Sisters of Mother Teresa's not forget about the homeless

Society In Gomel Church of Our Lady of the Nativity of the solemn liturgy on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa.

Glory to God in prayer and nuns only in Belarus House of Mercy Sisters of the Order of Mother Teresa, who works in Gomel.

The sisters are helping many poor and homeless Gomel. Here they are here staluyutstsa are treated, spend the night in the winter.

38-year-old Andrew, who BOMZHOM eight years and often hidden in the neighborhood "Old Aerodrome," says: "I feed myself. Bottles and collect rent. And if you push hard,

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Obama in Warsaw to discuss how to democratize Belarus

Society The democratization of Belarus and the countries of North Africa will be one of the main themes of the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama in Poland.

Reported by Polskie Radio with reference to the Polish Ambassador in Washington.

The Ambassador noted that during Obama's visit will also discuss joint activities in Poland and the United States in Afghanistan, as well as further cooperation within NATO.

Obama will arrive in Warsaw on May 27 and will participate at the summit of the Eastern and Southern Europe.

Heniyush and Bulls


Literary Consultant "Grodno truth" Vasil Bykov as could support the disgraced poet. Almost everyone in his letter Zelva he ended unchanged request: send poems — will print. And prints. When you leaf through the newspaper sewing for 60 years, the name of Larissa Heniyush found on litstaronkah quite often.

At the time, the poet had not yet had a typewriter, copied poems by hand. Her handwriting Vasil Bykov reads with difficulty, his own texts reprinted and sent to the author — on reconciliation.

Once Vasily Vladimirovich Antonovna Larissa decided to make a pleasant surprise — to expand the

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The date of the festival Battle of Orsha

Society In This year, bard annual festival will take place not in the first weekend, which was earlier, and on September 11 — the date of the celebration that was closer to the anniversary of the Battle of Orsha, which took place on 8 September 1514.Bard festival will take place near the spot where in 1514 the forces of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania defeated the army of the Moscow principality — on the bank of the river near the village of Krapivenka Gatkovschina Orsha district.

In these places, singers and listeners are going from 1992 to the year. The

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The Chairman and the Collective Security Treaty Organization

Society CSTO summit in Armenia ended a week ago, things of the past assumptions go back to Lukashenko, which means his arrival two days earlier and leaving a day early, or he's there to make peace with Medvedev, etc. Dry surrender was a perfect shot boring Lukashenko of Belarus and consent to take starshynyavanne the CSTO. Here is the latest — what does it mean?

Does it mean that in the information and even more — a political war between the Kremlin and the official Minsk come if not the world, at least temporarily peramire?

Most likely — it does

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Bullfinch and treated her back to jail

Society Former prosecutor of Minsk region Mikhail Bullfinch in hospital, "where he was treated. After treatment, he was sent back to prison in Valadarski Street," — said the law enforcement agencies. Lawyer Anatoly Shepelevich previously reported that Bullfinch for more than three months, the transcript of the hearing in his case.

The former prosecutor was convicted of abuse of power and other crimes and sentenced to seven years imprisonment by the Supreme Court of Belarus.

The fault Bullfinch not recognized, and the verdict, told reporters he was a victim of corrupt officials in the government, and that the fact that

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Andrei Sannikov did not answer Yanukevich

Society The leader of "European Belarus" Andrei Sannikov, who announced his intention to run for the president, declined to comment on the "Liberty" in his remarks towards Alexei Yanukevich, chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party, which he did on radio and online on August 24. Umateryyale Vitaly Tsygankova "Yanukevich," Sannikov gave himself away "was placed a comment Alexei Yanukevich the refusal Andrei Sannikov signed the "Manifesto of the protection of national interests," which had previously been circulated BPF leaders.

Radio "Liberty" addressed to Andrew Sannikov with a proposal to respond to the words of Alexei Yanukevich, but was refused.

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Young Belarus activist warned that the fire could

Society 17-year-old Roman Bobrov said that the director of the Vitebsk enterprise "Taymkaler" challenged him to a private conversation and began to blame for opposition activity.According to Roman Bobrov director Sergey Shcherbakov said that he was from somewhere called and told about the involvement of young workers in the founding congress of the movement "Young Belarus" July 10, 2010. The head said he did not want problems and to cut a guy with a job.

Novel Beavers went to private enterprise "Tamkaler" towards the regional center of employment. The guy runs a carpenter, and the founding congress went on holiday.

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Aphorisms: Marriage, Wedding

Society Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: How people treat marriage when young had significantly different age? Khotenko: Often uttered: "We got married, the young and the old horse horse spreglisya." Heard the same — in this saying is condemnation. Like, nothing good will come of it. But most of the uneven-aged marriages just were considered more successful for zluchnasts very young couples or elderly women do to a man. After all, by the youth of one of the other spouse is rejuvenated too. That is confirmed now health. But that was criticized mercilessly and violently, then perastarstva — a phenomenon that when a

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In Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi dismantled monument

Society Ashgabat to dismantle the giant monument topped by a golden statue of the former president, Saparmurat Niyazov. The monument was erected in 1995 in front of the presidential palace. At its height was a 12-meter statue of the first president Saparmurat Niyazov, who turned in the day of the sun.

The Government of Turkmenistan motivated decision to move the monument to the fact that at this point, a new architectural ensemble.

Earlier disappeared from the streets of Ashgabat numerous portraits of Niyazov, of the National Anthem removed mention of it in schools and institutions have stopped studying "Ruhnama".


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