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Congress of the Solidarity trade union in Poland

Society In Poland, Congress passes trade union "Solidarity", dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the organization.

Founded in 1980, the "Solidarity" was the first Polish trade union that is not subordinate to the Communist nomenklatura. The activities of the union grew into a nationwide movement that led to the overthrow of the communist regime in Poland.

24 Congress of the "Solidarity" is a large kanferentsyynaya center in Gdynia. Invited to the congress about 3 thousand guests. Among them, the leadership of Poland — the president, the prime minister, members of the European Parliament, and guests from all over the

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Detained for spreading decree Lukashenka

Society In Salihorsk police detained opposition activist Tatyana Kuczynski.

On the phone she could tell, "Freedom", which was arrested on the collective farm market, when informed of its visitors and traders about scheduled for 15 hours of the collective body of the market, "October".

"When I talked to people, then distributed them to the newspaper," We and the market "with the campaign logo" Tell the Truth "As well as a booklet with the printed text of the decree of the President № 618" On Rent ".

Soligorsky duty police department explained, "Freedom," that the reason for the detention of

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Each year, more than 700 people disappears

Society August 30 in the world celebrate the Day of the Disappeared. In Belarus, there were about five hundred year earlier missing people. Why is not among them Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky?

There are a few days in the year when a Uliana Zakharenko, the mother disappeared in 1999 of former Interior Minister Yuri Zakharenko, be sure to turn journalists. Birthday her son George, the day of his disappearance, and 30 August, when the world remembers about all the missing. Is there any thing new in the business, and how feels old woman who was

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Delegation of European Union in Belarus headed by Ambassador

Society The European Commission has announced a contest for the post of head of the EU Delegation in Belarus, BelaPAN. Now, it will not lead the charge d', and the ambassador. September 10, European Commission officials, the Council of the European Union, as well as diplomats of EU countries can apply for a position that was.

European Commission office was opened in Minsk in March 2008. This mission was the 119th Mission of the EU in the world. Prior to eorder in Belarus has been accredited by the head office in Kiev. Since 2008, the EU Delegation in Minsk

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Union died — recognized at the Moscow forum

Society Today in the capital of Russia held a one-day conference "Belarus — Russia: the end of Union, the beginning of a pragmatic partnership?" It was organized by the Russian party "Right Cause" movement "Russia's Choice", the United Civil Party of Belarus, and the Scientific Research Mises Center in Minsk. Participants were mostly opposition politicians and independent experts of the two countries.

Russian opposition politician, chairman of the movement "Russia's Choice" Vladimir Ryzhkov Moscow forum called a unique form of "civil dialogue between Belarus and Russia," noting that there is still bilateral relations were mainly involved in the power

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S. Kara-Murza and G. Pavlovsky of the Belarusian-Russian conflict

Society The Russian press and Russian analysts continue to debate the media war between Moscow and Minsk. According to Conservative political analyst Sergei Kara-Murza it — an imitation of the West, and close to the Kremlin wheels Gleb Pavlovsky believes that Lukashenko still will not go away.

According to Sergei Kara-Murza "Everything that happens in cyberspace — no more than the performance. Because of the Russian-Belarusian relations, no matter what they say are of a strategic nature, which results not only from the general economic interest, but also of the mental and the military and political spheres" .

It's no

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Lida before Dazhynki: Soon do — quickly fall apart

Society A few weeks before the All-Belarusian Dazhynak in Lida city looks completely destroyed. Many residents are worried: the work is an emergency, and this affects the quality of construction.Already at the entrance to Lida from Grodno seen the house without a roof, and on the humpbacked bridge narrowed the road and the cars have to pass each other in order to move it.

In the city center is also all fell apart everywhere detours excavated city park next to the castle lay sod are rooted one of the towers. Dust everywhere, the crowd of people on foot stretches

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The lawyer visited the detention center in Zhodino Michael Bashura

Society August 30 lawyer Tamara Sidorenko visited the detention center in Zhodino activist campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura. This was the first meeting between a lawyer and a client since August 18, when Michael Bashura transferred from the detention center in Minsk Zhodinsky.

"On the condition he did not complain. He said that good contact with the neighbors on the camera, and there are no problems with the administration of the prison. Wrote a letter to the will, to his wife, but still did not receive anything. About the fact we hardly spoke. Do not rule out that

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On the birthday of Lukashenko engaged potatoes

Despite the Company's private celebration, Alexander Lukashenko inspektavav Gomel Region. Visiting Mozyr district, he has focused on food security. According to Lukashenko, against the unsatisfactory situation in the world market country to increase exports of agricultural products:

"People do not have enough to eat, and this is a chance for us." The Head of State ordered the agricultural sector to clearly define the next five years with specific partners and customers. In this case, He said, need to click first on the potatoes, return to that This year, be 100%, "Even Refining does not give a margin" — summed

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Three arrested vandals from Brest

Society Two 16-year-olds and one 15-year-old arrested by the police of Brest on the case of vandalism at a Catholic cemetery.

According to the police department of Brest Regional Executive Committee, the teenagers came to the cemetery to drink beer.

One of the headstones, when he was leaning against one of the companies fell. It was a kind of signal to the company began testing their strength and rest.

In fact the vandalism initiated criminal case on the first part of Article 347 Of the Criminal Code RB, which includes responsibility for the abuse of the grave.

The suspects have

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