Yanukovych suggested Rompeyu mediation in dialogue with Minsk

Society Press Service of the President of Ukraine published the details of the meeting with Viktor Yanukovych President of the European Council Herman Van Rompeem, which took place on Friday in Kiev.

In the course of the conversation has been affected and the Belarusian issue. Speaking about the program "Eastern Partnership" Yanukovych emphasized the importance of dialogue between the EU and Belarus. According to the Ukrainian leader, "this dialogue in which Ukraine is ready to become a mediator, will help to establish the relationship between Belarus and the EU. "

"The rapprochement between Belarus and the EU, strengthening

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Slavonic Bazaar lack of Belarusian

Society At the festival "Slavic Bazaar" one day is traditionally called the Day of Belarus. And yesterday it coincided with the Day of Youth, because the actual activities of the Belarusian was little. Although the national character, which is not enough "Slavonic Bazaar", would be very useful, say residents and visitors of Vitebsk.

Yesterday evening at the concert of Belarusian pop culture minister Paul Latushko the audience literally had a standing ovation after the words "Let us appreciate more, but loves her."

However, so far it's pretty much just words. The concept of "Slavonic Bazaar" was constructed in such

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The British denied visas and Ukrainian and Belarusian children

Society On Sunday, the British Ezhednevnik Independent published an article entitled "Chernobyl Children are not allowed in Britain."This it is that children affected by the Chernobyl accident, the UK Border Agency regularly refuses visas. The article gives specific cases: only seven of the 17 children who had to travel to the UK with the help of the charity initiative "Chernobyl Children Life Line", received visas. Or have problems with visas for Belarusian children?

First, we caught up with charities that deal with rehabilitation of children from Belarus to the UK. Eugene Ukrainians, Chairman of the Belarusian Republican public association "Children

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Lukashenko does not plan to stay in the Crimea

Society President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is paying a working visit to Ukraine. The press service of the president while only provide information about a meeting with President Lukashenko of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, which took place last night.

The official website of the President of Belarus noted that today The working visit to Ukraine. However, no information about when and how much the head of the country today, and that he had a meeting. However, the press service of the President confidently say that Alexander Lukashenko did not plan to stay in the Crimea. Recall, he came here for

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Cuban political prisoners: hunger for freedom

Society "The Cuban leadership understands very well what role can play a hunger strike," — writes the weekly "The Economist", in response to the decision of the Cuban authorities to release from prison a group of dissidents. Below — the text published in the British weekly.

In 2000 Fidel Castro, moved, apparently, a difficult situation hunger activists Irish Republican Army, has approved the construction of the monument in Havana died of hunger another IRA Bobby Sandy and his fellow prison. Jerry Adamz, leader of the Irish party "Sinn Fein", attended the opening of the monument.

Who is this

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20 years of the Declaration of Sovereignty

Society Scientific-practical conference, visit the cemetery where the deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, a poetry reading at the monuments to Yakub Kolas, Yanka Kupala, Maksim Bogdanovich — these and other events will mark 20 years since the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and Sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus . This was today told reporters the members of the organizing committee, specially created for this great holiday. July 27, 1990 the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR 12th convocation adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty. This date was festive and stood in the history of

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Echo sentence Sannikov

Society The Western press today, a lot of feedback on the first sentence of former presidential candidate in Belarus.

The court in Minsk sentenced Andrei Sannikov, a candidate for the disputed presidential elections in December for 5 years in the maximum security prison, finding him guilty of organizing mass riots after the elections — like The Wall Street Journal pryvodts opinion and political analyst Oleg Manaeva:

"Sentences of the opposition can be seen as a" commodity "to trade with Western countries. Over the next six months, relations between Minsk and the West will be built around the issue of

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World Championship won kotolna

The Company's Spanish team came out on the final match FIFA World Cup, having on the field immediately 7 players "Barcelona" — the team that called the Spanish language is turned off. Team, which has long been a symbol of katalenskaga desire not to depend on the Royal Madrid.

In Last year, "Barca" has become the most successful club in the history of football, winning all six tournaments in which participated. I have no doubt that the Catalans and the victory at the World Cup will record on his own, katalenski, count. All the goals for Spain in this mundyyali

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About Liberty: Vitaly Supranovich

Society What is your freedom?

— Freedom is the opportunity to do things and work according to their beliefs, not bayuchyya consequences.

What is most limiting your freedom?


What is happiness for you?

Family, Belarus.

What are you most afraid of?

Lose the most precious thing — a favorite and family.

What a talent you would like to have?

All that I want, I have now.

Who of his contemporaries do you admire?

Larissa Simakovich, Levon Wolski, Larissa Heniyush.

What do you most enjoy doing?

And the rest … work.

If you could live your life

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Farmers in the Brest region is not enough land

Society In Brest region there was a conflict between the farmer and the local authorities. Require the owners of land to expand their land holdings.

Farmer of Ostromechevo Olga Taryshava from 2004 refers to the local authorities to replace it on a plot of land, which was be near her village. It is engaged in the cultivation of vegetables. This kind of activity requires a high-quality land. Regional officials have decided to allocate land her in a nearby village, which is six kilometers.

Taryshava: "I'm from the proposed refused. Twenty years I have not been to several times daily for

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