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Belarusian and Russian elections: the tactics and strategy

Society For two days, one of the most influential Russian publications — the newspaper "Vedomosti", published two articles on the Belarusian-Russian relations. Pauline Himshyashvili in "Factor" Godfather "analyzes the chances of the Belarusian opposition in light of the conflict between Minsk and Moscow, political analyst Vyacheslav Inozemtsev in a material called" No time select "talks about the dilemmas of Russian politics.

"Factor" Godfather "

The Belarusian opposition has so far been unable to agree on a single candidate in the upcoming elections, but its position improved due to a conflict of President Alexander Lukashenko with Moscow

Belarusian opposition

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Apparently, Grigory Vasilevich could protect investigative Baykova

Society Changed to house arrest for investigation preventive measure for particularly important cases of the Prosecutor General's Office Baykova Svetlana, who spent six months in jail.In the republican prosecutor's office confirmed that the preventive measure for Svetlana Baykova six months after his arrest changed — instead of the internal prison of the KGB "American" investigation will now be under house arrest in his apartment. Visit Svetlana Baykova or talk to her on the phone none of the journalists could not — address the investigation is kept secret, besides her forbidden external contacts.

The ex-husband of Inquiry Dmitry Patsyna also refrained

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I walk the streets — never see the poor

Society The listener "Freedom" from Polotsk, who introduced Vladimir, expressed his opinion about a trip Alexander Lukashenko CSTO summit in Yerevan.

"The only result of the participation of our guide at the Yerevan CSTO summit is that Rygorych got another 400 liters of Armenian cognac. Other useful for Belarus outcome of this voyage is not.'s Where the scope for our prosecutors. Suppose that G. would have asked: how many state fuel burned when he rally in Yerevan and back just to get another barrel of Armenian cognac. Clearly, no one would dare prosecutor to ask this question, the this day

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By 2020, the Belarusian energy will be privatized

Society The Belarusian authorities have announced their intention to 5 years to implement a phased reform of the Belarusian energy system. It will close on the creation of the national wholesale electricity market and the privatization energaabyaspechvayuchyh organizations.

According to the development strategy of the energy potential of Belarus for the period up to 2020 approved by the Council of Ministers of the number of 9 August 1180, the reform of the power system to be implemented in three phases during 2010-2015.

In the first phase (2010 —2011s) will be created RUE "high voltage electric networks", which will

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Witnesses Anarchists say about the threats and pressures at the inquest

Society In the factory district court in Minsk continues of five activists of the anarchist movement, which is accused of attempted arson of public institutions and the Russian embassy. Just four witnesses declared illegal measures to them during the investigation, two of them significantly changed the reading.

Witnesses who have begun to change the testimony given before the investigation — it is young people who are interested in the ideas of anarchism and personally knew the accused. In particular, Nicholas Dziadok, about whom investigators believe that he organized a protest outside of the General Staff in September 2009, andAlexander Franckevica,

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Grybauskaite: Lithuania's relations with Belarus are improving

Society Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said at a meeting with Lithuanian ambassadors that the priorities of the foreign policy of the country are Scandinavia, the Baltic States, European integration, the United States and open a mutually beneficial relationship with its neighbors, reported the online edition

Responding to a reporter's question about relations with neighbors such as Belarus and Russia, Grybauskaite said:

"First of all we be open to relationships, we are seeing positive trends, but obviously we are not naive, wary of some, perhaps, not entirely useful initiatives for us, but we are open to dialogue and cooperation. "

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Nicholas Vlasevicha fined 1.25 million

Society Today Ostrovetskiy court punished by a fine close-UCP activist Nikolai Ulasevich. He was found guilty of disobeying a fire inspector. Nicholas Ulasevich with the decision of the court disagrees and considers it politically motivated.

The trial of Nicholas Ulasevich lasted three days. The activist believes that local authorities thus avenging him, because he still does not recognize the elections to the local councils and continues to appeal them. In particular, it requires to prosecute members of the district election commission M.Zimnitskaga (Administrator of the District Executive Committee) and V.Svilu (Department of Social Security Lawyer District Administration), which, in

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Belarus wants to get rid of the Russian oil dependence

Society The government approved the development strategy of the energy potential of Belarus until the end of 2020. In particular, the calculated cost-effectiveness of the supply of oil through the ports of Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

From the document, in particular, that Belarus intends to phase out oil supplies from Russia and the shift to South America, the Caucasus and the Persian region. Similar steps will be made and relatively reduce dependence on Russian gas.

The Government's strategy involves substantial diversification of oil supplies to Belarus. In place of Russia, which This year, Oil began to levy

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Funny Pictures: 25/08/2010

In Belarus, the Company reduced the number of Internet cafes. The reason — the tough conditions for registration of users and restrict access to certain sites. These obstacles have arisen after the decree № 60 "On the regulation of the national segment of the Internet."


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Stages of Independence

Society On August 25, the 19th anniversary of the Independence.

19 years ago, the communist-gebovskoy failed putsch in Moscow. The regiment were engaged themselves in a power struggle, and the local communists and Soviet nomenklatura in Belarus, which secretly supported the coup and built on their hopes of victory, the nomenclature after the defeat of the Communists in Moscow was confused, was in a state of fear, shock and prostration. Two hazards caused them panic: Yeltsin's power in the USSR (with Yeltsin front then sided) and Revenge of the Popular Front (during the coup some of the Communist deputies

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