Poison cures migraine

Society It is possible that it will soon begin to treat migraine food toxin that is actively used in kasmetalegii as a remedy for wrinkles. One of the inventors of this technique — a leading German specialist neurologist at the University Hospital in Essen, a member of the International Headache Society Professor Hans-Christoph Dyner. Successful study of his method have been carried out by German and American scientists in a hospital in Skotsvili (USA). Dyner himself hopes that the developed protocol will take effect in the fall of Germany, the U.S. and the UK.According to the World Health Organization, migraine

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Officials will of citizens without an appointment

Society Aug. 23 presidential administration begins the third phase of a large-scale monitoring of the local authority with the people.

Will hold its authorized representatives Head of State in the regions and Minsk.

During the week, they will establish a regional personal reception of citizens in large industrial plants, reports the presidential press service.

In the same period, no appointment will conduct a personal welcome Deputy Heads Administration of the President. Residents Chashniki, Ivie, Uzdensk districts will be able to apply directly to the officials of the highest rank.

The leaders of seven inter-departmental working group will

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You want me to kill the neighbors?

Society Until the 26th of August in the Minsk region police carries out a campaign, "Save the family!." When you heard, saw something that contradicts your idea of a "pigeon's happiness", you can call around the clock room and talk about it to the competent people.

It is difficult to assess the effectiveness of such measures in the absence of a stable interaction strategiesrelations the police and the family, the police and citizens, society. Especially when you consider that it is the society of the least trusted by the police of all law enforcement agencies. Otherwise, because most often it

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For 4 months in Belarus have delivered about 134 thousand cars

Society "Last year imported more than 190,000 cars. During the four months of the year imported about 134 thousand cars. Soon we will reach almost on an annual import", — said the head of the State Customs Committee of Belarus Alexander Shpileuski.

Shpileuski noted that most of the imported cars will stay in Belarus for "fleet renewal, part, of course, will go to Russia."

"If you take the 150 million population of Russia, the 100 000 machines are unlikely to play a major role in the economy of Russia, "- quoted Alexander Shpileuski Interfax.

The duty on cars can rise

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Kyrgyzstan is considering joining the customs union

Society The Kyrgyz government is studying the feasibility of joining the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. This was August 19 told reporters the first Deputy Prime Minister Amangeldy Muraliev.

"It seems to me, Now Kyrgyzstan has no urgent need for entry into the Customs Union. Now we carefully analyze the situation and look at the benefits that exist for us. "

Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that in the case of Kyrgyzstan's accession to the Customs Union, "respectively vznimutstsa tariffs by about 10%." At the same time plus entry into the Union will have the opportunity to

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Therefore, the way we live — in lies and misery

Society Ivan Galkovich of Svetlahorsk would like to hand over the apples in the procurement office, but he was asked a variety of reference. Sp.Galkovich says in this regard:

"I called the Svetlogorskij Rise-office, which is engaged in the blanks. Says: As you pass the apples? Need some help, I have a site that I have the right. I'm in the woods, there are so many apple growing, there is no reference no. So I say, what are you doing? Take, I'll bring you only pay money. If stolen, the catch and punish. apples as manure in the garden,

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Tell the Truth campaign back to life Orsha Gazette

Society With the support of the public campaign, in Orsha after a long hiatus began publishing regional newsletter, which is issued Orsha activists.

According to the activist Ales Shutova, "Orsha messenger" will continue to cover the news of the democratic life of the region, including and activities of the campaign "Tell the Truth. "Two months bulletin did not go out because of lack of funds, but now the people of the city will see next, we are number 47 edition.

"Orsha messenger", as before, has a circulation of 299 copies. This is an unregistered edition, local activists tried to officially

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Aphorisms: Marriage, Wedding

Society First transmission

Participates poet Antonin falklyarystka KhotenkoVyacheslav Rakytskyy: Is there a brutal humor in Proverbs about the wedding?Antonina Khotenko: So what! I draw your attention by reproachful reminder: "It was not markolits, not Nicholas, to Kudelko pikolits." A sort of tricky slovnasts here. And if you just — that most ordinary folk padganyalka, open and even a little cynical. Well, with perspective by virtue of a special relationship … After Koudelka same — not the county, and primarily, it seems, women's temptation. Here you are, sir, and erotica! The rule is "do not wait!" Often triggered by a good

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The new school year — three o'clock of a foreign language in a week

Society On September 1, in Belarusian schools will introduce three foreign language lessons a week. The Deputy Minister of Education Kazimir Farino at a press conference. Earlier in the Belarusian schoolchildren were two foreign language classes per week.

According to Farino, a program of action to improve the quality of language teaching developed by the Ministry of the past three years. The conceptual part of the work performed by a group led by the Rector of Minsk State Linguistic University Natalia Baranova.

The main task of the program — the transition from the grammatical component of learning a foreign

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The President of Lithuania following the situation with L.Bankavskasam

Society Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite hopes that Belarusian law enforcement authorities, realizing the sensitivity of the situation promptly and objectively carry out investigation in the Vilnius police officer detained Laimonas Bankauskas.

"Lithuania is interested to possible more answers concerning retention (…). The President hopes that the Belarusian leadership, understanding the delicacy of the situation, ensure that prompt and impartial investigation "- recounted the words of the president of the agency BNS it daradnitsa Daiwa Ulbinaytse.

D.Grybavskaytse also expressed the hope that this incident will not damage the Lithuanian-Belarusian relations.

According D.Ulbinaytse, prezydentura monitoring the situation with the detention L.Bankavskasa.

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