We Lukashenko in Armenia — 800 liters of cognac alcohol

Society During a recent trip to Armenia Alexander Lukashenko not only visited the summit of the Collective Security Treaty and visit an old friend, former President Robert Kocharyan, but joins the strategic reserves of aged brandy spirit — to the old, more than 350 liters of the personal to the Yerevan Brandy Factory added another 400 liters Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory. All of this has been received as a gift.

During his stay in Yerevan Alexander Lukashenko bestowed on Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory "Noah." In honor of the distinguished guest was laid a 400-liter drum, which Lukashenko asked to make his youngest son Nicholas.

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We all can arbitrarily fired from their jobs and imprison …

Society Our listener of Maladzechna asks, "Who will pay for the overseas oil supplies to Belarus?" and expresses his indignation.

"If the economists Venezuelan oil costs about $ 600 per ton, given the long and complicated delivery, intermediaries and stuck as its own, and the Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Russian oil would cost the $ 400. Lukashenka diversification — a diversion against their people, and not paying the clan Lukashenko, and all of us through the rise in prices for everything — from bread to gasoline. And in his calculation, he would never admit it. This stubbornness. "

Economist Boris

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The court postponed the trial of Roman Kislyak

Society Leninsky district court of Brest postponed consideration of the administrative case against human rights defender Raman Kislyak.

According to Roman Kislyak Today the judge saw flaws in the protocol, the trial postponed. We should expect a few scenarios, human rights activist said: "Now the flaws in the protocol be either corrected the police, then I will wait for a new trial, or on this will come to an end, and then just stop. It is difficult to say how events will unfold. "

Human rights activist accused of illegally distributing printed materials. The protocol was drawn up on 16

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Hurskainen: Abolition of the death penalty — not a single condition, but the main

Society Cancel or a moratorium on the death penalty is not the only condition for the restoration of the Belarusian Parliament Special Guest status in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. This was stated rapporteur on Belarus of Political Affairs Committee of PACE Sinikka Hurskainen at a meeting with representatives of public organizations in Minsk.

"This issue is not unique, but the main thing. There are still questions about the freedom of the media, the situation of human rights, democracy, "said Hurskainen, Interfax reported.

As for the question of the death penalty, the politician said that Paryalyamentskay Assembly

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Customs Union: Losses and Gains

Society Belarusian customs and law enforcement agencies say about the problems they faced after the accession of Belarus to the Customs Union with Russia and Kazakhstan. At the same time, businesses have new opportunities in connection with the more liberal customs legislation.

"Experts say that Belarus is already in the budget does not receive large sums of money in the form of customs and tax payments due to the attraction of the economic turnover of goods from third countries, smuggled into its territory. There is every reason to believe that the free movement of goods within the Customs Union may

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Russia is ready to provide us 6000000000. And we are ready to give 36 billion that we borrowed!

Society Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin confirmed that the EurAsEC anti-crisis fund is considering the loan for Belarus to $ 3 billion. He also said that Belarus has enough assets to supplement the loan program. Like, you need to reach a certain amount of privatization. How do the experts to advice the Russian side?

Kirill Koktysh

Moscow political analyst Kirill Koktysh believes that the sale of the assets we are talking only about how to maintain the existing order of life in Belarus, and not on how to transform the Belarusian economy. According to Koktysh, there are serious concerns

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Kohl and bears

Society Reviewer "People's Will" Milk Elena talks about the fate of the Koli Lukashenko.

How to educate children, everyone knows. Especially strangers. Here we are all academics. Yet the fate of the little Kolya Lukashenka, who for some time brought to television screens, is served in the main news, replicated in the pictures, and so is discussed, then being discussed by all the spectators as mediasyuzhet is surprising, anxiety, and many, many conflicting feelings.

Whether early toddler launched into orbit? This gipervnimanie and adult harms. As widely known is the inverse, very dangerous side: it breaks the idea of

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Lithuanian dissident Pociunas was killed KGB

Society Vytautas Pociunas was killed in Belarus. This opinion was expressed by veteran dissident movement in Lithuania Niyole Sadunaytse, reports DELFI.

August 23, 2006 the Lithuanian special services officer Vytautas Pociunas, which was on a business trip in Brest, died under mysterious circumstances.

"Pociunas four years ago was killed. Killed. Hundred percent. I Valdas Adamkus talked about it after the murder. They shall take of the Belarusian security officer, let them show you how it pushed through the window that opens only so much that a girl growth of 150 cm and weighing 50 kg could get out, "-

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In the U.S., will begin testing the vaccine against Ebola

Prior to the Company's still it was thought that infection with Ebola virus (family Marburgviruses) does not give any chance of recovery for all types of primates. In the case of fever probability of fatal human care is 90%.

Hemorrhagic (associated with large blood loss), Ebola (GLE) is considered quite rare, but one of the most dangerous viral diseases known to mankind. In the U.S. and a number of other countries the basis for significant investment in research GLE was September 11, 2001. Then there was concern among scientists that the virus could be used by terrorists as a

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Yanukevich: Sannikov gave himself away

Society The presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou together with the head of the BPF Alexei Yanukevich presented the "Manifesto of the protection of national interests." Andrei Sannikov called the document "inappropriate." On Gregory Kastusiou, Belarusian Popular Front party, realizing one of the core values of the national interests of Belarus considers it unacceptable for themselves participate in the campaign for the Kremlin scenarios, "because they have a view to maintaining and strengthening customer Belarus' dependence on Russia formed by the current regime, and will not lead to a real democratization of the country"

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