General movies on NTV: I'm on this dirt is not going to answer

Society "I am increasingly pushing me to somehow react to what is happening in relation to me, and Belarus. I'm on this dirt is not going to answer," — said Alexander Lukashenko.

Speaking of shown on Russian television films, he said: "Everything you have seen — it's not Belarus and the Belarusian president. This is a film about them, they want all these were (…) Therefore, there was no reaction in Belarus at the dirt we will not allow as much as they create these films. "

"Absolutely no conflict between Russia and Belarus, no, absolutely no conflict between

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Alcohol again go up by about 10%

Society From September 1, rising rates of excise duties on alcohol products.

The decision was taken in accordance with the presidential decree number четыреста thirty-ninth

The new rates will apply to 31 December 2010 , reports BelaPAN.

Drink The previous rate (in rubles). Future rate Alcoholic beverages fortress 7-28% 14240 15660 Alcoholic beverages fortress 28% or more 18830 20710  Cognac, brandy, calvados, cognac drinks 15870 17460  Fortified ordinary and grape (except natural) wine 5100 5610  The original grape wine 22 300 24, 530


The Company's May 16, Khalip was sentenced to two years' imprisonment with a suspended sentence of two years. This decision was made by Jean Brysina, Judge Condo district of Minsk. Two days before Irene husband, former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov was sentenced to five years' imprisonment in a maximum security prison.

Khalip was born November 12, 1967 in Minsk. A correspondent of the Russian "Novaya Gazeta" in Belarus.

She worked as deputy editor of "BDG" and editor in chief of the weekly "Name", who stopped out. Repeatedly subjected to criminal prosecution for their work, received a warning from the prosecutor's

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OSCE waiting for an invitation to the polls

Society Head of the OSCE Office in Minsk Benedikt Haller hopes that the organization will be invited to observe the presidential elections in Belarus. He stated this in an interview with BelaPAN.

"I also hope that we will have the opportunity to observe a professional, then there are long-term and short-term," — said the diplomat.

On He said, OSCE representatives are ready to start work as soon as it announced the date of the presidential election in Belarus. "I am confident that our colleagues from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), the OSCE also mentally ready to

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Belarus — on the 5th place in Europe in terms of growth of consumer prices

Society This follows from the comparative table published by the Russian Ministry of Statistics on the basis of similar agencies of several countries and the European Union.

According to these data, in January-July 2010, higher than in Belarus rate (4.4%), consumer prices rose in Malta (5.5%), Romania (5.4%), Russia (4.8%) and Kazakhstan (4.6%). The average prices in the EU for the period increased by 1.1%. In Poland, their growth was 1.8%, in Lithuania — 2.1%, in Latvia — 2%, Ukraine — 3.1%.

About Liberty: Anastasia Palazhanka

Society What is your freedom? God's gift. The opportunity to be myself. And the choice in favor — to be the best. To be more active, more industrious, more sincere, more spiritually advanced. This is my freedom. Freedom of choice. As well as an opportunity to do what I want and I think it necessary, having the responsibility for this and for those who are close to me. The possibility of realizing themselves and their ideas. Freedom for me, as a symbol of the struggle for the development of self in body and spirit. Freedom for me as a reflection

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In the village of RTS — villagers from Florida but from Tallinn to Murmansk


Tsimashkov: "Such analogues I have never seen in our country!"

Mr. Leonid Tsimashkov in 90 three times was a member of, say, the smallest town in the country — permanent residents are only 17 people. However …

Tsimashkov"Tell me, where can meet Lyudmila Mironova of the State of Florida, USA, Sasha Savitsky of St. Petersburg, St. Michael Lena from Smorgon at the same time? It may now be only here in the village of Rs. Tolochin In the area there it since 1950. Then in each region should be machine-tractor station. And in the 58th MTS has been

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Sahara will be more

Society Belarus will build a new sugar factory. The decision was taken in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers.The new company will be a joint stock company with a registered fund of 2 billion rubles.

The estimated production volume — 120-130 thousand tons per year.

At the moment, the production of sugar in Belarus are engaged in four public companies:

Gorodeysky Sugar Factory Zhabinkovski sugar factory Slutsk Sugar Refinery Skidelsky Sugar Factory.

"In the construction of the fifth plant expressing interest Mogilev and Gomel regions", — quotes the chairman balapan "Belgospischeprom" Ivan Danchenko.

For the construction

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Lithuania wants to see Belarus to NATO

Society Lithuania wants to include Belarus in the company of the planned Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian military brigade, said Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Rasa Jukneviciene in an interview with the European Radio for Belarus.

She added that in October in Vilnius will visit Defence Minister Yuri Zhadobin.

Race Jukneviciene noted that the ability to expand the Belarusian-Lithuanian cooperation opens after, as the Belarusian prosecutor's office questioned the former commandant of the Vilnius garrison of the Red Army Vladimir Uskhopchyk, which is January 13, 1991 gave the order to shoot at the Lithuanian anti-Soviet demonstrators.

Lithuanian Minister also expressed the hope

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If you do wrong, then nothing will earn

As always, the Company before the election, the government is preparing a so-called "All-Belarusian People's Assembly", which will show off their achievements to the specially elected representatives. On the results of the 16-year rule created by Alexander Lukashenko power "hierarchy" they write in their letters to liberty and many listeners.

Our long-time friend Vasily Cornflower in Radoshkevichah Maladzechna area one of the main decisions of the current government, which is a fatal impact on society, considers the introduction of a rigid contract system. The listener writes:

"It fundamentally changed our nation — for the worse. As a result, people

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