Dnipro repeated Belarusian record

Society Mogilev "Dnepr" was released in the second qualifying round of the Europa League and repeated the record of performance of the Belarusian clubs in European cup competitions.July 8 in the second leg of the first round of the Belarusian team defeated in his field Albanian club "treated" — 7:1 (Bychenok, 10, 80, Yurchenko, 17, from the penalty spot, 56, 81, Zen'kovich, 42, Black, 87 — Nimani, 60). July 1, the Albanian Durres teams played in a draw — 1:1.

"Dnepr" repeated record of performance and the difference in scores for all the time Performances Belarusian teams in European club

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Representatives of civil society organizations and the European Commissioner Fule talk about visas

Society Representatives NGOs met with the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fyulem.

Human rights activist Oleg Gulak said, "Freedom", which the Commissioner heard the representatives of the third sector and suggested that he was ready to consider a number of issues. In particular, it concerns the issue of visas.


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Modern Grunwald Chronicles: Lida from the Teutons to Dozhinki


Yuri Bohan

Bohan"Lida was in advance of the Teutonic Order on the ground ON. Lida banner mentioned as one of those who was present at the Battle of Grunwald field. Lida was one of the locations where there is the Grunwald after Vytautas …

After Grunwald — a lot of tales. In particular, that "500 years untouched by the German on the territory of Belarus" — a fairy tale! Even to the Battle of Grunwald ended in defeat for the Allies, it would not change the situation. What won the Teutonic Order for 200 to ON? A small

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Lukashenko will travel to Crimea

Society Alexander Lukashenko will take part in an informal summit of CIS leaders to be held on July 10 in the Crimea. BelTA learned from the press service of the Belarusian leader.

Observers believe that the collection of the CIS leaders in Ukraine is associated with the celebration of birthday President Viktor Yanukovych. July 9 he turns 60 years old.


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A new stage in the assimilation of Vilnius

Society The new edition of Vilnius in several languages, including in Belarusian, appeared in Lithuania. Its name — "Vilnius: Portrait of the city." In the album contains 240 photos of more than a dozen authors and texts of more than 80 authors. The publication placed unique photos Vilnius Belarusian photographer Denis Romaniuk and texts in Belarusian. On one of the first pages — a poem Bogdanovich in the original language."This book of Vilnius was not yet, — said during the presentation Raymondas Paknys, head of the publishing house, where there was a unique album on 360 pages ("Vilnius: miesto portretas

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Policeman wounded a girl with a pistol

Society In the village Dovsk Rahachou Gomel region police inspector police department, being in an official car, shot from the standard-issue weapons seriously wounded a 22-year-old local woman. The incident occurred around 23.00 on July 6. As the the official website of the Ministry of Interior, the victim is in the hospital, her condition is critical. According to the Interior Ministry, the shot was accidental, but the initial check on this fact is established that training to the police department was not properly organized — with staff who intercede in the service of the staff is not always held daily

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Olga Karach Beltelekom denies that belies Karatch

Society One of the founders of the independent newspaper "Vitebsk Courier" Olga Karach says Vitebsk branch Beltelekom excommunicated's independent newspaper for political reasons, and not at the request of shareholders, "VC".July 8 Beltelekom issued a statement in which refuted previous statements Olga Karach that disabled the website of the newspaper under a new law about Internet regulation.

"In the address of the company received a report 30.06.2010 CJSC" Publishing house "Vitebsk Courier" to terminate the contract for the provision of telecommunications services and all amendment thereto with the Vitebsk branch of "Beltelecom" from July 5 2010 in connection with the

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In the House of Justice arson suspected activists?

Society Minsk city police opened a criminal investigation into bullying at the House of Justice, where the verdict of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and trial of former candidate Nikolai Statkevich, and other members of the Square.

According to the information that is available on the website Minsk police, on the night of May 15 at 4:40 am from the caretaker's House of Justice has received a signal that is on the ground floor of a fire alarm. The police officers who came to the House of Justice, found the side of the building with a capacity of 0.7

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Minsk will have nine satellite cities

Society According to the decree number 976 of the Council of Ministers on 29 June 2010 approved the State program for the construction of residential areas for the residents of Minsk in the satellite towns, as well as the transfer of production facilities there.

9 Among these three satellites will be manufactured — Dzerzhinsk, Fanipol and Zhodino. Agribusiness will Smolevichy, Columns, Bridle and Rudensk. Tourist and recreational remain Zaslawye and Logoisk.

Planned construction of multi-family residential district of Minsk residents in Smalyavichy, and in the area of Smolevichy — low-rise district. Between satellite towns and Minsk planned to

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In Navahrudak razreklyamavali Godfather

Society Today, all the advertising pillars and billboards of leaflets appeared with the words: "Godfather" on NTV must see! "The action was held members of the unregistered Belarusian Christian Democracy party and activists of the" Young Front ".

Under the leaflets were left discs with recordings of the movie "The Godfather," which told about the mysterious death of Deputy Speaker Supreme Council Belarus Gennady Karpenko, the disappearance of the former Minister of Interior Yuri Zakharenko, deputy speaker Supreme Council, former head of the Central Election Commission of Viktor Gonchar, journalist Dmitry Zavadsky, a businessman and public figure Anatol Krasowski.

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