Trade deficit reached 4 billion

Society Exports from the countries of the "far abroad" has declined, imports increased by 22 percent.

The negative balance of foreign trade in January-July 2010 amounted to 4 billion 201.2 million dollars, according to the press service of the National Statistics Committee. For the same period last year the figure was 4,291.3 million.

In January-July this year foreign trade in goods increased by 16.9% compared to January-July 2009 and reached 30 billion 785.7 million dollars. During this period, exports increased by 20.6% to 13 billion 292.3 million dollars, import — by 14.2% to 17 billion 493.4 million

A negative balance

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Alexander Hleb into an English club Birmingham

Society Belarus national football team midfielder Alexander Hleb moves from the Spanish "Barcelona" to a club of English Premier League, "Birmingham City", BelTA informs. Belarusian football player loaned to the English team for a period of one year. According to the British press, the deal for the transfer of Gleb 4 million pounds.

Now 29-year-old midfielder is in the training camp of the Belarusian national team which in Minsk preparing for the opening match of the qualifying tournament of the European Championship 2012 with teams in France (September 3, Paris) and Romania (September 7, Minsk).

Alexander Hleb has played

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Maria Sharapova: The impression of Belarus overwhelmed and now

Society This was the former top-ranked Maria Sharapova said on the eve of the U.S. Open US Open-2010, which kicked off in New York City. With Maria Sharapova, winner of the 2006 US Open-related main hopes of the Russian team in this prestigious championship.

In an interview with "Soviet Sport" Sharapova notes that even after two months after, as she visited the home of the fathers and grandfathers (late June — early July), the Belarusian experience does not leave it and remain very bright:

"An experience to still so overwhelmed that some of them difficult to identify a single

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Public hearings in Lida did not specify

Society Factory hot atsynkavannya Lida earn in the fourth quarter of 2011. It reaffirmed the "Freedom" leader of Leeds Enterprise "cone" Alex Bovfal. "Cone" is building a new plant.

Mr. Bovfal stressed that such a requirement should be from the decree Alexander Lukashenko, and this decree, it guarantees to fulfill mandatory.

Thereby Alexei Bovfal confirmed the statement of academician Knight, heard yesterday. However, he added that in fact construction is already underway, and since the development of project documentation, its parts, payment — it also refers to the term "construction".

That directly to the selected site will work equipment already

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Tips Komorowski: Talking with Lukashenko, but …

Society Warsaw Gazeta Wyborcza advice does the new President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski on policy in Eastern Europe.

As the newspaper writes, Bronislaw Komorowski, is not about to give up the activity in the east of the Bug River. Although, unlike his predecessor, Lech Kaczynski, whose eastern policy called the most successful area of his presidency, Komorowski would slightly different accents. Thanks to the harmonious cooperation with the government and realistychnastsi goals may be more effective for Kaczynski in his uskhodnepalitychnay activities.

Gazeta Wyborcza Polish leadership focuses on Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Caucasus policy.

Recent years showed that the dialogue

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Lukashenko: We muddled through

Society "We have to get out of a situation in which we put Russia at the beginning of this year," — said Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting, which was held at the Mozyr refinery.

Petroleum refining Lukashenko put on a par with the security issues of the country.

"Recycling, supplies for domestic use and export of hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons providing our state close to the subject to be or not to be sovereign and independent Belarusian nation. Therefore, it is the most important area of our business, and we honor and dignity, as in agriculture, this situation must find a way

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100th anniversary of Larissa Heniyush: which win?

Society Michas Scoble: "Gentlemen, the whole August by Radio Liberty was marked by Larissa Heniyush. And that's what I said, our society is more interested in the circumstances of her biography — the Gulag, the rejection of her Soviet citizenship, the relationship with the government. Behind all this was not seen Heniyush-poetess. What do you think, does not prevent us from truly heroic biography Heniyush to comprehend it as a poet? "

Joseph Yanushkevich: "If we take man as the creator, in this case, Larissa Heniyush, it should be easy to know. If, before the century is such an outstanding

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Putin: Union ruble hit a dead end

Society Negotiations on the common currency with Belarus have stalled, acknowledged Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Putin noted that the demands made by the Minsk actually blocked the decision this issue.

"I believe this is an error on the part of our Belarusian partners that we do not introduce a single currency. Actually, for Belarus it would be a big plus. If we switched to the single currency in the form of the Russian ruble, it would stabilize the financial and economic system in Belarus ", — said Putin In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

This is a mistake

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Belarusian intellectuals call for support Belsat

Society The call to continue to support the channel "Belsat" Belarusian intellectuals appealed on Thursday to the leadership of the Polish TV — said «Gazeta prawna».

"Belsat" — Belarusian-Polish TV satellite channel, addressed the audience in Belarus.

In a letter to the Belarusian intelligentsia notes that "Belsat" plays an important role in the development of Belarusian language and culture, is the only independent Belarusian-language television station in the world, from which you can get accurate information about events in Belarus and abroad. All this contributes to the fact that Lately has experienced rapid growth in popularity of "Belsat" in Belarus.

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