Guardian: The temple of liberty totters

Society Many former Soviet nations lost on the road to democracy. And it looks like, nobody cared. This was announced today writes Peter Preston in the newspaper The Guardian.

We are so used to Silvio Berlusconi, which have even stopped to wonder. What? New Italian law banning listen to telephone conversations Prime Minister and his cronies? After all, their "private life" is much more important than anything else, what's going on on the dark side of social life? What? New draconian conditions that do not allow newspapers to fully and completely describe the case before it gets to court —

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Minsk City Council won the Battle of Grunwald pillows

Society Minsk city executive committee does not allow to take place in Minsk, "Pillow Fight" on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald.

"Due to the fact that the statement of the IPO" Historian "on mass action does not meet the requirements of Article 5. 5 of the Law" On Mass Events "Minsk city executive committee does not permit the activities at the site next to the building of the National Library", — explained in the response, who signed vice-chairman Minsk City Executive Committee Mikhail Titenkov.

Public Association "Historian" is the organizer of fighting with pillows.

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BPF Party declares unity

Society The leaders of the different communities BNF signed a statement in which they demonstrate "their unity and solidarity in the tests, which are to arise frontovskogo on our way," condemn "any attempt to split the party ranks both outside and inside."

"We regard as provocative attempts to discredit the governing bodies of the Party and to sabotage the party discipline and a fortiori use the services of repressive regime in order to satisfy their personal ambitions, "- says the statement.

"We consider it an act of political irresponsibility and infantilism reluctance of some distinguished members of the party to

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Roman Polanski broke away from the pursuit

Society Switzerland refused to give the U.S. a famous director Roman Polanski, who is also a citizen of Poland.

"I am very grateful and happy to be able to work again in Poland" — said Roman Polanski, arrived in 2001 in Warsaw to shoot the film "The Pianist." Filmed in the Polish capital, the film received three "Oscar" (including Best Director), the top award at the Cannes Film Festival and a number of other prestigious awards.

The news of the arrest of Roman Polanski in Zurich caused a strong reaction in Poland are considered Polanski directed primarily Polish.

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Money under control

Society 678 signatures on 29 sheets of activists of the campaign "Tell the Truth" surrendered today in Baranavichy city executive committee.

As the coordinator of the campaign Vyacheslav Bolbat, signatures collected by the request to publish in the newspapers "Our Land" and "Intekspres" information on the amount of funds received from customers for repair of apartment buildings for 2009 and that these means were used. Also on the schedule overhaul in This year,.

Vyacheslav Bolbat says that citizens put their signatures quite active. Although there have been cases where activists have heard the anger and refusal to sign.

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Lukashenko met with Saakashvili

Society Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in the Crimea met with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The meeting took place back on July 9, but the issue has become known until Tuesday.

As theand TV "Imedi", the presidents discussed bilateral political and economic relations.

Saakashvili and Lukashenko noted with satisfaction the deepening of relations at the level of social groups, especially at the youth level and between business groups.

Tbilisi believes that after break in diplomatic relations with the West is the beginning of a new stage in the relations with the CIS countries, which are under pressure from Russia, the

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Brel this insanity for long, but the fear on people caught

Society Officials are "vertical" in the regions began to fulfill the requirements of Lukashenka to strengthen discipline. The head of state has recently demanded to use for this practice andropavskih times. Even today in parts of the facts are known, when rounded up to the so-called "shirkers and parasites", returns a written record of human presence in the workplace, as well as control over the ideological and personnel issues. The details inform correspondents of "Freedom."  

Vitebsk Region

 The schools — "andropavshchyna" and search for "terrorists" In Vitebsk daily at "andropavskih" checks. Even the teachers in schools and universities, working on a

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Minsk for participation in the Eastern Partnership, Russia and Turkey

Society This was stated at the conference "Eastern Partnership" in Warsaw, Consul of Belarus to Poland Andrei Lazavik.

The conference was devoted to the theme "Where are we? Post-Communist and post-Soviet countries in the last 20 years."

In the event attended About 200 people — responsible representatives of the foreign ministries of the participating countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus), as well as diplomats and leading politicians and public figures in Eastern and Western Europe and the United States.

The meeting participants discussed projects aimed at political, economic and legal convergence of six post-Soviet republics with the EU.

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Kobyakov for further reforms on the advice of the World Bank

Society How falls BELTA, this today at a meeting of the Government Presidium Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov.

"The working group is preparing a new version of a plan to provide in the coming years rating of Belarus in the World Bank" Doing Business "is not lower than 30 th position", — quotes agency deputy prime minister.

According to Kobyakova need constant reforms in all spheres of business activity in Belarus, in including taking into account the recommendations of the World Bank and the positive experience other countries.

According to Kobyakov law "On Business Associations", which has already

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Re-registration of Internet resources — the number of 16:7

Society Passed state registration of about 16,000 Internet resources. 7,000 applications rejected.Belarusian State Inspection on Telecommunication (BelGIE) considering another 2,000 applications, BelTA learned from head of the department of information technology Andrei Silich.

Silich also named the main reasons for rejected applications:

grammar mistakes mismatch error information when filling out forms.

The state registration of online resources provided by the Council of Ministers № 644 of April 29, 2010 "On some issues of improving the use of the national segment of the World Wide Web."



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