Gallup: Poor people are the most religious

Society On average, 84% of adults in the world believe that religion is important in their daily lives.

So it follows from a survey conducted by the sociological service of the world, "Gallup" in 2009y in 114 countries. As in previous years, social scientists, "Gallup" poll by about 1,000 people in each country, respondents telefanuyuchy or holding meetings with them.

Also, as in previous years, "Gallup" found that there is a clear link between the level of prosperity of life in a country and the degree of religiosity of its inhabitants.

In the 10 poorest countries, with a

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Ales Buck went to study in Belarusian, but not where wanted

Society Girl pyatsiklyasnitsa received was Gluboksky study in high school, but had abandon their studies in prestigious, but the Russian-language school.How to tell the mother of Olesya, winner of the agro-estates "Native corner" Julia Buck, in high school formed two Russian-language classes. Although at the time of receipt of the parents were not warned that this could be, all children learn allegedly acted in an institution with Belarusian language learning.

A week before the Sept. 1 Julia Beech warned that all classes on the parallel by their parents will be bilingual. At the parents' meeting, says mum student, vilified and

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Alexiyevich: This is a circus in the presidential fight

Society In an interview with the Russian newspaper "Izvestia" writer Svetlana Aleksievich commented avtorkavae happened on the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk.

"None of my friends, with whom we discussed yesterday's explosion at the Russian Embassy, do not believe that for him are some real anti-Russian forces — in spite of the anti-Russian propaganda that for about five years leading power. Nobody believes that this could go to the nationalist youth movement or the opposition.

A few years ago during festivals in Minsk exploded a homemade bomb with nails, bolts. There was, in my opinion, about 15,000

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Bobruisk courier on the verge of bankruptcy

Society The oldest independent newspaper in Bobruisk "Bobruisk Courier" is on the verge of bankruptcy. The editorial staff is on forced leave. Editor Anatoly Sanotenko believes that the publication was in this situation because of the pressures of power.There is still a ban on advertising in the "Bobruisk courier." Almost every meeting ideological vertical newspaper name is pronounced spell claims Anatoly Sanotenko:

"The last seven years, the authorities did everything possible to economically strangle" Bobruisk courier. " As a result, these years paper could not earn as much money as in the same period, our nearest competitors. The prospects for

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TBM law requires the support of the Belarusian language

Society Secretariat TBM demanded from the authorities to adopt a law on the protection and state support of the Belarusian language.Republican Secretariat Public Association "Belarusian Language Society named Skarina" demanded the authorities to adopt a law on the protection and state support of whiteRussian language, BelaPAN.

This is stated in the statement "Mother tongue should not be foreign to the Belarusians "approved at the meeting of the Secretariat TBM.

The statement noted that on September 1 comes into force a law on "Rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation", at the same time increasing the number of school hours

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White-headed Duck yes Grisha. Molotov cocktail



White-headed Duck:

What UTB for sredstva?What UTB for the purpose?Thrown into the embassy Molotov cocktail.

UTB Who do you want?And who out of spite?Mozhet, ETA NATOZaplyalo machinations?


Well, I think,What's behind it all are Russian.Maybe even, FSB,I'm telling you!

White-headed Duck:

Mozhet, the EchoGas warWell, just mozhetThe boys were drinking,

They drank, chatted,Was Harashi …And then we decided to Zdelats fire show.


Well, maybe someone in authorityProvocation arranged?Maybe it's the KGB,I'm telling you!

White-headed Duck:

Mozhet someone justPeraputav goalAnd not at the embassy Threw her drink?

He did not understandJust a drunken eyes.And now TerekAbvinyayut

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Filtering the Internet. First Day

Society From now on in Belarus, many Internet users may be denied access to certain resources. Engaged in drawing up a blacklist State Inspectorate for telecommunications on the basis of decisions of the Committee of State Control heads, the Attorney General, Operational and Analytical Centre under the President, as well as other government agencies. Filter information will be prohibited, regardless of the location of the banned sites, and the types of Internet access.

Or already introduced restrictions? And what specifically the ban threatens Internet resource democratic society in Belarus?

Vitebsk Region

"No one can guarantee that during the presidential elections,

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New spelling: the issue price has not been determined

Society On September 1, came into effect the "Law on the rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation." How to prepare for the innovations of the school and the media, or significant changes.For pupils and students announced a three-year transition period, when, for example, in the dictations make a mistake it for a rule that has been changed, it will not be taken into account. Teachers have been trained released dictionaries, manuals. But the problems are, said the deputy chairman of the Belarusian SocietyRussian language, Candidate of Philological Sciences Elena Anisim:

Elena Anisim

"The main difficulty is that many of the

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Forced privatization

Company Statement of Alexander Lukashenko, in This year, Belarus, Russia allocates $ 6 billion, immediately raised doubts about the veracity of this information. First, because, as experience shows, all statements of the Belarusian leader, and especially those which presents some figures, we must reconcile. You may recall how a year ago Belarusian officials have talked about the $ 15-16 billion Chinese loans for Belarus, who have not appeared here. Probably got lost on the way.   Second, this information is contrary to the one announced on the eve of Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.   Third, it is clear that

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Encyclopedia: Alexander G. Lukashenko. He was born on August 30, 1954 …

Society On the official website of Alexander Lukashenko on his birthday changed from the 30th to the 31st of August. What for? And how it is related to the birthday younger son of the head of the country Coley?

I dial the Internet and on the green field of the official Internet portal of Alexander Lukashenko read: "Born AR Lukashenko August 31, 1954 in the urban village of Kopys Orsha district, Vitebsk region. Belorus. Was reared without a father … "

But the second source: Encyclopedia of the History of Belarus, 4th volume. About Alexander Lukashenko says that

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