Russian Embassy does not comment on statements by Lukashenko

Society The Russian Embassy in Minsk says statements made by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on the possible involvement of the Russian side to the incident at the embassy on August 30.

This was stated by "Interfax" counselor of the Russian Embassy Vadim Gusev:

"While we do not comment on the statements President of Belarus the involvement of the Russian side to the incident occurring in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk on August 30. "


Russia, Lukashenko

On the 1st of September

Society Mr. Orlov! New academic year begins. Do you remember your school 1st September?Of course I do. However, my memories probably will seem not quite typical.

Every year the solemn meeting on September 1, our headmistress well-modulated voice said the same thing once memorized speech. It has always featured a special phrase: "The year-on-year harasheet matseryalna-technical base of our school."

In junior high, these words were to me is mysterious. They were like magic formulas of our children to play. Well, something like: "Eryk-moryki, pickup-trykapu, gasped Mahal, pour, pour …"

Over the years, the meaning of sacramental phrase became clearer

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No beggars? And teachers, doctors, retirees? ..

Our society listener, listening to what he said Alexander Lukashenko on the future of agriculture in a recent trip to Gomel, spoke these words:

"According to the state radio that the President visited the farm and farmer Michael Bolt said there is the following:" Here's your field, here's a lake. Do what you want, sell products. "I would advise the farmer screw flee to Venezuela.'s New economic policy begins."

Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that farming is no prospect for development in Belarus, since there is no regulation, and thus guarantees of economic security:

"The prospect for a new law on

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Polish bikers in Kurapaty

Society 127 Polish motorcyclists in the path of "Katyn way" through the territories of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia visited Kurapaty. Together with bikers and representatives of the Polish Embassy visited Kurapaty Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus Valery Voronetsky.

In the parking lot near Kurapaty.


Valery Voronetsky (third from right) with bikers and representatives of the Polish Embassy.



Valery Voronetsky and race participants laid flowers.


Praying for the innocent victims.


poland kurapaty, Poles

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Podolak: Belarus has a giant pyramid shadow on making money

Society Interview with Michael Podolak, who spoke about the possibility of cooperation with the Belarusian authorities — a fake, which appeared as a result of hacking the site "Free News Plus" — say in the newspaper. Journalist Michael Podolak was once deported by the authorities of Belarus and now lives in Kiev. In an interview with "Freedom" Mr. Podolak said that the Belarusian secret services long offered him to stop writing to the Belarusian subjects. He, however, assured that he will continue to publish scandalous materials about corruption in the highest spheres of the Belarusian authorities.

A few days

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A search in the sociological laboratory Novak

Society Security officials copy the information from the computers of employees.

First searches in the "Novak" were held on the same day with raids on the offices of the company "Tell the Truth"Notes"Nasha Niva. "

The correspondent of "Liberty" managed to get to the head of the laboratory of Andrei Vardomatsky. He did not deny, but no confirmed information about the search.

"I'm very busy and can not talk," — said Andrew Vardamatski.

Details later on the site of "Freedom."



Lukashenko about the incident at the Embassy of the Russian Federation: They probably needed the incident

Society President of Belarus does not rule out that prior to the incident at the Embassy of the Russian Federation involved the Russian side.

"Most likely, they probably needed the incident. To show that you can see what there Lukashenko, who almost gave himself the attack, as they call it. Scum and scoundrels. More I can not say anything "- quoted Lukashenko has learned.

August 31 unidentified persons threw "Molotov cocktail" in a car parked outside the Russian embassy in Minsk. Police opened criminal case.

"With regard to the prosecution of this fast reaction from the Russian, then I start

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Kim Jong-il will be deprived of brandy and whiskey

Society The President of the United States Barack Obama Government has issued an order to restrict foreign trade contacts of the North Korean "Office 39." "Office 39" is the business department of the Workers' Party of Korea and has been earning hard currency and the purchase of expensive goods — west of alcohol, food and cars — for distribution among the ruling elite in North Korea and close to leader Kim Jong Il.

Assuming that the Kim Jong Il is a big fan of expensive Western alcohol in his private cellar has no less than 10,000 bottles of different whiskeys

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L.Klaskovskaya: My son has the strength to hold

Society Camye long prison sentences Attorney Cyril Chubkavets asked for Alexander Klaskouski — eight and a half years in a maximum security prison. Alexander — a former police officer. Is in custody in the KGB prison. His mother Ludmila Klaskouski does not believe in a just verdict.

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: They say that faith disappear last. Are you hoping for a miracle in your son: an excuse or even a lighter sentence?   Lyudmila Klaskouski: Rather no than yes. After all, when I watched the prosecutor, when listening to his baseless accusations, I saw his eyes, which were running, I

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Died Andrew McIntosh


Andrew McIntosh

Died on Andrew McIntosh, a former chairman of the Subcommittee on Mass Media of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Chaired by Andrew McIntosh hearing took place in Belarus in Strasbourg and international conferences on the subject of freedom of the Belarusian media. At the initiative of the Macintosh fall 2008 a group of members of the Belarusian Association of Journalists invited to speak in the House of Lords.

"In the face of Andrew McIntosh a free press throughout Europe, including and Belarus, has lost its real and true friend, "- commented on the

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