Mogilev waiting for a hungry cluster from abroad

Society Mogilev Region Executive Committee demanded increase in the amount of ten percent bookmarks stabilization fund of fruits and vegetables. Officials expect that the local products will be exported to neighboring countries, as there is a freak. In what specific, not reported. Mogilev borders only one country — Russia.

Or Mogilev officials predict mass export of the region's meat and dairy products from official sources is not clear messages:

"There is a chance, let's say that the food will be exported to neighboring countries. Address trade, rajpotrebsoyuz the fact that the storage facilities that you have lying products "- quoting

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Seven citizens of Belarus tested for involvement in the arson

Society activists were arrested Sept. 3 at about 6 am. They are suspected of involvement in the arson of an official vehicle "Mazda-3" on the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk. Today it became known that the work begun for hooliganism reclassified to arson. The head of the press service of Minsk police Alexander Lastouski confirmed the correspondent of the "freedom" that the detainees' young citizens of the Republic of Belarus. " He said:

there was no explosion. It was in the form of hooliganism arson attempt …

"First, there was no explosion. Hooliganism was in the form of

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The journalist managed to have punished the policemen

Society Correspondent of "BelaPAN" Vladimir Laptsevich held in administrative detention, together with the person who was previously convicted. By procedural code enforcement of administrative offenses contents criminal record man in a cell with convicted prohibited.

The journalist complained to the prosecutor of Leninsky district of Mogilev, which recognized a violation of the law. In response, he was told that the police and Cossacks Balsun unfair for the performance of official duties punished measures tangible impact.

"About this position I found out by accident. I have no desire to take revenge on someone. I just wanted to expose the violation that

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The program Zenon Pozniak

Society I. Which "legacy" will Z.Paznyaka V.Kebicha from the government?

The government Kebich received from the Supreme Council of the necessary authority to carry out market reforms, stabilizatsgi and economic growth. Four years have passed.During this time:— Production fell by more than 50%;— Inflation has exceeded 50% per month;external debt has risen to half a billion dollars annually and increases another billion;prices of basic. consumer goods rose again in 3000;of the poverty line were 7 out of 10 people in Belarus.Lost the most precious thing — time. 1991 — 1992 years have been the most favorable for the reform of

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OSCE Minsk calls for an independent investigation into the death Bebenina

Society The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic, today expressed its concern over the death of Oleg Bebenina and called on authorities to conduct a careful and independent investigation.

"The death is a great loss Bebenina for Belarus journalism. His battle site remains one of the few non-governmental sources of information, and site staff have long objects of administrative pressure "- said Mijatovic.

"I welcome the intention of the General Prosecutor's Office to investigate other possible versions of the journalist's death, despite the preliminary conclusion that the journalist committed suicide … I urge Belarusian authorities conduct an

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The program Alexander Lukashenko

Society "REMOVE THE PEOPLE from the abyss""People's Newspaper", 14 worms. 1994


We stand on the precipice of a systemic crisis state. Even after the Great Patriotic War, this was not. Overall decline in production was 40%. Agriculture dropped to twenty years ago. Inflation in 1993 was 1,700% and increases to 50% per month. Halted production at many enterprises, rising unemployment. Reduced motivation to work. Thrive speculation, violence, blurred moral fabric of society, honesty and integrity are the categories the third grade. Crime is nourished not only the safety of the citizens, but also on the state itself. Corruption paralyzed

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Biography of Alexander Lukashenko

The Company's August 30, 1954, the township Kopys Orsha district, Vitebsk region.

In 1975, he graduated from the history department of the Mogilev Pedagogical Institute, after which he was drafted into the army (frontier troops KGB). After serving for a time worked as secretary of the Communist Youth League released gorpischetorga Shklovsky, and in 1978 he joined the executive secretary of the district organization of society "Knowledge". From 1980-1982. — He served in the Soviet Army. From 1982 to 1985 — deputy director of the plant materials in Shklou (the correspondence studies at the Belarusian Agricultural Academy in Gorki and

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Buckwheat has a deficit

In society today, this product has virtually disappeared from the shelves of rural shops and businesses in the cities restrict trade sale. Price of cereals, which have suddenly become deficit has almost doubled. Business executives say that this year will again have to import buckwheat from outside Belarus.

On the causes of the next deficit in the country today recognized regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Grodno region

"Went up from buckwheat and today …"

The Grodno region prices for new arrivals buckwheat since the beginning of this week, rising nearly doubled.

The last days many stores and Grodno region

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Real friends in Belarus, there is no

Society "What countries do you consider real friends in Belarus?" This question is answered residents of Gomel.

Mr."The true friends? Ukraine — no questions asked., Germany, Belarus, China a lot of help."

Mr."In my opinion, all the normal state — and the Ukraine, and Russia, and Poland. They are all friends, our neighbors. I do not know, however, as the government there. Fact that Alexander G. quarrels, disputes with Medvedev — is another matter . "

Mrs."I think both Ukraine and Russia, and far-abroad countries — America in the first place."

Mr."Lithuania. We help each other. Related country! Previously

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The program Vyacheslav Kebich

Society The people of Belarus have to live with dignity, without fear of the future, and is proud of his homeland!

Dear compatriots!

As a candidate for president of the Republic of Belarus, is ready to take on the responsibility to express and constitutional means to protect the interests of the people of my country.

I am convinced that peace and harmony, security, material well-being, the revival of the national culture, the strengthening of democracy and the rule of law, respect for human rights and freedoms — The main goals of our people and the State.

Belarus should be created

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