Such scandals involving the neighboring countries of Belarus will be more

Society With Grodno prison released Lithuanian police Laimonas Bankauskas, who was detained on August 16, accusing the trafficking of drugs. Observers do not rule out that this story has to do with the recent sex scandal Estonian diplomat. Lithuanian media with reference to the representative of the Belarusian KGB Alexander Antonovich, "The case was transferred Bankauskasa Republican Prosecutor's Office of Belarus, which will decide on the future of the case."

So drove Laimonas Bankauskas drugs or not, whether there is judicial perspective in the case, which is now in the Prosecutor's Office of Belarus? Alexander Antonovich declined to comment

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Who in Belarus pay 500 dollars?

Society The government has estimated an adult to survive in Belarus, you need to have an income not less than 225 thousand 200 rubles a month. Now 446,000 economically active people do not even have a minimum wage.Do these people get to the end of the year, Alexander Lukashenko promised to the average salary of 500 dollars?

Gomel oblast: Wage worker — 300,000, the chief — a million

In Gomel 6 enterprises and organizations, where the average size of salaries does not exceed $ 200. Three of them-production.

Among these companies is listed first plant instrumentation.

On his

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A picket of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners in Stockholm

Society Today, in the center of Stockholm picket of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners. Among the speakers were members of the Swedish parliament from different political parties, as well as the head of the Swedish Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights Östgruppen — Martin Corner.

In his speech, Martin Angle demanded the immediate release of all political prisoners in Belarus. He also suggested that the EU to increase pressure on Belarusian authorities introduced a point economic sanctions.

Will the Eastern Partnership to demolish the Belarusian Khrushchev

Society Mogilev economist Peter Migursky offers the Belarusian authorities to address the problem of so-called "Khrushchev" harness the power of the "Eastern Partnership" Evravzvyazu. Thus, the economist, the government will find the necessary investments for the demolition of large-old houses, built in the 60-70 years of the last century.His vision of solving the problem of "Khrushchev" economist outlined in a special program, which is presented today to the public.Peter Migursky"This is a problem, however, is not yet clear. It will be so, if there is a tragedy. To date, only one of more than 320 Mogilev" Khrushchev. "Their service life

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In the school allowed only Orthodox priests

Society On September 1, in Belarusian schools introduce a new subject "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture. Orthodox shrines of the Eastern Slavs." Now the Ministry of Education approved curriculum for each class, the first to the 11th.

The Minister of Education of Belarus Alexander Radkov assured that it is not a compulsory subject, and electives:

"We gave the nod to the fact that there was such an elective course on the choice, knowing that Orthodoxy — it's part of our culture, with its own history, with its own characteristics, for its beauty. That is, it should be studied. But by choice,

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Cheap dairy products have disappeared, leaving only expensive

Society Our constant listener Hope from Minsk expressed her opinion about the average salary figures:

"In our case, the numbers do not correctly display the average wage, because the difference between the lowest and highest salaries are so high that it is several times larger than the very figure of the average wage. When scientific approaches to these conditions, you can not output the average figure, it still does not reflects.

And these promised $ 500 government will end the year with no problems by reducing the number of employees. At the same time, the growing army of the

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Market that does not want to go out of the shadows

Not all of the Company's schools offer students a hostel, so many are forced to rent apartments or rooms. However, statistics show that only about fifty thousand owners in Belarus pay taxes on profits handed square meters. How risky it is to rent this apartment without a formalized agreement?

According to the General Statistics Office in Minsk, more than 20,000 people are privately owned by two apartments. Three apartments owned by a little more than five hundred residents of Minsk, four, and more — three dozen. It is significant that the number of "blocks" over the past five years

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GG Vic on EU policy towards Belarus and Z.Paznyaka

Society German expert on Belarus, the former head of the OSCE in Belarus Hans-Georg Wieck interview with Deutsche Welle in his opinions on the current position of Germany in the dialogue between the EU and Belarus.We offer you a translation of the interview.

Deutsche Welle: Does Germany's own strategy of building relations with Belarus, other than the line of the European Union?

Hans-Georg Wieck: The fact that the German position towards Belarus is fundamentally different from the position of the European Union — is all nonsense critics of European policy, existing since the beginning of President Alexander Lukashenko.

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On the Russian border shake

Society "In particular, if you can not determine the status of the goods imported into the territory of Russia from Belarus, the Russian customs authorities do not recognize their goods Customs Union and apply measures of customs control in accordance with its internal regulations "- the official said in an interview with Itar-Tass.

Evdochenko stressed that "Belarus has no difficulties with the implementation of the Customs Code, we are fully guided by this international instrument."Report from the Belarusian-Russian border — later on the site of Liberty


limit Customs union

Pushkin will study in Belarusian

Society "Freedom" received a letter from the artist Ales Pushkin town of Beaver Krupsk Minsk region. Ales Pushkin wrote about how the suit to school son Nicholas:

"Mikolka goes to school after A. Beaver Lunacharsky (former Bolshevik Commissar of Education of the USSR). I wrote, of course, a statement that was taught to whiteRussian language.

August 25 went to the boss Krupsk District Board and strictly warned — that there was trouble and problems. Belkova Olena promised that it will not.

In the first class — 15 students, Mikolka friend will teach at Belarusian language. All parents refused, did not

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