Russians are Belarusians

Society Nearly 20,000 Russian citizens received Belarusian citizenship in the past five years.

BelTA learned from the Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

For example, in 2005-2009, the owners of Belarusian passports were almost 20,000 Russians, and by the end of the first half in This year, their number has exceeded 640 people.

Only in 2010 the bodies of internal affairs of the country were almost 8,600 citizens of Russia (in 2009 — more than 20.6 thousand), arrived on the territory of Belarus is temporarily out of them on private business — more than

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His well need to keep the castle



If you look at a map of Belarus, the blue stain Narach attracted attention not only for its size. But the sharp and expressive cape, which cuts into the blue. And on that promontory lies the village of Drifting. More exotic places seem to Belarus. Just seems village houses, which rise on a gorgeous beach. And if termometar shows over 35 Celsius, then the choice of the route is no problem — the sediment.

On the way to Cape Narochansky, I could not stay near the tourist parking "Antanizberg." Dozens of cars near the shore. Dozens of young

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The building of the New Life looking for food

Society The morning of August 24 near the building of the church "New Life" appeared pravdstavniki various departments.

Dozens of believers gathered at the building, demanded that the men in uniform explanation. It turned out that they were representatives of the Ministry of Emergency regulations, tax inspection, sanitary and epidemiological stations and the police.

All these bodies allegedly received information that in the church building trade in foodstuffs. Believers called it absurd and none of the representatives of these agencies in the temple was not allowed.

The faithful of the church believe that the representatives of the authorities ordered

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The police returned the petitions activist Tell the Truth

Society Mogilev activists of "Tell the Truth" Igor Kovalenko returned today seized on August 13 blank petitions for nomination of Vladimir Neklyaeva deputy to the Fourth Republican People's Assembly. 1071 subscription list was taken during a police search vehicles activist.

Igor Kovalenko"I got a call from the police station and was told to come and pick up printed materials, which were seized by state inspection. This so-called pustagrafy, blank petitions. I am the Major asked, "What is no sedition in them is not found?." He replied: "There was." Made the report survey. Listed there, which I chaired charity. What she

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Larissa Heniyush and archive BNR


April 10, 1983 us devyatsiklyasnikav Derechinskaya high school, go home an hour earlier — was canceled lesson Russian literature. Teacher Peter N. Martinovski ridden in the near Zelva, for the funeral of Larissa Heniyush. The next morning, he invited me to his home, spoke about what they saw and gave a reading printed on thin paper papirosnay verse poet. The most struck me work, a genre which today I do not presume to determine — whether low poems, or poem. It described the interrogation of the poet in the Minsk prison:

I stand as a battle, not easily

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Belarusian democrats have called for eliminating Stalinist monuments

Society August 23 activists of the Belarusian democratic organizations visited the memorial to Katyn near Smolensk, where 70 years were shot more than 20 thousand Polish citizens. Activists have taken recourse to the countries of the OSCE, which called on the citizens to seek renaming of cities to hold those responsible for the shooting in the Katyn leaders of the Stalinist regime, as well as the dismantling of monuments to these figures, which are still preserved in the OSCE countries.For the decision to destroy the Polish citizens except Joseph Stalin signed:

Beria Lazar Kaganovich Kliment Voroshilov Anastas Mikoyan Mikhail Kalinin

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Authorities restrict access to the site

Society The General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus issued a regulation restricting user access to a well-known site in the country that offers services in exchange rates, Interfax reported with reference to the Head of Department for Supervision over the implementation of laws and legality of legal acts of the Prosecutor General Pavel Rodionov.

Rodionov said that it is to restrict access to this online resource for government agencies and state organizations, as well as educational and cultural institutions.

Rodionov did not name the online resource, "not to create it additional publicity." Meanwhile, adachae Interfax it is The popularity of the

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Grain stealing trucks

Society Unemployed resident Różan night drove up to the granary near the village of Tales, owned by OAO "Ruzhany-Agro" on his own truck, loaded with grain and drove home.A thief stole the corn through a hole in the wall of the vault.

The next day, the company's management has asked the police a statement that disappeared four tons of grain

Instituted against a thief criminal case, the website of the militia of the Brest region.



Even today, Aug. 24

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

The rains …

…but will continue to be warm: 16-24 C.

Do not pass:

In Minsk, is the Council of Europe rapporteur on Belarus Sinikka Hurskainen.

At 17.00 hours in the small hall of the Museum of Modern Art (Independence Avenue, 47) will open the exhibition graphics Igor Sukhorukov, "WATERCOLOR. Cityscapes."


The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Kloden Juncker meets with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Sochi.

In Bredstene in Denmark begins a two-day European conference on wind energy.

In London, opened to visitors former

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In Mogilev honored the victims of totalitarianism

Society A dozen activists of social organizations and political parties came to the prospect of Mogilev Dimitrov to the Cross of memory, to honor the victims of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.At the spot where the cross now, people have started to kill the Bolsheviks in 1918. The first Catholic Orthodox priests perished.

At the site of the massacres took place a short memorial service. In memory of the innocent victims humans activists laid wreaths and flowers were silent for a minute.

Coming on the pan-European Day of Remembrance at the Cross offered to create a party activist, freedom and progress

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