A new independent Internet channel for Belarus and Russia

Society Today in Tallinn began broadcasting a new Internet TV Aru-TV — an independent socio-political channel that focuses on the Belarusian and Russian audiences.

"Aru-TV — independent television, so the main principle of its operation — the objectivity," — said in a press statement today Aru-TV. — Information to be supplied so that the audience draw their own conclusions, comparing conflicting views and different approaches. "

Over Aru-TV employs experts in the field of media, journalism and PR from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Estonia. Also, the channel has a network of volunteers.

"My colleagues and long time independently engaged

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The failure of the referendum in Moldova

Society Less than 30% of Moldovan voters participated in the referendum on the return of direct presidential elections. One of the reasons was the campaign of the Communist Party to boycott the referendum.

The referendum shamed all sociological centers in the country, according to exit polls turnout was expected to be 65%. In fact, to the polls come 29.67% of voters. By law, a referendum was held, when it participated third of citizens eligible to vote. Do not have complete data on voting Moldovans living abroad, as well as in the separatist Transnistria, but their voices will not change

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In the data on the death of Oleg Bebenina there is a discrepancy

Society to check into the death of journalist Oleg Bebenina, which initially had the prosecutor's office Dzerzhinsk district, Minsk region, joined Minsk regional prosecutor's office. On September 4, prosecutors are surveys of friends and acquaintances journalists, especially those whose data were found in the phone Bebenina. Actively interrogate and colleagues Bebenina Site "Charter 97." According to the website editor Natalia Radina, in the course of these interviews investigators were more interested in issues related to the activities of the site.

Natalia Radin

"Everything in the bunch. They can not investigate the death of a journalist, they definitely need to

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The EU will ban entry of ten more Belarusian officials

Society May 23 EU foreign ministers plan to expand sanctions against the official Minsk about 10 new names, according to the Brussels correspondent of our radio.

Expansion of the visa ban is a response to the European Union on the sentences for participants anti-presidential protest in Minsk on 19 December 2010.

In addition to approval of an extended list of officials of Belarus who are denied entry into the European Union, the ministers Foreign Affairs The EU will also discuss the overall situation in Belarus and the politics of Brussels regarding Minsk.

On Last week supreme spokeswoman for EU foreign

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Farewell to Oleg Bebenin

Society 16:10 The body of Oleg Bebenina buried in Eastern Cemetery. The leader of the campaign "European Belarus" Andrei Sannikov addressed the memorial service. In particular, he said Oleg Bebenin was an excellent organizer and reliable man who lived for others.

Mr. Sannikov said that he felt an unbearable sense of loss. "I have received a large number of SMS messages and calls from around the world. People were amazed when they saw the beautiful, open face and Oleg. " Coordinator of "European Belarus" said Bebenin created one of the most popular Belarusian Internet sites. "

15:15 A memorial

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Who are they — the children Belarusian independence?

Society, however, this is an important date has another look. Over these 20 years uzgadavalasya new, the very first generation of independent Belarusians.

Their grandparents remember the postwar famine, Belarusian schools and space flight of the first cosmonaut Gagarin. Their parents were afraid of a nuclear world war and survived Chernobyl and perestroika …

In 1990, was born about 140 000 children.

Generation of twentysomethings: Step on the future

Now they are under 20. They will always be peers of the state. Very soon will hold a presidential election in which the first vote by those who were born

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Lozowick: While the deputies did not apply to us

Society "I do not have exact information about when the House of Representatives shall appoint a presidential election in an extraordinary session, which will begin on September 7 or the next, which opens on October 2, — said" Freedom "secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik. — But usually the deputies in the preparation this issue Agenda turn to us for advice. In the meantime, requests from them to the CEC have been reported. "Nikolai Lozovik reminded that the legislation only specifies a date after which the presidential election can not be carried. In this case, February 6 2011a.

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The case of the attack on the Russian embassy reclassified

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs Society said that criminal case filed under "hooliganism."

Under the Criminal Code of Belarus, the maximum penalty for disorderly conduct — 3 years of imprisonment. For arson — to eight years in prison.

September 3 security forces detained six activists of the anarchist movement in the case of an explosion at the Russian embassy.

The names of the detainees:

Igor Bogachek Valeria Khotina Sergei Slyusar Nicholas Dedok Alexei Zhyngerovcki Alexander Franzkevich 

All the detainees are in jail Akrestsin Street.

The maximum period of detention without charge in Belarus is 72 hours. The prosecutor may

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Will Milinkevich run for president?

Society The Forum of Democratic Forces in Gomel leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich said he has not decided whether to participate in the presidential campaign as a candidate.

In an interview BelaPAN politician said that "the fight for the presidency — it is very important step. I have to go when my election campaign to give something in order to achieve independence, democracy and change in the country, bringing people together. If not — then it seems to me, to go to the polls — it's just showing off, "- said Milinkevich.

He expressed doubts about

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Svetlana Kalinkina threatened

Society Chief editor of "Narodnaya Volya" received an anonymous threatening letter. Earlier Kalinkina published an article which outlined its version of the death of journalist Oleg Bebenina.

"Kalinkina — selling merzavka. Tell the Truth currently. Live and be afraid. Began hunting for traitors. Another article, and you n … ts ".

The text is printed on a postcard threats campaign "Tell the Truth. "

Kalinkina said, "Freedom", which considers it an evidence that some forces to whip up an atmosphere of fear in Belarus.

Kalinkina links the threat that she published an article about the death of Oleg Bebenina.


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