Rescuers check the room where going to nominate a single candidate

Society The next meeting of the round table on the nomination of a single candidate from the democratic forces will be held in Minsk on August 18. For the first time agreed to take part, almost all potential candidates for the presidency.

However, the Human Rights Center, which is usually held a round table meeting, today called the representatives of the Ministry for Emergency incident and said that tomorrow will come with the check.

On Statkevich, authorities will not be able to disrupt the meeting and it will pass, but in another room. Roundtable participants will discuss the nomination of

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Hospital in Belarus will be issued for a longer period

Society This was announced today at a press conference, Director of Centre of Medical Assessment and Rehabilitation Professor Basil Smychek.

Statement by the Director of Centre of Medical Assessment and Rehabilitation cites learned.

"The Ministry of Health tasked to fix and alter instruction on disability, as well as instructions for the issuance of temporary disability sheet (hospital) …", — said Vasily Smychek. These measures are designed to "man, if he is sick, less drive to the clinic."

It is planned that in the case of influenza or acute respiratory diseases, for example, produce no hospital for 3 days,

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Michael Bashurov charged

Society An activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" is suspected of forging documents to obtain credit.

August 16 Bashurov charged under Section 1 and 2 of Article 380 Criminal Code "Forgery, manufacture, use or sale of forged documents, stamps, seals, forms."

Two years Speaking last guarantor of his wife, who was taking credit Bashura allegedly granted a certificate of wages, which were inflated profits.

Bashura was arrested on August 6 at his apartment and is now in jail in Akrestsin. The case is the police of the Soviet district of Minsk. As thea lawyer Bashura Tamara

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Even today, Aug. 17


Abnormal weather

Expected thunderstorms, heavy rains and hail in some places. At night, 17-23 ° C during the day 24-36 ° C.

Do not pass:

The procession with the icon of the Mother of God will come Minsk to Borisov around 18.00 — 20.00.

Minsk hosts the first International Fair of school companies.


In Minsk, the Permanent Representatives of the CIS countries will consider a draft statement by the heads of states of the Commonwealth in connection with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the CIS.

Meetings of the Integration Committee of

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Larissa Heniyush participated in the II All-Belarusian Congress


Yuri Vitbich, Larissa Heniyush, Constantine Ezovitov, Natalia Arsenyev, Alex Anishchik-hellebore. Minsk, 1944

In the summer of 2004 in Vilnius, I had to meet with the last remaining while alive delegate II All-Belarusian Congress Alexei Anishchik-hellebore. We were sitting in his cluttered bookshelves small apartment. The host from time to time to get up off the couch and pulled out from its hiding place cubbyhole that rare Western magazine, the stack of old photos, the autograph on the book by Natalie Arsenieva "Today" (1944) …

Before our meeting, I read a collection of materials II All-Belarusian Congress, issued by

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The smell of soft power

Society In an editorial titled so influential Russian newspaper "Vedomosti" analyzes the prospects of the new Russian policy towards Belarus.Read the full text of the article in terms of whiteRussian language.

"At first glance, the reason for the next aggravation of relations between Russia and Belarus — small quibbles. Dmitry Medvedev was offended that Alexander Lukashenko has not fulfilled the promise to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the Belarusian president, in turn, said he did not promise anything, but when promised, in exchange for a "leveling of the consequences" in relations with the EU, the U.S. and

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Godfather 3 — propaganda against enemy troops and population

Society to these and other questions in the transmission of "Examination of Freedom" answer Leonid Mindlin, documentary filmmaker, one of the authors of the screenplay "Ordinary President" and editor of the online newspaper "Solidarity" Alexander Starykevich.

"According to the NLP techniques, if a keyword is driven into the mass consciousness, then it works."

Tsigankov: What is propaganda, the information may have the effect of "The Godfather 3?" What is different about the third series of the first two, and it leaves a strong impression? Can we say that the filmmakers have achieved a more vivid effect?

Mindlin: The third part

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Amnesty International: There is a risk that Sannikov tortured

Society The human rights organization "Amnesty International" has expressed concern that the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov is in complete isolation. There is a serious risk of torture and other ill-treatment, human rights activists. Ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov was sentenced to five years in prison on May 14.

May 17 wife of Andrei Sannikov and his mother received court permission to see him, but on May 18 they were denied a meeting in the KGB detention center. Neither the lawyer nor the family does not have access to Andrei Sannikov.

"Amnesty International" calls on people to rush letters KGB chairman Zaitsev,

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Independent media and politics: who to whom I should?

Society Open letter policy of Alexander Yarashuk accusations against the independent media — an occasion to reflect on the status and quality of local media? Is there degradation of local journalism, and independent including? Who owes whom — journalists politician or vice versa? Should the media have not engaged politically?


On these topics in the "Prague accent" lead the discussion leader analytical programs BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski, journalist and blogger Victor Maliszewski and chairman of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk.

Drakakhrust: An important event of last week was the correspondence politics, President of the Congress

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Straw fire in the Gomel region

Society In the Gomel region for the weekend revealed and eliminated 14 forest, peat and grass fires. This data provides the right regional emergencies.Fires were recorded in the Buda-Koshelev, Khoiniki, Narovlya, Svetlagorsk and other areas.

In farms "Pirevichi" and "Agro-Korotkevich" Zhlobinsky area over the weekend burned a total of about 250 tons of straw. Reputed fire, straw caught fire, likely, due to careless handling of fire. But who is with him as costing — is unknown.

Straw fire occurred in the CSEA "Braginsky" Bragin district. It burned 120-ton Mow. Ascertain the circumstances of the fire police. The previous

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