Tom Stoppard is Free Theatre

Society 13 July playwright Tom Stoppard in London will present leaders of the "Free Theatre" Natalia Kolyada and Nikolai Khalezin, as well as opposition leader and a representative of Charter 97 Andrei Sannikov.

Website Index on Censorship reports that the company "Free Theatre" has been widely accepted in London, "but their struggle for freedom and democracy against the background of the worsening situation in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko has introduced new laws to restrict the Internet and introduce criminal responsibility for human rights defenders and political activists who use the Internet to organize resistance to the regime. "

The website states

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Pseudomonas, or more dangerous Mozzarella and treatment in hospitals

Soon society Turin police seized 70,000 packages of mozzarella. The Ministry of Health of Italy turned to Brussels with the requirement to initiate an investigation by the German company. It became clear from the documentation, cheap mozzarella acquired not only supermarkets Turin and other Italian cities. Blue mozzarella imported into France, Slovenia, even Russia and Belarus. Here she was not only in retail, but also in the pizzeria.

Nevertheless, all this time Bavarian manufacturer stopped production of mozzarella, arguing that the harmful substances in the milk is not, and is blue cheese because the local water is safe for

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Oil processing volume decreased by 32%

Society In January-June 2010 Belarusian refineries — "Naftan" and OAO "Oil Refinery" processed 7,594 tons of oil, which is 31.5% less than the same period of 2009.

In January-June 2010 Belarusian refineries produced 1.323 million tons of gasoline — is 24.4% less than in January-June 2009.

The volume of oil supplies from Russia to Belarus fell in the I half-year compared with the same period 2009and by 39% — it was 6,464,000 tons.

It is reported by Interfax referring to the National Statistical Committee.



Dubrovno tsmutarakannyu has always been, and now all of it and still declining …

Society My companion, a pensioner and a member of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World", Mr. Meany Kornienko returned to his small home after 40-year break when he worked in the local district committee of the Communist Party. Even before the trip warned:

Kornienko"It has always been difficult for people — the edge of the suburbs," tsmutarakan. " Even after the Second World Central Committee of the PBC adopted a special resolution "On measures to help Dubrovensky district" … "

The bus dubroventsy lively discussions evening news BT:

Lord"Yesterday looked as reported to the President that the Executive

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Burned Oil Refinery

Rescuers society eliminated a major fire at the Mozyr refinery arising after, in one of the stores was hit by lightning.

"There was a fire in a steel tanks of 10,000 cubic meters of storage for gasoline. At tanks were 3 million liters of gasoline №", — told Interfax in the Emergencies Ministry.

"Rescuers Emergency warning fire gasoline. Injured. Cause of the fire — a bolt of lightning", said the ministry.


Mozyr, fire, refinery

Even today, July 13



…rainy. But the heat: 20 — 31 C.

Do not pass:

Opening of the exhibition "Grunwald in our memory" in the office of the BPF.

The "Addis Ababa" to the pub-club "Graffiti" in Minsk, 19:00.


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko on a visit to China.

In Istanbul, the political dialogue the EU-Turkey with the participation of EU foreign minister Catherine Ashton and EU Commissioner Stefan Fule.


In 1894 was born the Russian Soviet writer Isaac Babel (d. 1940).

In 1930, in Uruguay started the first football World Cup. July 30,

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Even today, May 17

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Wind …

…and overcast. The temperature plus 11-17.

Do not pass:

Trials of the participants in the Lenin Square and the Frunze district court of Minsk.

In the Supreme Economic Court case begins to close the "People's Will".


In Brussels, a meeting of finance ministers of the EU member states.

Britain's Queen Lizabeta II in Dublin (the first British monarch to visit Ireland since independence this country 1922).

King Abdullah of Jordan s meets U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington.

President of Uzbekistan Islam

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Funny Pictures: 13.07.2010

Society Start Belarusian spacecraft is transferred again, now in 2011. Originally it was planned that the Belarusian satellite will be launched into orbit in 2009.


Archive of all pictures

Activists of the Tell the Truth marked the anniversary of the recognition of the power of Mogilev BNR

Society Today, fifty activists of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" came to the Soviet area to the regional museum to commemorate the event, which took place July 12, 1918. According to historians Mogilev, 92 years ago in the former building of the District Court 400 members of the public have recognized the supremacy of the Mogilev Belarusian authorities of the People's Republic in the city. That historic meeting decided to form a national committee of Mogilev. The Committee was headed by Michael Kahanovich, who later became the first director of the Vilnius Belarusian gymnasium.

Participants in the rally.


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Warsaw hosts conference on Eastern Partnership

Society Participation in the event is about 200 people — responsible representatives of the foreign ministries of the member states of this program (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus), as well as diplomats and leading politicians and public figures in Eastern and Western Europe and the United States.

The meeting participants discussed projects aimed at political, economic and legal convergence of six post-Soviet republics with the EU. To do this, Brussels has to spend up to 2013 at least 600 million euros.

The program "Eastern Partnership", initiated by Poland and Sweden, was launched in 2009



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