August 23 — Day of Remembrance for victims of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes

Society The resolution "On the unification of a divided Europe" condemned both totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century — Nazism and Stalinism, and on August 23 — the day of the signing of the pact Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact — Declared European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism.

The resolution is not binding and is a political statement.

The document expresses "deep concern about the glorification of the totalitarian regime, including public demonstrations, during which positively assessed nasystskaya and Stalinist past ", and expressed caution due to the rise of extremist movements, among other things — the Nazis

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British doctors are advised to eat more green vegetables

Society Even 120 grams of green vegetables a day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 14%

The group of university researchers led by Professor Patrick Carter and Melanie Davis analyzed the results of the six designs nutritionists in the consumption of vegetables and fruit, and came to the conclusion that a significant positive impact on human health have only those dishes, which include spinach, asparagus, green beans , cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and other cabbage. The results were published in a special edition of the British Medical Journal.

According to scientists, even 1.5 servings, that is, 120

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Ray Bredbery — 90

Hero of the day will give the Company a birthday cake and a glass of lemonade. In the Public Library will be reading his books, reports "Interfax".

Residents and visitors to the city will make a tour of the places where Bradbury's childhood and his development as a writer. In particular, they will drive past the house where he was born, as well as visit an old Carnegie Library, where he discovered the world of books.

On Monday, the City Council adopted a resolution in which it called Bradbury "one of the most famous writers of all American

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Why the Supreme Court exonerated Larissa Heniyush


Larissa Heniyush. Snapshot Vyacheslav Batons

Applications for rehabilitation and Vania Larissa Heniyush wrote three times — in 1956, 1966 and 1968. And three times, received a disappointing response. The Soviet legal system as a blind fence kept regulations and codes, developed back in the days of Stalin. Let them "enemies of the people" and stop shooting, but they be available — just in case.

The question of the annulment of the Board on Criminal Supreme Court of the Byelorussian SSR from February 7, 1949 in respect of Larissa Heniyush raised repeatedly in independent Belarus. For example, in

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Belarus to produce Armenian brandy

Society "It is important that in Belarus makes a good brandy," — said the Belarusian leader.

Lukashenko also visited a number of other industrial and trade in Yerevan. He, in particular, visited the Armenian-Belarusian trading house, opening which should take place in the near future. At the initial stage, there will be sold over 1,600 items of various goods produced in Belarus. In the future, the trading house will be presented and major industrial products, such as furniture and appliances in Belarus.

The order to create a trading house of the Belarusian head of state gave during a

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On the front of Ryazan (1)

Society Razanshchyne called on local fires only as "the second war." It turns out I came back from the war. And I "Ryazan syndrome", is still not known psychologist and sociologist. The fourth night spent in a peaceful life, I dream of palyhanne fire around. Jump: alyarm in Rynda Bay, had to run to put out what we're asleep! When finally wake up and realize that this is just prymstsilasya, suddenly becomes … boring.

I got a little fire, and the fire in the soul of every bit if not Piramal, the pirafil accurately. So now I will miss fires.

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Yarosh Maliszewski — about the book, the author of which is necessary to put monuments


Vladimir Karatkevich. Black Castle Olshansky. Tom seventh Collected works in eight volumes. Minsk, "Fiction", 1990

On this work is written so pronounced for so many that it is difficult to add something new. But with the "position of the monument" — why not? "Black Castle …" Thousands of people turned to belarushchyny, opened my eyes to who we are and what we do. The work, sent us to the Belarusian way.

Near the castle in Halshany I see the monument Korotkevich. Of course, you can refuse to hear: "what have the local castle?" They say that an educated person

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, Owed is a candidate for president

Society On August 21 President of the Liberal Democratic Party, owed publicly announced his intention to run in the presidential elections, which, in his opinion, will be held in December 2010. LDB in Congress, it was announced that the already established an initiative group numbering 8,060 people, which is able to collect as many as three million signatures for Haidukevich presidential candidate. The Congress was attended by about 500 delegates from all areas of Belarus, the ambassadors of Great Britain, Kazakhstan, the House of Representatives, artists. The atmosphere is very relaxed, there were no speeches from the podium. Gajdukevich himself

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Lukashenko in Yerevan for his adopted a former president of Armenia

Society In the Armenian capital, ended a two-day informal summit of the Collective Security Treaty. The leaders of the six countries of the CIS have decided that until December to work out proposals for changes in statutory documents in order to expand the powers of the CSTO for the greater impact of the crisis situation in the member countries. For example inefficient interactions were identified events in Kyrgyzstan, which, when outsiders inaction led to numerous casualties.

Today, the higher a person to continue talking to Sevan — the largest freshwater lake in the Caucasus.

In December CSTO chairmanship

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In Krupky housing problem fellows achmurae so offended …


Dmitry: "There is easy — the city is clean, near the forest, the river flows Beaver. Bit of work, but there is — we have a lot of PMK," AMKODOR "field processes, a million pay …"

Reporter: "Who will be after school?"

Men: "Plumber mehanazborachnyh works … The pilot engineer helicopters …"

Reporter"What's in this sense shines in Krupky?"

Men: "Nothing! (Laughter.) Do not go back to the same dock — woodworking — pay 200-300 thousand. Work still the same — shoot down pallets, like a woodpecker. You can rest well, the parents arrive. And do not come

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