BCD begins defense of shrines

Society The organizing committee for the creation of "Belarusian Christian Democracy" gathers a group for organizing the actions for the protection of St. Joseph's Church in Minsk. On this occasion, on August 18, in the office of the BCD Group meeting will be held for the protection of the church.BCD activists plan to centrally collect signatures for the return of the faithful holy churches of Minsk near the building, and during pilgrimages. The collected signatures to be transferred to the Presidential Administration, Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Minsk heritage" in state institutions, the Vatican and foreign embassies.

Activists BCD twice — in

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On the renaming of the street there is no Soviet money

Society Department of justice Grodno Oblast Executive Committee refused to citizens of the Soviet renaming the street in Zelva a street named Larissa Heniyush.

Activists have filed a complaint against the decision of the District Executive Committee Zelvenski not appropriate to rename the street. The complaint was accompanied by 173 signatures of citizens.

In response, Chief Department of Justice states that "in Lately in the Grodno region renaming of streets in towns and villages hardly practiced. "Like, this is due not only to the different attitudes of citizens in the past, but legal nuisance when re-registration. Renaming requires resources,

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In Vitebsk, a competition for the creation of national anthem

Society According to the requirements expressed by the regional executive committees, it must be Russian-speaking, "have a high artistic level, intanatsyyna-melodic clarity, patriotism, zapaminalnasts, solemnity".

Assess the quality of works submitted to the contest will be a special commission appointed by the chairman of the executive committee Alexander Kosinets. Are invited to participate as individual writers, poets and composers, as well as creative writing groups.

The task assigned to the regional executive committees of the makers of the hymn is as follows: the product of a "must correspond to the status of the city of Vitebsk, as an independent

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Bryntsalov came to Belarus

Society Belarus has entered into an investment agreement with a private company, "SME-Oil" on the construction of the Belarusian-Russian "Verein" pharmaceutical company in Minsk.

It is assumed that on the basis of the new enterprise will produce analogues of foreign drugs.

The corresponding decree of the Council of Ministers adopted a decree of the President of number 549 of 16 November 2009a.

According to the decree, the company "Verein", which is owned by Russian businessman Vladimir Bryntsalov, transferred pharmaceutical company "Dyalek" (Minsk), followed by construction on the territory of the new plant.

In this case, a "Dyaleka"

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Mogilev city executive committee banned the three social pickets

Society Mogilev city executive committee refused to allow activists to create a party of freedom and progress to three pickets. Party members were going to put them in a three bedroom communities to collect signatures from residents on a petition to the authorities, so that she began to solve pressing local problems.

As the "Freedom" is one of the applicants Yuri Stukalov (In the picture), The officials explained their refusal by saying that the elected seats for the pickets are not specific to public events. Letter of refusal signed a new Deputy Mayor Igor Shardyko.

Yuri Stukalov"The answer is formulaic.

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Georgia has a brilliant connection with Belarus

Society It was declared, speaking during a visit to a youth camp in the village of Anaklia on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. He noted the need to maintain old ties with the former Soviet republics, despite the "current troubles."

"We love Belarusians and Moldovans, Ukrainians, Armenians, Azeris, and Russian, and all the other people who live in a common state — Soviet Union. And what would have been the political battles that were not conditional, and the convention is and even very specific, we all the same to overcome them. "

"Yes, the world

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Teachers let others work

Society Guy"No, now it is simply not only prestigious, but the job requires considerable effort, and from it do not even survive. And the attitude to the work, speaking in Russian:" If the brain is not, go to the honey or ped … . " His friend: "No, that's not my element. Though I love kids, but do not want to take on such a responsibility … Well, that although he somehow learned something."

Man: "I do not think without training can not answer that question."

Woman: "No, it's too hard work and responsibility. And then, it will not

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Freedom of speech in Ukraine under threat

Society Ukrainian journalist association "Stop Censorship" is ready to organize a nationwide media strike in protest against the pressure on TVI television channels and the "Channel Five". Ukrainian society and the media community concerned about the mysterious disappearance of Kharkiv journalist Vasyl Klyamentseva.

On Sunday, journalists and TVI "Channel Five" has already held a warning strike. These two channels were deprived of additional broadcast frequencies that they have recently received. Deprivation was the suit of "Inter". It is interesting to note that the company is closely linked with the chief Ukrainian security services (security service) Valery Khoroshkovsky.

TVI and

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Suffering at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border

Society Belarusian-Ukrainian border has recently become a place of suffering of hundreds of tourists from Belarus, Russia, the Baltic countries. Sometimes faster to fly from Turkey to Ukraine than in a car after crossing the border and end up in Belarus.

Those who in these hot days on a vehicle crosses the border, most claims not to Belarusian and Ukrainian border guards to a checkpoint "New Yarilovichi" that in the Chernihiv region.

Narrating Basil driver of the Leningrad region of Russia, which relatives vacationing in Ukraine and just moved the Ukrainian-Belarusian border on the track Chernigov-Gomel:

"On the Ukrainian

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Echo oil shock

Society The Russian edition of "Gazeta.ru," citing the Ministry of Statistics of Belarus (National Statistical Committee) results, the data suggest that severe consequences for Belarus, rising prices for Russian oil. 

Source of income

Reduction in January-June 2010 compared with January-June 2009and

Oil imports from Russia

— 49.8%

Import of oil products from Russia

— 70%

Production of petroleum products (total)

— 29.9%

Production of gasoline

— 20%

Diesel Fuel Production

— 26.1%

Production of fuel oil

— 32.8%

Export of Belarusian oil products

— 40%



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