Already the weekend of August 28-29


Storm …

…and squally winds. Temperature: 14-17 C.

Do not pass:

August 28

In the village of Ivanovo Motol district, Brest region Food Festival "Motol sweets."

August 28-29

In the Palace of Arts International Festival artperformansu "Navinki".

The National Exhibition Centre "BelExpo" (Minsk, 14 Pobeditely) International Dog Show.


August 29

The Organization of the Islamic Conference met in Islamabad to discuss aid to flood victims in Pakistan.


August 28

In 1925, Arkady Strugatsky was born (d. 1991), a famous Russian science fiction writer (written in collaboration with his brother, Boris Strugatsky).


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Mysteries of the Belarusian welfare

Society Whether the government will fulfill the promise to provide year-end average salary of 500 dollars? How does the Belarusian quality of life compared to other countries? What role does the Belarusian social equality? On these topics in the "Prague accent 'reasoning: economist Michael Zaleski, columnist "Belarusians and Market" Constantine Skuratovich and teacher of the European Humanities University Alexei Pikulik.

Michael Zaleski

Zaleski: In contrast, those who said that the government will not make the $ 500 paycheck, I always said that would make a thousand, if ordered … In 1994, we produced 3.9 GDP per ruble ruble salary,

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Laimonas Bankauskas questioned in the Lithuanian security service

Society "It was standard procedure, yet the Lithuanian police was arrested. It was just a conversation, not detention "- said the Lithuanian media spokesman for the Children's Hospital Vitavskas Makauskas.

An official action against Bankauskasa say nothing.

Officer's wife Tatiana convinced of the innocence of her husband, but welcomes the fact checking. "Lithuania — a serious state, they have to check and thank God for that check. And then together we will celebrate with her husband," — said Tatiana reporters ERB.

Laimonas Bankauskas was arrested August 16 at the border crossing in Ashmyany. In his car guards

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The Story of a miracle: Alexander Shpakovsky


In a sense, he was held, but much later. Train, of course, did not get to the States, but drove to Belgium, where Alexander Shpakovsky a few years ago was granted political asylum.

And then, in the Artisan Ales even look was the epitome of non-Soviet man. But dig down, why and where he is, somehow it did not work. After all, every line of his features like object because it can be such a principle. SMOLEVICHY area, peat, an electrician at the plant — each line seemed paradoxical appearance of the hero next to O'Henry, dreams about

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The Prosecutor's Office issued a warning to Yaroslav Bernikovich

The Company's Chairman of the regional branch of the BPF, an activist of the "For Freedom!" Jaroslav Bernikovich affected the efficiency of prosecutors. As well as the working methods of the Prosecutor's Office, which warned of violating the law on mass events without revealing the fact of the offense.

In an official document, which Mr. Bernikovich received 6 hours after talks with the Acting Attorney I.S.Valyntsom, says that the activist can bring to justice under Article 23.34, if he will continue to hold unauthorized mass action.

It was an unauthorized action, according to the head of the ideological department of

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In Poland are not satisfied because of Georgia

Society Former Polish Foreign Minister Anna Fotyga abandoned its positions in the International Labour Organization (ILO), in protest against the statements of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski of Georgia.

In a recent interview "Rzeczpospolita", answering the question of whether the Georgians rely on the President Bronislaw Komorowski as they were counting on President Lech Kaczynski, Poland's current president said:

"Up so probably not. Indeed, I do not go to Georgia because so came up with the president of Georgia. But, of course, Poland should definitely advocate for the right of all peoples to self-determination and independence. And in the

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The election campaign of opposition candidates

Society For about a dozen opposition politicians declared their intention to run for president. Who first of all they sent their message across? What message does offer the Belarusian electorate, or it falls into the focus of public expectations?Members: political scientists Vladimir Podgol and Yuri Chausov.

Who primarily direct their message of the candidates?

Valery Karbalevich: "The presidential candidates give a lot of interviews to foreign media. Why a lot of attention is paid to the geapalitychnaga vector Belarus, for example, the emphasis on Milinkevich praevrapeyskasts What does this mean? Whom the message is addressed to them?"

Presenter: "They are

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Belarusian spelling changes, challenges remain

Society On September 1, comes into effect the "Law on the rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation." New edition of the rules of the Belarusian language was prepared nearly 20 years, and the law was 2 years ago. Officials promise that from this language will benefit. Experts, linguists pay attention to the problem and expressed doubt regarding the timeliness of the law and its usefulness to the language.

Prior to the changes in spelling had time to prepare: released dictionaries, reference books, textbooks, hundreds of teachers and trainers were trained. Newspapers and magazines have to go to the new spelling

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Muraveva policy in Belarus is someone to continue

Society Listener Freedom discusses the situation that prevailed in the country on the eve of the presidential campaign, and expresses his thoughts:

"Politicians are wondering whether there is a possibility of another rapprochement between Minsk and Brussels. Would it have this convergence? There was a trick to get loans. When the President makes his special forces training pack on the field, where they hung out for a lot of white-red-white flags — the so- accidentally saw a man who was calling you.'s what cynicism! already is preparing for a presidential election. Where's rapprochement with European values? Lukashism — a special

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Society From Jerusalem to the urban village of Bethany, where Lazarus lives of sisters, three kilometers at most. Jesus often goes to visit them; Lazarev one sister, Mary, every time sits at the feet of Jesus and listen to him, as if hypnotized, and the other, Martha is busy at the stove, is the guest entertainment and so tired that somehow decided to complain to Jesus Masha on the lazy — and receives in return a strict observation about his mituslivastsi. And somehow Lazarus became seriously ill. Everyone knows that Jesus, who now wanders Affairs around the capital, is able

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