Belarusians will be easier to travel to Latvia

Society August 23 Ministers in Riga Foreign Affairs Latvia and Belarus Sergei Martynov and Mr Ronis signed an agreement on the facilitation of cross-border movement.

In Latvia, according to the simplified rules, residents will be able to ride:

Braslava Miory Verkhnedvinsk place Vidzy

Belarus will be easier to visit residents:

Daugavpils Dagva Zilupe Kraslavy

Resolution on simplified border crossing will be issued for a period of one year or 5 years and cost 20 euros.


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Defense regulating anti-deviators

Society The Ministry of Defence issued a decree number 34 to limit travel abroad for those who evaded military service. The document prescribes the procedure for the imposition of such restrictions on the recruit and removal of the ban. It also identifies those who should provide information about the "deviants" to the bank of data on citizens who are temporarily restricted the right to travel abroad. Recall database to "travel ban" citizens located in the Department of Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs. Head of the Information Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Constantine Shalkevich said "Freedom":


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At the front of the Ryazan (2)


Timur and his team in the Information Society

If we, lonely wandering volunteers, recruited ten people, we have finally visible to the headquarters of the authorities. Apparently, people think they are just starting with a dozen. We were given an object and given the task. Specifying the most prosaic — dug a trench only surviving house in the village Peradeltsy and different stuff on there. About this would have nothing to tell — well dug, well assorted debris, well, I fell in pragarely peat knee — if front of us on the same site and with the same assignment

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Corruption, where officials monitor themselves

Society In Brest, the police prevented a bribe in the amount of 150 million rubles, which was intended to representatives of the supervisory bodies. According to observers, security forces attack on the State Control Committee, headed by Zenon Lomat continues. Not yet subsided scandal surrounding the arrest lead investigator of the Department of Financial Investigations SCC Dmitry Adamovich, as the Committee of State Control became involved in the new history of corruption. According to sources online edition "notebook", was arrested in Brest, a local resident, who prepared the transfer of bribe charge controller. Money was to come from the two

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Soon elections — you can complain about the Chiefs

Society In preparation for the next presidential elections in Minsk periodically sent to the regions of high-ranking officials — personally lead the reception of citizens, to collect complaints to the local authorities.All this on the bureaucratic language called "monitoring the work of local authorities and the population." Previously, there were two phase of the campaign, and today began the third. As it is really happening and what the result brings?

Gomel oblast: Hopes fade Commission

Another 8 June Gomel pensioner Abram Goldin asked the presidential commission, which is headed by the Minister of Justice of the Gomel

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Sinikka Hurskainen to inspect the PACE in Minsk

Society In Minsk, Belarus is a reporter on the Political Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Sinikka Hurskainen. In Belarus, Ms. Hurskainen will hold three days. And it came to Minsk to "gather information, meet with people and discuss what is happening in the country."

At the Mrs. Hurskainen, her interested in the situation in Belarus on three issues: human rights, democracy and the rule of law. "I would like to know what has been done in Belarus after our last visit. I know that there is bad news regarding the issuance of new

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About Liberty: A. Vertinsky

Society What is your freedom?

In elementary, personal-individual terms — is the absence of obstacles to the simple, natural life according to objective laws of nature in terms of the social and political — is well-known four-Ruzveltavskiya principles of freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear, and in national-patriotic terms — is free to be a Belarusian, a representative of a particular ethnic group, a nation.

What is most limiting your freedom?

In addition to hard living, sometimes force majeure — is the current political regime in the country.

What is happiness for

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Writer's Diary: I love Belarus

Society I love, you love, we love. All zatsalavanaya, our love in clover. The country is a dream, a utopia?! No, in our case, the stepmother of us do step-children. Some people love so much, not vymknutstsa her from the clutches of iron, poor guy. And we love plyatanichna, modestly, in silence, in the distance. We — the extras. We are not allowed to Khoroshun, we can only see on TV, dance with her will not give …   We can not even gloat as infringing on someone else's property is considered. So sit tight and see yashchyk, he would

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Merchant of death will be given to Americans

Society Last week taylyandki appeals court overturned the lower court's decision not to extradite Bout prisoner of the American judicial system. For further appeal in this case is not possible, it seems that the man who with the filing of an American journalist Douglas headlights dubbed the "Merchant of Death" (merchant of death), will be before an American court.

The prosecutor's office in New York accuses Victor Bout, among other things, in an attempt to sell a shipment of arms for several million dollars from the organization Colombian rebels FARC, which the U.S. as a terrorist. According to U.S. laws,

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All hide. Repression as if there was any …

Society August 23 — Europe-wide Day of Remembrance of victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. The European Parliament announced this day in memory of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which contributed to the outbreak of the Second World War.Or immortalized in Belarus properly memory of the innocent victims of totalitarian regimes?

Man: "In Grodno monument? Frankly speaking, I do not know too much. I think a little is not enough to perpetuate the memory of those who died. Katyn monument at a military cemetery? Once I was there, but not really looking."

Elderly man: "The police in

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