10 years as Zawadzki disappeared. 10 minutes of silence

Society Today, reporters friends Belarusian Association of Journalists in their editions at 12 lit candles at the portrait of Zavadsky and silent for 10 minutes — for each year of the disappearance of colleague and friend.

Journalists are encouraged to support the campaign "It's a shame to forget" and to express their solidarity with the family of Dmitry Zavadsky.

10 years July 7 mysteriously disappeared operator ORT, a Belarusian citizen Dmitry Zawadzki.

On that day, Dmitry on the car went out of the house to the National airport to meet Pavel Sheremet. At the airport later found the car

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Changed the rules of import of goods for personal use

Society July 6, there are new regulations for import of goods for personal use in Belarus. Now free of duties will be to transport belongings weighing, measuring no more than 50 kg, and the cost of 1,500 euros.

The exception is the home appliances, weight not exceeding 35 kg, reports "Interfax". For such products, there are separate rates of duty.

Changed and the rate of alcohol for personal use. It increased to 3 liters, including beer. Previously, the rate was 2 liters per one person, and this was only hard liquor.


limit, the fee

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For minibuses will have to pay 2-3 times more

Society In Belarus, the rate of import duty on minibuses for individuals will increase by 2-3 times after the start of the Customs Code of the Customs Union.

Vice-chairman State Customs Committee of Belarus Sergei Borisiuk told reporters:

"As for minibuses, after the entry into force of the Customs Code of the rate increase to rates of duty of the Common Customs Tariff. This is 2-3 times greater than before. There are a lot of factors. "



Declared a literary contest for the 80th anniversary Karatkevich

Society Vitebsk branch of the Union of Belarusian Writers invites young writers who write poems, essays and short stories.

According to the chairman of the department Ludmila Simanenak, the main underlying condition only two: the works are accepted up to 10 printed pages, and the author must be less than 35 years. Receive literary works, please visit nashkonkurs2010@gmail.com no later than November 1.

The works of writers do not necessarily have to belong to the genre of historical fiction, in which the name of Vladimir Karatkevich the most widely known. And the poetry of young poets, too, is

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How to explain the surrender of Lukashenko in Astana?

Society Participants: analyst Andrei Fedorov and registered in Lithuania director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies Vitaly Silitski.

Why Lukashenko agreed to sign the Customs Code?

Valery KarbalevichGuide Belarus traded with Russia on the terms of accession to the Customs Union is very tough. It exhibited a condition: Moscow should cancel oil duties. In the words of Deputy Prime Minister Semashko, it is "our concrete demand." But Russia is not lost. And after the gas war, which most experts evaluated as a tool ushturhovvannya the Customs Union of Belarus, Lukashenko after a humiliating for the film on

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Young Front launched a campaign Bologna Process

Society Malady hope that the initiative will contribute to the social integration of Belarus into the European educational space through accession to the Bologna process.Activists of the "Young Front" will disseminate information about the benefits of the Bologna system and collect signatures of students and applicants. They also employ the resource of social networks will conduct panel discussions and conferences with the participation of specialists in including of state institutions.

Soligorskiy activist of the "Young Front" Alexey Vorobyov"Recently, out of the mouth of Belarusian officials we hear a lot about the need for Belarus to join the Bologna Process.

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In the village of the beam on the Postavschine looking Atlyantydu

Society The Vitebsk region, in the village of Luchay Postavsky district started the 6th art open-air "Finding Atlyantydy." These open-air held in small towns where there are monuments requiring restoration, or other local features that should be preserved for posterity.

Luchay village located in 18 kilometers from the district center placed, but with highway Polotsk — Vilnius should turn and drive another three miles to the west.

The source of inspiration for artists became an architectural monument of the 18th century — the church of St. Thaddeus, built in the years 1766-1776. The building was destroyed in World War

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Unknown Hatyn


January 29, 1946 were killed by villagers Zaleshany. But who killed and killed as impossible to understand. Let's go to a neighboring yard, where smoking is a tired old farmer.

Peter Lukashuk soon 80 years. But memory failed him.

Reporter"What's happened in the 46th year? What kind of band is this? "

Peter"Gang of Craiova, AK."

Reporter"And they gathered the people in the house?"

Peter"At the meeting. I went, I had to find my. I go, and the people there on the floor. Cry, say goodbye. It was already known. "

Reporter"So they gathered the whole village?"

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Nation on vacation. Gathers strength

Society Mina has fully zadumlenastsi and concerns. And somewhere in the background, people bustling, busy with their own affairs. A picture caption: "The people rejoiced, and the king of work."

Yakub Kolas. At the crossroads

I do not remember our Belarusian President when serving on vacation. It seems he is always there, incessant and hard working as Zyuzina liver. For example, they write that it is, for example, in March in Venezuela is not very hard working and regularly travels back and forth in the mode of a mini vacation. But what that vacation! In order to completely forget the

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Liabedzka Movie NTV: Grenade trench in the Belarusian authorities

Society What consequences will the show on channel NTV antilukashenkovskogo the movie "The Godfather"? The film, which by satellite and the Internet have already seen thousands of Belarusians who continue to comment on prominent politicians.

Several well-known Belarusian politicians were interviewed by the filmmakers 'Godfather'. Among them — the leader of the party created "Narodnaya Gromada" Statkevich. According to him Statkevich, there is video murder of Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky. It was taken on the orders of those who ordered the kidnapping these people:

"As far as I know, at the time of his arrest

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