Foreign language tutors teach, not teachers in schools

Society Receiving a high school diploma, a rare Belarusian graduate may freely speak a foreign language. The authorities have recognized this, and this year the students in the study of foreign languages there is a material change. First of all, the mandatory language training begins in second grade. In addition, the number of lessons — one hour per week in all classes. And the third — it is planned that students will have to take final exams in a foreign language.

Changes occur at the request of Alexander Lukashenko, and officials of the Ministry of Education already have reported that

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In Belarus, establish a system for monitoring public safety?

Society The Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko considers it necessary to consider the possibility of establishing a system for monitoring public safety.

Lukashenko quotes "Interfax-West".

"The problem is that the security authorities had more current information and take effective measures to reduce avaryynastsi as on the roads, violations of law and order, and to improve inter-agency coordination in the field of protection against emergencies and other negative manifestations" — said A . Lukashenko on Tuesday at a meeting on the establishment of a monitoring system of social security.

Lukashenko said that the work in this direction is expected gradual.

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Michael Bashura can translate into Zhodinsky insulator

Society An activist of the "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashurov charged with forgery, for which he faces up to three years in prison. It is possible that tomorrow detainee transferred to Zhodinsky insulator.

The activist was accused of 1 and second parts of Article 380 of the Criminal Code. This is a "forgery, manufacture, use or sale of forged documents, stamps, seals, forms." Maximum sentence — up to three years imprisonment, or 5 years of restriction of freedom, although the court may be limited and a fine. During the second half of the 16th of August, the investigator of

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Zyuganov against the godfather and the restoration of the USSR

Society The leader of the Russian Communist Party (KPRF) Gennady Zyuganov expressed outrage tape "Godfather 3", shown on NTV on Sunday.

"I watched this movie anti-Belarusian and find it not only paranoid, but blatant provocation directed against the friendship and cooperation between the two Slavic states — Zyuganov told" Interfax ".

Communist Party leader confident that this film "could not be revealed without the go-ahead from above."

In this case, Zyuganov believes that Russia should learn a lot from Belarus, in particular, how to equip the lives of ordinary citizens.

"In Belarus, despite the economic difficulties (and

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Stanislaw R. Young Front of the early days of his military career

Society Almost twenty days served in a separate regiment of Tilsit connection Mogilev the Young Stanislaw R.. He was drafted into the army on July 30. The other day he sent to the "Freedom" for the first letter. In it, he talks about his early life.

In a letter to Stanislaw R. said that with the command of the part he says in Belarusian. Problems with this so far not raised. According to the activist, he summoned several times to talk to the military ideologues. They were interested in his work on the "citizen":

"They were trying to find out

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Information attack on Lukashenko continues

Society Russian media continue to information attack against the Belarusian leadership. The reason for the next wave of rapid publication was the threat of Kremlin officials to print the transcript of the CSTO summit, during which Alexander Lukashenko gave a public pledge to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as shown on the TV channel "NTV" the third film in the controversial film "The Godfather."

"The dispute between Moscow and Minsk, Belarus threatens economic sanctions," — Writes newspaper "Trud". The publication notes that Lukashenko does not change yourself: can not promise anything, but in the

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Banking zvyshgadavyya not credible

Society Acute financial crisis triggered a sharp outflow of state and commercial banks not only ruble, and even foreign currency deposits. People are calmer when their money will be in the stockings or under the mattress, but under control. Attempts to lure back exorbitant percent of the population do not have the fruit: the promised 20% per annum on investments denominated in just a few days, may lose value in half.

According to official data, before March 1, the population kept in Belarusian banks about $ 5 billion in the equivalent (for sure — 4 billion 700 million dollars).

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In Russia stopped Shejman

Society According to the Russian site in the Moscow region for speeding out by Russian traffic police (traffic police) arrested a jeep, which was traveling assistant to the president of Belarus at Large, a former Attorney General of Belarus Viktor Sheiman.

As thecamping, it happened in the Ruza district of the Moscow region on Sunday, August 15. Sheiman was driving his jeep "Toyota Land Kruzer" from Moscow to Minsk in Belarus highway.

80-km highway traffic police car escorted the Moscow region — said the site a law enforcement source Russia. — Thereafter machine continued to walk unaccompanied.

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Die Presse: Moscow voiced the diagnosis of the Belarusian ruler

Society Austrian edition of Die Presse ran a publication in connection with the release of a new Russian TV production "The Godfather — 3".

According to the publication, the conclusion that you do when you view the next part of the documentary Kremlin-controlled NTV television is very simple: the current relations between Minsk and Moscow are bad. Even the very poor. In addition, the authors show that the anti-Russian Lukashenko power-hungry traitor, they also voiced his clinical diagnosis of "Psycho."

According to Die Presse, the diagnosis, many people thought but did not say out loud. Now NTV bring to millions

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Belarus at the 56th place in the ranking of Newsweek

Society The influential U.S. magazine compared the 100 countries on five indicators: education, health care systems, quality of life, economic dynamism and political environment. In the overall ranking of Belarus was in the middle of the list, behind all the neighbors.

First place in the ranking of "Newsweek" took Finland. United States fell to 11th place. Completing the list of African countries of Cameroon, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. Places of Belarus' neighbors as follows: Poland — 29th, Lithuania, 34th, Latvia — 36th, Ukraine — 49th, Russia — 51th. Belarus with his 56th place behind all the neighbors.

However, the

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