:

July 8 attack on the activist of "Young Belarus" Artur Finkevich

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White-red-white flag in honor of Grunwald

Society Last night on the street in Vitebsk "Truth" waving white-red-white flag.

It was posted around 23.30 on electric wires near the Combine arts. And passers-by could see the flag, who were returning from the concerts "Slavonic Bazaar", or those who simply walking around the city.

According to the Vitebsk opposition leader Boris Khamaida, the flag was attached a note: "To the 600th anniversary of the historic victory at Grunwald. July 15, 1410 GSU ON combined forces of Poland and with the participation of Czech soldiers and Tatar troops crushed the crusaders of the Teutonic Order. Troops led

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OSCE PA President: This is a terrible precedent for democracy

Society "Terrible precedent for democracy," said the verdict was a former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Petros Efthymiou. His special statement today press service of the OSCE PA.

Petras Efthymiou expressed concern about restrictions that governments set for the political opposition and Civil Society Belarus:

"Sentences participants post-election protests excessive. They show a lack of respect for the fundamental rights of freedom of assembly and expression, promote fear and self-censorship among the media and Civil Society in the country. "

The President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly also urged the government to reconsider the

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Nasha Niva waiting for subsidies from the state

Society At a press conference at the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the chief editor of "Nasha Niva" Andrei Skurko told about the situation surrounding the disappearance of the last number. According to online newspaper "Solidarity", newspaper disappeared "somewhere between the printing press and the" Belsajuzdruk ":

— Last week, we were faced with a new kind of censorship — censorship since the "liberalization" as part of the circulation of the material NTV film "The Godfather" was removed from the distribution. And, was seized most easily accessible part of the newspaper, which ran through the stalls "Belsajuzdruk."

Chief Editor Andrei Skurko

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Car market abyazlyudev: heat plus the prices

Society Special editions have reported a significant decline in prices and sales volumes in the auto market, which is associated with a lot of supposedly imported cars. Our reporter visited the Minsk car market, "robin", where he has performed this and other information.

Car market 'Robin "for the capital's roundabout, opposite the South-West district. Hour of the day, the heat — plus thirty. Over the field with cars, but with almost no human sound advertisements. I go along with the price tags on the car windshield. Cross out the price written with new figures do not see anywhere else.

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Can Moscow and Brussels to negotiate solutions to the Belarusian issue?


Is there the political will?

Valery Karbalevich: "The magazine" Newsweek "comes to the conclusion that Lukashenko has" got "Moscow and Brussels, that they finally realized and decided to make the outcome of Lukashenko in the presidential election. How realistic is such a scenario?"

Alexander Klaskouski: "I think it is unreal. Several of our resources have seized upon the publication in the American Journal and filed it as some kind of serious political science concept. And I looked in the original. There on this subject published half a paragraph. Moreover, this author writes on a variety of topics, and felt

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Vaitsyushkevich celebrate its birthday

Society Exactly a week later, on July 20, in the concert hall "Minsk" will be a traditional summer concert Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich. The reason — the next birthday of the artist. In the program the best and new songs, the performance of fellow musicians, songs and poetry. And, of course, pleasant surprises!

Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich was born July 20, 1971 in the village of Beryozovka Lida district. He graduated from high school with advanced study of English and School of Music in clarinet in Lida. He continued teaching at the Institute of Culture and the Minsk College of Music named after

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Rest or computer — it is necessary to choose

Society Mrs."Home and grandmother. They went to the spring Chenki in a sanatorium. Said, once improved their health — and all. In that year, drove themselves, and this year at home. The child was told that the training program is needed is a computer. Vacation or a computer — you should choose. "

Mr."Near Minsk in the camp. One month of the season — and everything. "

Mrs."This year, we somehow do not zarganizavalisya. At home with his mother sitting. Drove to St. Petersburg for a week just to see. A ticket to the camp in the resort could not

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Mogilev: The visual area could collapse with people

Society In Mogilev on the visual area on the street Botkin there was a huge crack. Every day on this site are hundreds of people. Next to it — the central city hospital and a maternity hospital. From the playground to the St. Nicholas Church and houses of Mogilev region "Padmikolle" are iron assembly.

Why the crack is unknown. Here and there she had overgrown grass. One of the bystanders said that over the long crack is watching and it is increasing. People, he says, in his remarks that the crack threatens their lives, not pay attention.

Now, the crack

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