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If sanctions are

Society The American edition of The American Interest Online published an article two former U.S. government officials on policy towards Belarus.

Authors Damon Wilson — Vice president and director of international security think tank "Atlantic Council," the former director of the Department of Eastern and Central Europe, U.S. National Security Council, David Kramer — Senior Research Fellow at the German Marshall Fund (USA, former deputy assistant secretary of state for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. Mr. Kramer has repeatedly given an interview with Radio Liberty.

In his article, Sir Wilson and Kramer argue that it is the policy of

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Klaipedos Nafta is preparing to ship Venezuelan oil

Society The company "Klaipedos Nafta" is going to ship in late August, a trial batch of Venezuelan oil to Belarus.

About This was announced CEO learned "Klaipedos Nafta" Rokas Masiulis.

He noted that the company has signed a contract to supply a test batch of Venezuelan oil with "Transchema", which in Lithuania is promoting the production of the enterprises included in the "Belneftekhim" concern to the markets of Lithuania and other European countries.

"This is the first tanker, a test batch — 80,000 tons of oil — said Rokas Masiulis. — We want to see the route as

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Russia will get what he wants

Society Statements by the Belarusian government of billions of dollars in loans to be expected in the near future, have caused the opposite effect. Today at the interbank exchange for the dollar has given 8,500 rubles, and individual companies conduct transactions zvyshkurse — 10 000 rubles. Following tightened and cash sector currency dealers buying the dollar in more than 6500 rubles. Meanwhile, the National Bank keeps the official exchange rate at the level of 3145, commercial banks rekamenduyuchy not violate the upper limit of 4,500 rubles.

Boris Zheliba

Doctor of Economic Sciences Boris Zheliba criticizes the financial authorities for failing

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Authorities suspect wages in envelopes

Society In order to identify and stop payment of wages "in envelopes" order of the Chairman of the State Control Committee, a working group. It is composed of representatives of the State Control Committee, the KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Taxation, Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the National Statistics Committee, BelaPAN.

As the press service of the State Control Committee, the main task of the working group — to find out the reasons why some employers pay employees wages at a rate lower than the subsistence minimum,

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A girl with a watering can


The twenties of the last century were defined in European art and the search for new forms of numerous formal experiments. In fact, it was the search for a new style. New style and was not found for the reason that this phenomenon should be a shared vision of a new world based on shared ideological, spiritual and social causes that affect the aesthetics. Such unity is just not there. European society has demonstrated the phenomenon of increasing entropy and discord in their heads, the clash of different social systems, and (most importantly) the penetration of ideas deadlock

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Or going to emigrate Larissa Heniyush


Larissa Heniyush with her grandson Alexander. Bialystok, 1968

July 1, 1956 Larissa and Janka Heniyush were released. They were released on the commission of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, which reviewed the files of the former Czechoslovak citizens and wrote in his ruling: "To recognize the guilt justified, but given the good behavior in the camp and conscientious attitude to work, sentence reduced to eight years and adbytstsi release date from custody. "

With Dubravlag Heniyush came to Zelva, where with great difficulty managed to regain only part of the house that once belonged

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In the Event Tourism insulted Jiten

Society In the Event Tourism, which in Mogilev, unidentified attackers killed four straw idol. They were manufactured before the end of the harvest master crafts of the local club.

According to the traditions of the local peasants Krivitskaya thatched images, called Baba harvest, welcomed their god Jiten.

Straw Bab installed on the border with Kruglyanschiny Shklovsky, Bialynichy, Mogilev and Tolochin areas. They stood for a short time. Elaborate statue of straw burned. Krugloe police is searching for intruders. Instead destroyed a statue of district masters produced new ones.

Mogilev on coup: Thanksgiving side that almost everything was settled peacefully

Society Man: "With the stress. There are some big question: how it all will end, and what will happen? What is it to us, ordinary people face — war, peace, or something else."

An old woman: "In my time there was so much of the coup, no longer know what to believe and what — no. Try not to hear, not see. And scared. Now afraid of everything and even news."

Mr. elderly: "Those who conceived this campaign, it seems that he was hoping for the best. What will be the order of the country. But I, as a child

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Belarus is ready to run Venezuelan oil for friendship

Society Belarus has all the technical possibilities for the transportation of Venezuelan oil from the Baltic to the company "Naftan" through the pipeline "Druzhba".This is with reference to a source in the profile state organization informs "Interfax".

"Technically, the Belarusian part of the tube — is the northern branch of the pipeline" Druzhba "- ready to start transporting oil from the Baltic States to Belarus at any time. Pimp can start as soon as such an agreement will be reached at the international level," — said the source.

The northern branch of "Friendship" has two "Threads", one of which

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Juche online and not only

Society August 19, the day marking the 19th anniversary of the coup GKChPistav, there is good reason to imagine what it would be like if … And you can not provide, and open YouTube.

Then a couple of weeks ago, North Korean Juche ideologue brought his akkavnt and started teaching videos relevant content.

Movies are not very high quality, and they are only in Korean, but the story, as well as the intonation of the speaker can understand the content and direction. How, for example, the story about the intrigues of the southern neighbors of the imperialists that

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