Memory and oblivion Lukoml

Society Lukoml — one of the oldest settlements on the territory of Belarus. It was first mentioned in 1078. Lukoml once was the capital of the principality of its own. But he was unlucky to develop further. In 1563, the year the Moscow troops during the Livonian War, Lukolm completely destroyed the castle. Very interestingly described the decline Lukoml ethnographer Paul Shpileuski. But in the run-down Lukoml 19th century still exist Nicholas Monastery and Franciscan Monastery. Today, on the site of shrines are typical of the building of the village council and the country club. A symbol of the revival

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In the Russian embassy threw a Molotov cocktail

Society The great fire happened. Burned a car parked in the courtyard of the embassy. No one is hurt. The police opened a criminal investigation.

The police do not believe the attack on the Russian embassy terrorist attack

Alexander Lastouski the press service of Minsk police reported that the police Central District is doing everything possible to find those who on August 30 after 10 pm tossed into the territory of the Russian Embassy bottle of energy drink "Shake" with a combustible mixture and a wick. Injured ambassadorial "Mazda", no people have suffered.

"It is believed that this act

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Even today, 31 August

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.  


Mostly prayasnennyami, evening and night rain, the temperature of +15-17 C 

Do not pass:

Minsk meeting of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly

Minsk, in the national press center will host a press conference dedicated to the Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic 


Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to Germany

Another demonstration of the Russian opposition in Moscow and other cities

The withdrawal of U.S. combat units from Iraq 


1432: Prince Sigismund Keystutovich and Simon started

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The credibility of the Lukashenko by sociologists

According to a recent poll by the Society (May-June 2010, surveyed more than 4 million people), conducted by the Information-Analytical Center (IAC) at Administration of the President, head of state trust 80% of the respondents. This is the agency BelTA. Experts IAC also informed the agency that the level of confidence in the head of the state has remained virtually unchanged since 2007.

IAC survey showed a high level of trust and other public institutions.

The results of the survey conducted by the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS) in June this year (Surveyed 1516 respondents), give a

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Construction of the plant in hot atsynkovvannya Lida will begin in September

Society The decision to build the plant in Lida hot atsynkovvannya metalyakanstruktsy accepted. According to the project, the construction company will begin in September 2010, putting the plant into operation is planned for the fourth quarter of 2011. This was announced at a press conference, First Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences, Peter Knight.

The plant's capacity — 30,000 tons per year. Mr. Knight said that the annual demand for hot atsynkovvanni in Belarus is not less than 100,000 tons. On today atsynkovvanne metalakanstruktsy for large enterprises of Belarus makes plants of Russia and

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September in Belarusian

Society Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are grateful to all those who send their comments to the materials of the site and keeps the rules of debate. Together with you, we want to make the month of September and whiteRussian language for all visitors.

September 1 to the "Rules of the forum" to add one more — reports be in Belarusian. For those who do not have a written language, no dictionaries or read our website immediately translated into Russian by Google Translator, recommend using a translator Google.

Please join us! Invite your friends!

Help language — the language

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Lidiya Yarmoshyna: CEC ready for the second round of presidential elections

Society The CEC prepared for the fact that presidential elections can take place in two rounds. This was told to "ERB" the chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yarmoshyna:

"We always planned money on a second round. And nothing more is required! The second round of voting is held without any money for the election is no longer any products, candidates, nothing is given. This is only the salary of the commissioners who will work in this day, and making money on the ballots. So technologically it is very easy and we always planned. "

According to the

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A. Sannikov: Russia sends signals that will not deal with Lukashenko

Society The leader of the campaign "European Belarus", the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov to BelaPAN spoke about his political course, expressed the view that what's going on in Belarus on the eve of the election, and assessed the actions of their opponents."The situation in Belarus with each passing day more and more pronounced — will change, and we must do everything possible to bring these changes. Some actions of the current opposition politicians fit into this logic, some imitate them.

Now we are important, not imitation activities, and activities. Coordination of actions — is the key word, and it will

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Latvian company translates unprofitable production in Gomel

Society Latvian company Liepajas papirs («Liepaja Paper") on August 30 announced the creation in Gomel Belarusian-Latvian joint venture for the production of printed products, which will start work next year.

As the Business Website & Baltic, Latvian company plans to carry in Belarus 6 old printing equipment, train staff, and in the first half of next year to begin producing label products worth 70,000 euros a month. While a paltry sum. His decision to guide the Latvian company explains cheaper labor and lower production costs.

"Neighboring republic is often referred to as a police state, but it is a

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Barack Obama on the reforms in the Middle East and North Africa

Society Speaking today at the State Department in Washington, President Barack Obama said that the revolutions in the Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa show "thirst for freedom", which accumulated a lot of years, and also show that repression is no longer working.

"Six months, we have seen tremendous changes taking place in the Middle East and North Africa. The area behind the square, town by town, country by country, the people rises to demand basic human rights. Two executives have resigned. They can go after the other "- said the president of the United States.


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