Vodka has risen by 5%

Society price for vodka 40% alcohol amount to 8,240 rubles per 0.5 liter. without the cost of packaging.

Increase has occurred in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Economy number 126 of August 18, 2010, BelTA



The dilemma of Kudrin: Sell property or ask the IMF

Society Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has today confirmed that the anti-crisis fund of the Eurasian Economic Community is considering mounting Belarus 3 billion loan over the next three years. And to add to this amount of Belarus to privatize more actively encouraged — or go to the IMF.

After the meeting of the Interstate Council of the Eurasian Economic Community, which was held in the evening at the National Library, at the final press conference the Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. Home of the themes he touched on — the currency crisis in Belarus and Belarusian leaders appeal to

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Poles give Belarusians (and yourself) more energy

Society The Polish company "Kulczyk Holdyng" with the Belarusian company "Grodnoenergo" Zelva built in 2014 coal-fired power.The agreement was signed on August 26 in Warsaw CEO "Grodnoenergo" Vladimir Shaternik and executive director of "Kulczyk Investments" Dariusz Myaduskim. "Grodnoenergo" is part of the Belarusian state concern "Belenergo". Private Polish company "Kulczyk Holdyng" issued by businessman John Kulczyk in 1991 in Warsaw, is the part of the investment group "Kulczyk Investments", Kulczyk registered in 2007 in Luxembourg.

The agreement provides for construction in the urban village of Grodno region Zelva coal power plant of 920 MW and an optional power line with

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Last year Kebich

Just explain to the society (photo 1). Uncles who kiss in this photo, not homosexuals. This is the highest state official: Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and the Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Kebich in a government car in 1994 during a visit to Minsk and Chernomyrdin after heavy consumption of alcoholic drinks and so remain. Actually, there is nothing special to comment — as the saying goes, "all in Russian."

If we evaluate this photo in the category of "paparazzi", then it is — the highest class of scandalous. Photos made outstanding Belarusian photojournalists Sergei Grits, was published in

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Glubokskiy ideologue complained to the prosecutor's office for opposition leader

Bernikovich society called the acting prosecutor Volinets, saying that he must take the explanation at the request of the head of the ideological department of Gluboksky executive committee. Statement by Mr. Bernikovich shown but not given to read.

Volinets explained that the officer believes the activist organizer unauthorized celebrations, and for this administrative responsibility.

Jaroslav Bernikovich explained that the bard festival, which was held in the second year and in the near Gluboksky This year, dedicated to the memory of Larissa Heniyush was lifted after the intervention of the head of the ideological department.

The event was scheduled

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Baltische Rundschau about the scandal with Lahtejn: This is not a woman's revenge

Earlier this week, the Society Estonian media received anonymous e-mails from Belarus, in which an unknown person, who introduced 20-year-old resident of Minsk, claimed that the Estonian diplomat sexually harasses her.

As proof of his allegations she sent a series of photographs in which Lahtejn posing in a society of young girls who like the author of the letter, he thanks issued Schengen visa.

German-language edition of "Baltische Rundschau", which is issued in Vilnius and is designed for readers EU does not rule out involvement in the scandalous pictures of Belarusian special services.

As the newspaper writes, referring

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Belarus for the second time refused to extradite Bakiyev


According to the public prosecutor, the Prosecutor General of Kyrgyzstan repeatedly requested to Minsk to extradite Bakiyev after June this year referendum, in which Otunbayeva was elected president for a transitional period.

"We had hoped that after , after the legitimization of power in Belarus will respond positively — said Ibraev. — But again turned down. " Nonetheless, Attorney General believes that the chance for the extradition of ex-president to Bishkek and bringing him to justice still remains. "We will look for this other way" — he promised.

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Milinkevich calls to count the votes together

Milinkevich society is convinced that the very existence of such a guarantee, as well as independent monitoring of the election will be the prerequisites for the international community to recognize the results Belarus election.

On his message to Vladimir Andreychenko Milinkevich said in a letter sent the heads of diplomatic missions of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Council of Europe, The European Parliament and the European Commission.

The press service of the Movement "For Freedom."



Lukashenko unhappy with government

Society "in January-July this year almost failed the most important parameters and key targets of the forecast (…) As a result of all this is a significant impact on the growth rate, which was 107% against the forecast of 111-113%, "- said Lukashenko.

On foreign investment: "The work of state bodies (…) is very poor, as the net inflow of foreign direct investments in the country amounted to only 20.4% from last year's level."

On trade, "for the 6 months of the year the negative balance of foreign trade in goods and services emerged in the amount of $ 2.4

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Brest at the Catholic cemetery vandalism

Society Vandals destroyed 74 graves in a Catholic cemetery that Pushkin Street in Brest.

Shattered and broken metal and granite monuments.

Cemetery are the historical and cultural value.

The activists of the Union of Poles in Belarus, as well as the Consul General of Poland Anna Navakovska sent a statement to the police. Initiated the investigation.

Reports and photos — later on our site.

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