New life is not fine canceled

Society The Supreme Court upheld the decision of the court of the Moscow district of Minsk, which fined the church "New Life" by 8.75 million rubles.

This is stated in the decree signed by Deputy Chairman Supreme Court Valeria Kalinkovichi, July 12 is received in the office of the religious community

Lawyer church Sergei Lukanin said, in a written ruling that the Supreme Court has no reason to allow the appeal of the church.

In 2009Conservation Committee in Minsk city executive committee drew up a report, which indicated that the soil in the area around the church has a high

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Kubilius hopes that Belarus will not build nuclear power plants on the border with Lithuania

Society Cooperation between Lithuania and Belarus in the field of nuclear energy, according to the Lithuanian prime minister, could persuade neighbors to abandon the intention to build a nuclear power plant on the border with Lithuania.

"We could convince them that building a nuclear power plant near the border with Lithuania — not wise. But this question is far in the future," — said the Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius, According to the Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT).

According to Kubilius, preparation for the construction of the new Lithuanian nuclear power plant is moving. The Prime Minister assured

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Tell the truth handed signatures in Minsk city executive committee

Society Officials of Minsk City Executive Committee took 105,000 signatures demanding to rename one of the streets of Minsk in honor of Vasil Bykov.

The leader of the "Tell the Truth" Vladimir Neklyaeva Minsk city executive committee was in the waiting room 5000 of the original signatures. At once thereafter officials took more 100 000 copies of signatures — scanned and copied from the originals.

Signatures took the deputy chief of letters Andrew Gray.

July 9 during a search of the vehicle activist of the campaign "Tell the truth"Michael Bashura police seized thousands of pages with 20 signatures. Sealed car

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The regime change that everyone will like

Society The article with the headline of the weekly Newsweek claims that the regime of Alexander Lukashenko came not very frequent coincidence of thought Brussels and Moscow on the policy on post-Soviet territory.

According to the weekly, both the European Union and Russia want to change Lukashenko after the presidential elections in Belarus, which are most likely to take place in early 2011.

"The Kremlin finally ran out of patience with Lukashenko. Russia has invested $ 50 billion in the Lukashenko regime, but it all the same not behaves as a loyal politician, "- Newsweek quoted Alexander Kozulin and recalls

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People's Will — 15 years

Society For many years, the "People's Will" is the only daily independent socio-political newspaper.

"We're doing a newspaper for Belarus Belarusian citizens"- This defines the mission editor in chief of the publication," HB "Joseph Seredich.

Joseph Seredich founded the "People's Will" in 1995 after, as it was removed from the post of editor of "Narodnaya Gazeta" (organ Supreme Council Belarus ").

Details — later on our website


"People's Will"

In Moscow, was convicted of Forbidden Art

Society Tagan Moscow court convicted the organizers of the exhibition "Forbidden Art" — the former director of the Sakharov Museum Yuri Samadurava and the former head of the Department of Contemporary Art at the Tretyakov Gallery Andrei Erofeev.

They are accused of inciting religious hatred and enmity. The state prosecution demands to sentence Samadurava and Erofeeva to three years imprisonment to be served in a penal colony. Defendants themselves and their protection is believed that the sentence must be acquittal.

In 2006 the exhibition "Forbidden Art" was collected works, taken from shows for censorship reasons. The case originated

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Vitebsk Courier restore your site

Society The paper can be found at:

Website publication "Vitebsk Courier" stopped working on July 6.

"New rules to regulate the Internet — it is a serious restriction on freedom of speech. But we did not think we would be cut off so quickly," — said one of the founders of the publication Olga Karach.

July 8 Beltelekom issued a statement which denied the accusations Karatch that disabled the website of the newspaper under a new law about Internet regulation: "Termination of the contractual relationship with the Vitebsk branch of" Beltelecom "has exclusively economic motives and committed at the

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Even today, July 12

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


…and no rain. Very warm: 18 — 31 C.


In Geneva, starting session of the UN Human Rights Council.

In Istanbul, the political dialogue the EU-Turkey with the participation of EU foreign minister Catherine Ashton and EU Commissioner Stefan Fule.


In 1904 was born Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (pam.1973), winner of the Nobel Prize in 1971.

Night on July 13, 1990 was a burning and burned the church of the Transfiguration on Mount Grabarka on Podlasie, a holy place

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The criminal case against Teresa Sobol stopped

Society The case against the chairman of the department of Ivenets the unrecognized Union of Poles in Belarus dismissed for lack of evidence of its actions.

With Teresa Sobol cleared of all charges. The investigation has acknowledged that it is in no way to blame and no crime as the director of the Polish House did not realize.

Investigators suspect Teresa Sobol, under the second paragraph of Article 210 Criminal Code, in the "abuse of power": In 2004, she received financial help from the leadership of St. Petersburg — 600 thousand.

In Gomel created a regional organization for freedom of movement

Society In Gomel Regional Assembly passed members of the movement "For Freedom" with an invitation to activists of other organizations. The meeting was attended by leaders of the movement, Alexander Milinkevich, who in May announced his decision to participate in the upcoming presidential election.

During his speech, the politician said that the current system of government can not be reformed — "it must be removed and a new build."

According to Milinkevich, now even the officials are looking to contact him to ask the question: "What will happen to the country? What will happen to Lukashenko? And what about Russia?

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