Write a police check

Society In Gomel, on October Avenue police arrested an activist of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" by Ivan Gamarku.

He took about 100 copies of the tabloid newspaper "Tell the Truth"Which"Tell the Truth"Specially produced for gardeners.

The police brought an activist in the Soviet district police station and told that they were taking the paper because it is not printed in Belarus and in Penza.

Employees are also going to check out, not contained in the "train" calls for a violent change of government and inciting ethnic hatred.

Police drove Ivan Gamarku houses where confiscated another 150

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Is capable of following the program, then counted out!

Society Average passing grades in high schools in This year, down, there is a tendency to reduce assessments on a centralized testing. But admission to universities, according to the leaders of the education system, corruption is eradicated.2-3 years Belarus will vyprobovvatstsa enrollment in computer-aided schools. Minister of Education and Chairman of the Council of the Republic today summed up the opening of the campaign.

Chairman of the State Commission to monitor the progress of training and the opening campaign Anatoly Rubinov believes that corruption in the education system eliminated:

"I would also like to stress that corruption is actually and

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Czech Senator: Belarus headway

Society Of Belarus, the Czech Republic came back a group of Czech senators, members of the Standing Committee in strengthening democracy in the world. One of them, Thomas Yirsa, offered his afterword to the visit and about, which translated He said at a press conference in Minsk happened key misunderstanding."When he left, I would like to say that we have no problem with the fact that the Czech Republic has continued to further support Belarus at the level of bilateral relations as well as at the level of the European Union" — then said Tomas Yirsa. An official translation in

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Belarus will do without a number of import grubs

Society This was stated by Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus Mikhail Brown.

He said that restricting food imports due to "large-scale modernization of the Belarusian enterprises are redesigning the meat and milk, as well as fruit and vegetable plants."

Minister Brown has called unfounded allegations that a number of commodity groups Belarusian products have become more expensive than imported ones. As an example, he cited the tomatoes, the selling price of which is the commercial network of 8 thousand per 1 kilogram. The Minister explained: a sharp jump in the fruits and vegetables caused by the significant increase

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Error officials — creators of the problem

Society Today creators Public Association "Minsk Spring" sent a statement to the Department of Justice of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, which asked to cancel the previous decision to refuse registration of the organization. Chairman of the Board of the human rights organization Vladimir Vyalichkin, says that the application contains information that shows that past refusal to register — it's a mistake Department of Justice, not founders of the association:

"By its statement we made a photocopy of the passport and certificate of residence of the person, which, according to officials, does not live at the address, and hence the

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White-headed Duck yes Grisha. Pro-Moscow candidate




Where the hidden bastard,Renegat, foe,Pro-Moscow candidateRenegat sneaky?

White-headed Duck:

And for my wife ZinaVsyagda single candidate.Budzet he vsyagda onePak has not grown son.


He was not a friend or brother,Dirty collaborators!Pro-Moscow candidateRenegat sneaky.

White-headed Duck:

Well, we neintsyaresna,Somewhere in Moscow your gone.We have one candidate,Pak has not grown son.


Insidious plan in my head —Moscow wants to sell usPro-Moscow candidateDirty renegat!

White-headed Duck:

Well, so what? Well, so what?Although Moscow, but WashingtonBudzet chef we have one,Pak has not grown son.

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No business, as people have no money

Society Why in the small towns and villages of the few willing to do business?

On this issue meet passers Zhabinka.

Man: "It seems to me, fear of taxes. But it all depends on the person. Who wants to, he is developing. "

Woman: "In our city, it is very difficult to trade. People just do not have the money. Must itself go for the goods. In addition, many ganlyue illegally. Do not pay taxes at the same time. Under the law can not hire employees. "

Woman: "I used to be a few trade stands. But now it turns

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Why business is not going to the province

Society Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky demanded to understand the reason why the business is not going to the province, why not implement the State program of development of small and medium-sized cities. At more than 30 thousand enterprises salary this year is less than $ 200. In regions not created the conditions for the creation of private business.

Gomel oblast: What is attention and a business

The Gomel region in small towns and cities this year planned to open 235 different small industries. But in such localities as Rogachev, Petric, Parichi, Loew, Uvarovichi not created at all any new

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The Economic Court of Minsk dismissed Tell the Truth

Society The Court of Appeal of the Minsk Economic Court dismissed the institution "Moving Forward" regarding previous decision to declare the contract void, office lease for the institution, which gives reason to close the Minsk city executive committee organization. "We believe this decision, like all the previous judicial action against us politically motivated. This is done commissioned by the government, "- commented on the decision of the Court of Appeal deputy director of the" forward "Nina Pohlopko, representing the interests of the organization in court.

The leader of the "Tell the Truth" a famous poet Vladimir Nyaklyaeadded to the

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Yuri Luzhkov — the richest Russian official

Society Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, ranked first in the ranking of family income Russian officials, MPs, senators and heads of public corporations. The rating was recently published by the Russian edition of the magazine Forbes.

According to the publication, the total income Yuri Luzhkov and his wife, Elena Baturina, in 2009have reached the amount of 30.943 billion Russian rubles (1 billion dollars). Nearly all of this amount (30935000000) recorded as income Elena Baturina.

Yelena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia, has its business relationships and to Belarus. Her company "Inteko" is one of the five founders of the "Moscow investment

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