Fundamentals of Orthodoxy in Schools: Pros and Cons

Society Representatives of the Office of the General Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education of Belarus said that the program is still undergoing elective approval.

Optional subjects will be taught by teachers who have undergone special training courses. Lessons will be invited to the Orthodox priests.In the school allowed only Orthodox priests

According to official data, the number of religious people in Belarus remains stable for a decade and is 50% of the population.

On January 1, 2010, in Belarus there were 25 registered religious movements that included 3,263 religious organizations.

Belarusian Orthodox Church had 1,509 communities, the

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November in Vileika

Society Activists Youth BPF Vileika hung a banner "Freedom to Autukhovich".

According to one of the leaders of the BPF Youth Alexei Trubkinwell, this action, as well as stretching in Minsk, eats the beginning of a nationwide campaign "Freedom for Autukhovich." Youth BPF planning a large number of shares in the fall, including both cultural and political, street.

Estonian diplomat said the sex scandal provocation

Society Charge d'Estonian Embassy in Belarus Harry Lahtejn a week before the end of their term of office has received from his "Belarusian friends" as a farewell gift to the sex scandal that abruptly ended his diplomatic career. This writes Rysty Berendsan in the Estonian newspaper Postimees.To outsiders, it seems incredible that Lahtejn, who worked in the mid-90s in a managerial position in the Security Police, was embroiled in a scandal so vulgar.

Someone like any diplomat who had experience of working in counter-intelligence, it should be understood that his appearance in the photographs in the company of young

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19 years of independence

Society August 25 marked the 19th anniversary of the restoration of the legal independence of Belarus. On this day in 1991 the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR gave the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Belarus status of constitutional law.

Thereby, it was announced the Belarusian Constitution and the rule of law over so-calledand "union."

Voting took place at the meeting, which was convened immediately after the defeat of the August coup in Moscow. Under pressure from the parliamentary opposition Belarusian Popular Front, led by Zeno Pazniak majority of the Supreme Council actually voted in favor of the independence of

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Tomorrow Lukashenko declared anathema telekillerom

Society Moscow edition of "Tomorrow", which is issued by the Russian national-patriot Alexander Prokhanov, put in today's issue of his review of the television series "NTV", "The Godfather."In the article by Vladimir Osipov, "anathema" NTV "directed against President Alexander Lukashenko movies are called" evil defamatory "and that" propaganda boomerang, which will inevitably come back to those who started it. "And then, as the author notes, will not find it." There God's providence. And anathema on the heads of television "killers" with their customers! "

Author of confusion, "the only post-Soviet state leader who openly admits the national religion of

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What brought Putin Lukashenko?

Society What to expect from the official Minsk visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin? He brought credit to the Belarusian economy? And how much money do you need to Belarus out of the current crisis?

Yesterday, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he had agreed with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the allocation of $ 6 billion in Minsk. However, the Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said only about one billion dollars at the expense of the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund. In Moscow, noted that the Belarusian side money can get in exchange for Belarusian assets — controlling

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The Council of Ministers has adopted a strategy to reduce dependence on Russian gas

Society Belarus intends to diversify its gas supplies through its production abroad. This is stated in the Strategy for development of the energy potential of Belarus, which was approved by the Council of Ministers № 1180 and covers the period until the end of 2020.

The text of the document is published on the National Legal Internet Portal BelaPAN. The document notes that "during the selection of options for meeting the needs of the republic in the natural gas must be taken into account such factors as the availability of stocks of potential suppliers, the availability of, or need

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In the House of writer Eduard Akulin and Paul Kostyukevich



Edward Akulin: "September" — a launching pad for beginners "

The once Ryhor Baradulin wrote a poem that begins with the line: "In September a special smell." In its own way, "smells" and the magazine "September", the second room which has recently come to the reader. And the graphic arts industry, and the content of the new edition — special. Michas Scoble met with the chief editor of "September" Edward Akulin.

Michas Scoble: "Edward, judging by the fact that the second issue of" September "features works by as many as 12 young writers (8 poets and prose writers

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Baykova released under house arrest

Society Investigation for particularly important cases of the General Prosecutor's Office Svetlana Baykova, delayed on February 25, placed under house arrest, her lawyer told BelaPAN Michael Volcheck.

"Restraint for Svetlana Baykova changed to house arrest, with the investigation of her case has not been completed, it is extended until October 9, "- said the General Prosecutor's Office. information that Baykova also allegedly accused of accepting bribes, the prosecutor's office did not comment.

Inquiry for particularly important cases of the General Prosecutor's Office Svetlana Baykova was arrested in February and has since been held in remand prison "American." Baykova accused

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Tamara Mackiewicz

Society Tamara Savchenko was born July 31, 1964, graduated from the Belarusian State University, graduate school, from 1986 to 2003 she worked at the Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Electronics. In 2003 he transferred to the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum J. Kolasa, where she worked as a Methodist, physics teacher before and after the closing.

Since 1999 — the coordinator of the program, "Master. School. Society." Engaged in methodical and civic education teachers. Editor Site

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