What are the possible consequences of an incident in the territory of the Russian Embassy?

Society Members: a methodological Vladimir Mackiewicz and chief editor of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Andrew Dynko.

Vladimir Mackiewicz

Andrew Dynko

Valery Karbalevich

Or it will ruin the reputation of the Belarusian authorities?

Valery Karbalevich"Perhaps it is not necessary to build a version of who is behind this crime, because it will be pure speculation. There is serious doubt that the police and security services will find the perpetrator. After all, no one high-profile crimes in Belarus rassledavana were found guilty.

It is better to talk about the political consequences of this event. It took place against the backdrop

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Minsk City dismissed the complaint for the arrest of Michael Bashura

Society Minsk City Court upheld the decision of the Soviet police department investigation of the arrest while the investigation activist campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura. Sought to challenge the legality of his arrest activist lawyer Tamara Sidorenko. Earlier, a similar complaint counsel rejected Soviet District Court of Minsk.

"The Court held that Bashura hold a carat legally, though in my opinion, nothing legal about it. Obviously could limited house arrest at the time of the investigation, because my client is not dangerous and does not shy away from the investigation, "- said the Freedom Tamara Sidorenko.


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Vladimir Orlov. While flying boom

Society In an interview with Radio Liberty on the occasion of the beginning of a new cycle of Vladimir Orlov said: Eagles: When people ask me why I travel so much for the answer, I think, that is happily zbeglasya some circumstances. Well, I guess we must begin with the fact that in my veins there is a drop gypsy blood. I remember in school one day a child came out on the highway, waved and drove from Polotsk for dipped down to under Lepel, very frightened mother.

And now, of course, a trip more meaningful. This may be

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A new dawn for Iraq


U.S. troops in Iraq, dates and figures

Today, in connection with the withdrawal of U.S. troops Prime Minister of Iraq Nuri Al Maliki said:

Nouri al-Maliki

"Today, Iraq — a sovereign and independent, he makes the decisions about the present and its future. This Day August 31 will remain forever in the memory of all Iraqis. "

The head of the Iraqi government said that the security forces themselves are now independent Iraq will withstand all threats — both internal and external.

Tonight, the president of the United States Barack Obama officially announce the end of the combat

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Kolozha: The main principle — first do no harm …

Society The oldest monument in Grodno — Kaloskaya (Boris and Gleb Church) XIIv century. The authorities want to restore the temple, which intend to offer in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. They decided to hold a share in the "Restore Kolozhu together" and to hold a public debate on its recovery. The church stands on the bank of the Neman. More than a half-century ago, the river washed away the hill, destroying half of the temple, which is now made of planks.

Kolozhu today deals with the institution of "Grodnograzhdanproekt," but the conversation with the chief architect Alexander

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Belarusians on Triumph Square in Moscow: Here an entire division of the police!

Society Today in Moscow, the Russian opposition holds another protest in defense of the Constitution. Its members 31 of each month going on Triumph Square in central Moscow. The purpose of the action — to speak in defense of Article 31 of the Russian Constitution, which guarantees freedom of assembly.

Today, the shares had address and social activist from Belarus, the head of NGO liquidators of Chernobyl "Union Chernobyl-Belarus" Alyaksandr Volchanin. Here is what Mr. Volchanin our correspondent about the 17th hour of Belarusian time when he was on the Triumphal Square in Moscow

Volchanin "At the invitation of

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In the villages of apples, 200 rubles in the city — to 2000

In Belarus, the Company currently 756,000 private farms. This is 175,000 less than 10 years ago. In this case, private entrepreneurs grow a third of the agricultural products. But the most labor-intensive crops — potatoes, vegetables, fruits and berries — up to 90 percent.

Yesterday Alexander Lukashenko ordered officials to buy from people all agricultural products that people are willing to sell at fair prices.

Meanwhile, the purchase prices at which private traders today are grown to sell, miserable and did not pay back the costs.

Grodno region

"She gave a potato profit, but it is not for

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To raise wages, raise prices

Society From 1 September in Belarus increased by 10% excise tax on vodka will rise prices paid for meat. Following more expensive milk. For quite significantly increased prices for buckwheat. Why is the government before the presidential election goes to the unpopular measures?

Draft Resolution of the Council of Ministers to increase purchase prices for pork, beef and milk has been prepared. Purchase prices for meat will increase accordingly its category in September, October, increases of 10% milk. Excise taxes on vodka increased according to the presidential decree number 439 of August 24.

Economist Michael Zaleski thus explains the increase

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Which is cheaper, then buy …

Society Mrs."We buy what is cheaper. Salaries have become less, not more, as promised. Began to cut bonuses. "

Mr."The bread we buy more, potatoes and tomatoes. There is money — we buy, no — and the issue is closed. "

Mrs."In my opinion, equally buy — most dairy products, fish."

Mr."How would all standard. I am a student, I buy food. As always, rice, buckwheat and all that. The scholarship of 100 thousand rubles can not survive. "

Mrs."We are pensioners and prosperity we have not. Which is cheaper, then buy — milk, of course. A meat — you

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In Mogilev will Belarusian-class. In the classroom — a disciple

Society Open class on the basis of the first Mogilev school which is in the city center, close to the town hall. The only student in the class will Yalinka Solovyov. In addition to family Solovievs wishing to gain knowledge in Belarusian in ungraded class was not found.Tomorrow Yalinka Solovyov with parents at nine o'clock in the morning to come to school his first solemn line. Parents today are acquainted with the conditions of training daughters:

"The conditions we have arranged. A separate class will be small. We have identified the teacher. Nearby in the class will be learning the

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