Nasha Niva will meet with the Ministry of Information in court

Society of the Supreme Economic Court will consider the case on September 1, the press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists.

July 22 The Ministry of Information accused the newspaper in the dissemination of information that is not true. The reason for the sanctions was the title of "The Godfather confiscated" ("NN" № 26). "According to Article 244 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus is the confiscation of the uncompensated taking of property from the owner in the form of a sentence for crime or otherwise offense. "A meanwhile, circulation "NN", according to the RUP "Belsoyuzpechat",

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Consulate of Lithuania in Grodno: Today Bankauskas out of our territory

Society According to employees of the Consulate of Lithuania in Grodno, Vilna police Laimonas Bankauskas spent the night at the consulate and the morning of August 26 was gone. "Where did he go, we do not know. He's a free man and can go wherever you go," — said the consulate. Comments about Laimonas Bankauskas as to what happened to him in recent days, the consulate was not informed.

Some sources do not rule out that Laimonas Bankauskas located in Belarus, in Minsk, where his mother-in-law lives of his wife and relatives. Contact with the Lithuanian police or with

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Funny pictures, 26.08.2010

Society Belarusians will be able to change avtalamachcha for new cars? (Interfax): Belarus expects to enter into the Russian program of concessional lending citizens who intend to buy cars assembled in Russia, said at a press conference in Minsk deputy minister Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus Anatoly Lis.


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Belarus were seksrabynyami in Buchenwald

Society So-called special blocks, brothels existed in the German concentration camps from 1942 to 1945. As forced prostitutes were employed more than 200 women prisoners. Two-thirds of them were German, and the rest came from the occupied territories of Belarus, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine.

According to the organizers of the camp brothel, their goal was to improve "the output of the prisoners in the war industry."

According to the archives, after the concentration camp of about 170 of these women had survived. The fate of the majority, especially the Belarusians and Ukrainians, remains unknown. From August 1945 Buchenwald became

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By 2015, near Minsk to build a new prison

Society "Already prepared estimates, will be built first republican prison hospital," — said the head of the department in supervising the execution of criminal penalties to the General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus Yuri Goroshko.

Goroshko said the decision to transfer the jail number 1 out of Minsk explained by the fact that the prison is located in a former Pischalovskogo castle tower which several years fell.

"Right now, no one here is held previously in this tower was more chambers, including are kept prisoners sentenced to death, "- said the representative of the prosecutor's office.



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Mafia and the election

Society While the entire global gaming community celebrates arrival on the market of the second version action games "Mafia 2", while the Belarusian together with Russian and other players about SNDeshnymi join this joy in Belarus authorities wondered about the virgin soul gamer.

As the Republican portal gamer, law enforcement agencies of Belarus discussed the possibility of identifying all purchasers game that promotes corruption, violence, and respect for the criminal gangs.

In principle, there is a precedent in Belarus far from Italy, where the Italian government issued a harsh criticism of the creators of the game. According

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Fair Russia and European Belarus against the BPF

Society International Department of the party "Fair Russia" made a statement on the dispute in the Belarusian opposition.

The document reads in part:

Minsk hosted the signing ceremony of a memorandum of strategic cooperation between the opposition parties in Belarus. The document called the "Declaration on the coordination of joint activities during the presidential election campaign."

The text of the document, the opposition partners have agreed on the joint nomination of the democratic representatives to election commissions, to organize a joint monitoring of the campaign, as well as the coordination of street protests against election fraud. It's the definition

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In Belarus, the Order of Mother Teresa's work only in Gomel

Society August 26 Catholics around the world celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa.

The only city in Belarus, where the works of the Order of Sisters of Mercy House of Mother Teresa — Gomel. Today, the church will be held Gomel solemn mass.

The nuns are in Gomel in 1991. Their mission is to help the poor and homeless people. Sisters organize daily meals for those who need it, razmyarkovvayuts poor families food and clothes, and organize summer camps and Sunday school for children from poor families, care of seriously ill people.

"If the

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In Belarus, the homeless census to be held

Society Persons without fixed residence on September 17 will be recorded in items of social adaptation and re-socialization, or in other places that will determine the local executive and administrative bodies.

Will be able to register Belarusian citizens, stateless persons who have a permanent residence permit in Belarus, but for some reason have lost residence registration, and there is no reason for their expulsion or deportation.

This order of registration by place of residence provided the Council of Ministers Decree number 1225, BelTA learned from the Department of Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

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Solidarity Fund is an initiative of Baranja Destiny

Society According Levchenkova, the money in the "Solidarity Fund" will be counted from the union dues in the amount of 10% will also be made charitable donations.

Thus, says activist can be "Hedge" of potential strikers, who sometimes do not dare to protest, because they are afraid of losing income.

Vasily Levchenko said the creation of a "solidarity fund" to make the administration of enterprises refers to the demands of strikers more seriously. Baranski on "Destiny", in particular, the previously manual explicitly states that protests is not afraid of saying that to stop working for a long time the workers

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