Obama: Iraq War is over

Society As far back as Last year, Soon after his inauguration, he called its end date — 31 August 2010. Already in June, U.S. troops withdrew from Iraqi cities, August 7, handed responsibility for the conduct of combat operations to Iraqi forces.

Compared with 2007, when 170,000 U.S. troops held off a wave of violence in Iraq is now about 50,000 U.S. troops.

They will train and support the Iraqi military. The mission of these forces is called "New Dawn." However, it was agreed that in case of emergency the Americans can provide Iraqi troops and combat air support,

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What is better 31st 30th?

Company's true that Alexander Lukashenko has changed birthday on August 30 on the 31st? How is this connected with the birthday of leader of the country's youngest son Kolya? That mention the celebration of the birth of Alexander Lukashenko people that occasionally worked with him? Does the law change birthdays?

The text of "Biography" on the official site Alexander Lukashenko now states that he was born a day later than previously thought still, — August 31, 1954. Other official sources have not been able to change the date of birth of the head of Belarus.

A source in the Administration

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Extraordinary Federer


Federer defeated Argentine Brian dub 6:1, 6:4, 6:2.

"I do not think that such attacks can be in every sense of the word trenavats — said after the game shvaytsarats. — Of course, I did not say," And let's work it out this attack. "But sometimes it turns out. Not more than once in training."

The laboratory equipment seized Novak

Society In the office of the sociological laboratory "Novak" KGB and State Control officers raided. Confiscated office equipment.

The reasons for an inspection, state control was not named. A search all the computers were seized.

The head of the laboratory, a sociologist Andrew Vardamatski, said on this site about the "Belarusian partisan" that he was accustomed to such inspections, which are regularly held on the eve of the election or referendum campaign.

On He said, laboratory have not engaged in policy research, and its main activity is directed to conduct media and marketing research.

Andrew Vardomatsky was detained during

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Heroes Melezha settled in Khoiniki

Society To the Day of Belarusian Written Language, which this year is being held in Khoiniki in a renovated city park established sculptural on the novel by Ivan Melezha "People in the swamp." Its author — Gomel sculptor Valery Kondratenko. The four stylized bumps — four figures: a young poleshuk with pipes, poleshuchka with a branch in his hand, a woman and a teenage boy who is sitting on a log. It was signed: "People in the swamp." Ivan Melezh. "

The local residents silyatstsa remember melezhavskih characters.

Mr."This is — Evhim Dyatlik and Anna Nigella. Remember remember, but I

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Freedom House was headed by an expert on Russia

Society International human rights organization will be led by former Deputy Secretary of State David Kramer.

To begin his duties as Kramer on October 4.

David Kramer was Deputy Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

At the State Department, he worked on Human Rights and the development of democracy, and for three years in the status of Deputy Rice was in charge of relations with Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine.

Prior to joining the State Department for five Cramer years was Deputy Director of the Russian and Eurasian Program at the Carnegie Endowment.

Freedom House — a non-governmental human rights organization,

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For a million students started the school year


Schools by language of instruction(Ctatystyka Ministry of Education)

September 1 for the school desks sat 950,000 students. Including 86.3 thousand first-graders.

In the 2008-09 academic year, 87,800 were first-graders. And in 2007-2009 — 91,200.

In Belarus, 3,531 school. Compared with 2009nd the number of educational institutions was reduced by fifty-second

"Every year disappears 50-100 schools — usually a school in the countryside. Thus, in the cities of new schools, but it is the school with Russian language of instruction "- explains the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Society of school Tamara Mackiewicz.

Commenting on the official statistics on

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In the shop — the last time

Society In circumstances where it is difficult to convert the ruble, which lost in the daily cost of a few percent, the people rushed to invest in food, consumer products and building materials. Everyone understands that the following supplies are much more expensive, while wages gradually turn to dust.   In the Belarusian shops — high demand for everything that has a shelf life of at least more than a month. Buyers put away before frozen fish and canned goods — sprats, canned meat, peas …   For example, visitors to the network of shops "Vitalur" indicate that the shelves

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Even today, September 1,

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


All day — rain, temperature +9-11 C

Do not pass:

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus will visit the Royal Academy of Economy and Finance of Spain with President Chaim frail Aluha.

Continue to visit Belarus Chinese military delegation headed by Chief of Staff Chief Directorate Border Protection Wang Yi Chzhenpin.

Solemn prayer to mark the start of the new school year in Minsk Holy Spirit Cathedral.

Buda-Koshelevo (Gomel region) ceremony of transfer of medical equipment as part of the program of grant assistance from

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Picket in Amsterdam

Society On the International Day of the Disappeared in Amsterdam held a rally held by the "We Remember". The action lasted for an hour on the central square of Amsterdam's Leidseplein. The participants held portraits of the disappeared Viktor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky, Yuri Zakharenko and Dmitry Zavadsky posters. The action was part of Amsterdam music.

Web site, "We Remember" reminds us that "enforced disappearance — is severely impaired Human Rights, which affected tens of thousands of people and their families. To prevent enforced disappearances December 20 2006 The UN General Assembly adopted the "International Convention for the protection of all

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