Passports without numbers will not be

Society Mogilev Regional Court dismissed the complaint of Orthodox believers who want to oblige the police to issue them passports without identification numbers. Believers say that the passports were those numbers are contrary to their religious beliefs.

In five of the Mogilev Regional Court parishioners appealed the decision of the October District Court Mogilev. Believers have argued that the District Court did not address their claim on the merits, and the sentence passed on the instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and regulations. Thus, in their view, were violated 11 articles of the Constitution and the four —

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National newspaper and the People's Will: where more truth?

Society Where more of the truth — in the "Narodnaya Gazeta" or "People's Will?" Answers Grodno passersby.Young people: "Newspapers do not have time to read. And the truth is probably in the "People's Will" more, more trust. We read the newspapers, but often it turns out some "Hand in Hand" reading, not a newspaper. "Young people: "I would say that the truth is everywhere, in the first place. As for the opposition, then maybe something is right there …"

Young people: "Of course, it is better to read" The People's Will. "And I do not read the newspaper, to be

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Sergei Hareuski — books, decorated with Belarusian artists whose paintings should be hung in his office and apartment


Nina Matyas. Tale of the neighbors, a snake and a bear. Minsk, "Youth", 1982. Artist Vladimir Savic

This classic book was "The Tale of the neighbors, a snake and a bear," Nina Matyas, in a chic finishing younger then schedule Vladimir Savic. Although the book was the shadows, yet high-quality paper, printing normal, but images! … Pictures impressed anyone. It was not just the luscious exotic Belarus, borrowed from ethnographic studies of Michael Romaniuk, but really aprychonaga universe. Nash, Belarus universe.

One autumn day in Yas s firewood in the forest. Suddenly he heard — a strange cry.

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They just hurt children

Society Linda Voker, director of the charity organization "Chernobyl Children's Project UK"Twelve years of organizing in the UK leisure and recreation for children from regions affected by the Chernobyl disaster. Radio Liberty asked her to comment on the recent refusal of the British Border Agency (UK Border Agency) in the number of visas for the children of Chernobyl, which is written on the eve of the British newspaper"Independent. "PC: In the practice of your organization have been denied visas to children referred for rehabilitation in the UK?

Linda Walker We have not yet denied the arrival of a single child.

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Belarus and Ukraine signed an agreement on oil transportation

Society An intergovernmental agreement on measures to promote cooperation in the field of oil transportation through the territory of Ukraine to Belarus was signed today during the visit to Ukraine of the Belarusian governmental delegation headed by First Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko.

On it informs BelTA reports citing the press service of the Foreign Ministry.

During the talks held between Semashko and his Ukrainian counterpart Andrey Klyuyev, also discussed the supplies of Belarusian oil products in Ukraine, the issues of the joint action plan for the implementation of the priorities of the Belarusian-Ukrainian contacts.

Meanwhile BelaPAN informs that

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Germans protect against errors in Belarus

Society As reported by the Austrian television commentators OE1, the project "South Stream", to participate in which Russia is increasingly inviting one of the five leading European energy concerns — the German RWE — dangerous from the point of view of the independence of Europe from the Russian fuel supplies. In this regard, recall the bitter experience of Belarus.

OE1, referring to the German economic experts publication Handelsblatt, said that Moscow did not accidentally make such a proposal to the Germans. The Russians "tarpeduyuts Nabucco" (draft transportation of Caspian gas to the EU), betting on the yield of German company

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Prokopovych appeared, currency — not

Society The appearance on the work of the National Bank of Belarus Piotr Prokopovich, which took six weeks rehabilitation after heart surgery, has not brought clarity to the situation on the currency market.

Most commercial banks continue to hold the rate recommended by the National Bank in 4000 to the dollar, although some ventured out to raise the rate by another half a thousand rubles. Meanwhile, the interbank exchange dollar jumped to 6,300 rubles. Buy dollars, euros, money from other countries to exchange points are still possible.  Prokopovich although it continues to hurt, but today held a meeting with

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Condemned the organizers of the Forbidden Art

Society Tagansky district court in Moscow sentenced penalties organizers of the exhibition "Forbidden Art".

Earlier Monday, the former director of the Sakharov Museum Yuri tyrant and curator of the last exhibition in 2007 Andrei Erofeev were found guilty of incitement to hatred on religious grounds.

One of the pictures in the exhibition "Forbidden Art"

It is reported that, according to the court, the tyrant has to pay a fine of 200 thousand (About 6.5 million U.S. dollars), Erofeev — 150,000 rubles (about 4.8 million dollars). The prosecution asked to sentence him to three years in prison each.

In 2006

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Inflation in Belarus in June — 0.2%, for the six months — 4.1%

Society Inflation in Belarus in June 2010 slowed to 0.2% from 0.8% in May.

It is reported by Interfax referring to the operational data of the National Statistics Committee.

In 2010 The government forecasts growth of consumer prices in the range of 8-10%. The IMF expects inflation rate of about 8%.

In 2009in inflation in Belarus amounted to 10.1%.



Car fever is over stupor

Society The market for used cars in Belarus recorded a fall in prices by 10-15%. This is due to the fact that prior to the expected increase of duties of the Customs Union, many Belarusian citizens were driven out of Europe very many cars that are now dead weight.

Earlier this year, the market was booming: against the background of the hype associated with the prospects of the Customs Union, the prices of some models of cars in Belarus increased by 30-40%. But now prices have fallen sharply — a dozen proposals in the best case, there is one buyer.

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