Lukashenko simply cry the blues

Society Student Freedom under the influence of conflicting information about the financial condition of the head of Belarus, which is voiced by various media, asks the question:

"Dear Freedom! Lukashenko said that he lived very modestly, even has his own apartment, neither he nor his children. Russian news agency reported that the wealth of Lukashenko billions of dollars. Whom to believe, tell me!

Chairman of the "European Coalition" Statkevich comments this issue:

"The problem is the opacity of today's life Belarusian leadership, the lack of complete control over them. Absence of such control power corrupts. Then shown not the best

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Ukrainian Correspondent, conflict with Moscow went to the benefit of Belarus

Society Cooling relations Kremlin and Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus has benefited — stated in an article published Ukrainian edition of "Correspondent", issued by the holding company of an American citizen Jed Sunden. It appears in the publication, "the conflict with Russia and the rise in price of gas went to Minsk to benefit. Three years of intensive liberal reforms in Belarus had to beat Poland and Spain in terms of doing business. Yesterday outcast — Belarus, with its total state control of the economy is rapidly becoming a one of the most attractive sites in Europe for investment. "


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Raman Kislyak arrested

Society In Brest, arrested human rights activist Raman Kislyak. Lawyer handing out leaflets near "Belarus", which in Sovetskaya Street.

Human rights activists rally was timed to coincide with the International Day of Missing Persons. The leaflets, which gave Roman, spoke recourse Belarus signed the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance. Human rights activist delivered to the Leninsky district police department of Brest.

Raman Kislyak previously directed the appeal to the city council for permission to hold a rally in the city center, on the pedestrian part of the Lenin Square, next to the Science and

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Lukashenko — the man state, he does not give such that the average person

Society Young Man: "Souvenir some …"

Young man"Nothing. And why give him something?".

Elderly man: "I have no idea …"

Man: "Well, I'm sorry, this is another circle: we have our own circle, he has his own."

Young man: "I do not know what to give him, all he has, probably."

Young man: "A gift of what? Well, which can be give the president? I do not know, do gelikopter another, flew to the field, looking to all the growing nicely … '

Man: "I do not know where everything is, what to give him … Nah, what am

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In Moscow, accumulated Belarusian and Russian opposition

Society In the capital of Russia held a one-day conference "Belarus — Russia: the end of Union, the beginning of a pragmatic partnership?"

It was organized by the Russian party "Right Cause" movement "Russia's Choice", the United Civil Party of Belarus, and the Scientific Research Mises Center in Minsk.

Russian opposition politician Vladimir Ryzhkov called the forum a form of "civil dialogue" as to still bilateral relations were mainly involved in the power structure.

"The crisis in bilateral relations between Minsk and Moscow, became the basis of the information war, according to a new review the Belarusian-Russian relations — talking

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Belaruskaliy be sold

Society Republican Unitary Enterprise "Belaruskali" was transformed into an open joint stock company.

As theBelaPAN and the State Committee on Property, 100% of shares owned by the state, the authorized capital amounted to about 6 trillion rubles.

"Belaruskali" is included in the privatization plan 2010. Told reporters on August 4 First Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko, Belarus will not rush the sale of the company. "As far as selling some shares, it is possible," — he added.

According to Semashko, already there are many who want to buy "Belaruskaliy." But "now is not the best time to sell," said First

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Whether to expand the boundaries of fertility?

Society Although, as the journalists, the public in Italy may soon get used to a similar phenomenon. Just a few months ago gave birth to twin 50-year-old model and dancer Heather Paryz, which is credited with the legendary novel footballer Diego Maradona.

Gemini modelki were born healthy, and their development is normal. As for the mother, she feels great.

In 2006, Italy gave birth in 1164 women aged over 45 years.

"We spend all of his youth in search of its own identity and career and then suddenly realize that we are missing, and we were overcome by the

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L.Bankavskas will prove that he is not a camel

Society "This is the good will of our president. From now on you — free" — heard after spending 10 days in Belarusian prison, commanding cavalry company Vilnius police Laimonas Bankauskas. This he said in an exclusive interview to Lietuvos Rytas.

LR: What is your status now, after the Belarusian security staff on Wednesday released you free?

Bankauskas: The Belarusian side to me does not have any complaints. I have signed a specific document that I was "completely free man. Yet for myself all of this — some kind of miracle. I feel like in a dream. Still do not

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The Russian ambassador recalled Beltransgaz

Society "Gazprom" can buy 50% of "Beltransgaz", owned by the Belarusian government, said Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov reporters in the evening on May 19. "It's about the rest of the share fraction, to get 100%," — he said.

However, he added that "negotiations between" Gazprom "," Beltransgaz "and the government of Belarus go." "I think they will end the agreement," — he said.

According to Surikov, the parties to the negotiations, in particular, discuss whether to conduct a new assessment of the value of company assets. In 2006 AVN Amro Bank estimated 100% of shares of "Beltransgaz" $

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On Mogilev fish — an explosion. Three people were injured

Society The enterprise "Mogilev fish" exploded propane tank. Three people were injured and hospitalized. One of them is in intensive care with a head injury. Two — with burns.The explosion occurred in the compressor room business on August 29, and after 21 pm. The room is destroyed. Experts point out that it was a miracle no explosion damaged the vessel with ammonia. If that were to happen, the consequences would have been much more serious.

In the emergency department confirm the incident. At the scene of the explosion left fire, but the fire was not there.

What was the cause

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