People are afraid of change: if only it was not worse

Many listeners Society Freedom pessimistic about the possibility of an honest vote count in today's political environment. Here's one view:

"On Lukashenko said on television, on the radio, people know about it. I propose to raise the question: who you are, Lukashenko? Offender or who? For what it's all doing? For his benefit or for the people? And people will respond. And all the Bug clear. So I know about him, he said, saying that the EU is not happy that so many voted for me, and I gave the command to the chairman of the Central Election Commission has

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Larissa Heniyush and stalinazavry


Meeting with stalinazavram. Photo from the archive of the poet

Scientists claim that a species that is considered to be extinct, under favorable and unchanged for millennia conditions (for example, in the depths of the ocean) There may be quite a long time. Albeit within small populations.

Something similar is observed in the Republic of Belarus, where vestige savetskastsi become part of the lives of entire generations. It would seem that in the last twenty years, which was not only one-sixth of the earth's firmament! Disappeared and only the ruling party broke up a huge empire, the Byelorussian

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It would be interesting to NTV gave the word to the Belarusian authorities

Society Comment of the Belarusian head of Radio Liberty Alexander Lukashuk for Russian students to the third part of the movie "The Godfather."

Russian television showed on Sunday, the third part of the movie "The Godfather." The film became a political sensation of the summer in Belarus. Perhaps, with one caveat: most of the audience in Belarus did not see him because that is NTV is not available. Those who have seen — is the opposition and nomenclature, which looked at it, mostly on youtube. Neither for the first nor for the contents of the second film is not

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Who is it that will build the Belarusian nuclear power plant?

Company Belarus may refuse to cooperate with Russia to build a nuclear power plant. This was announced on August 13 Alexander Lukashenko. He accused Russia of overcharges as failure to warn, that Belarus has offers from other investors.

Back in May 2008, Belarus has sent the Russian company "ASE", the French company "Areva" and the US-Japanese company "Westinghouse-Toshiba 'invitation to participate in the construction of nuclear power plants. The choice fell on the Russian "ASE", the project "NPP-2006". Why did you choose Russia, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor George Lepine explained as follows:

"Just Russia could give money. And others

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Adamkus: friendship with Russia and Belarus — not at any price

Society Ex-president of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus does not hide the regret in connection with changes in the Lithuanian foreign policy. In his view, Lithuania should not be any cost to seek to improve relations with Russia should pay more attention to Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, According DELFI.

According to Adamkus, Lithuania, paying less attention to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia loses existing influence and recognition it has received, performing this function.

Because of this pragmatic abandon the core values of the past, forget it just to get the benefit, or go so far as to kneel down and ask, "Have

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Mogilev: Tell the truth activists damaged the door

Society With service vskrytstsya locks Mogilev activists "Tell the truth"Today managed to get to his office. Unidentified attackers damaged the door locks. Called to the scene of the accident the police drew up a report about the offense. One of the leaders of the Mogilev "Tell the truth" Igor Kovalenko believes that the property of the organization harmed the security forces. He said this, and the policeman.

Igor Kovalenko, "This is all the work of the KGB. Their provocation. They chose the path of petty tyranny. Prankish they thus not for the first time. First time in the lock box

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About Liberty: Anton Koipish

Society What is your freedom?

The ability to act and carry yourself and only yourself fully responsible for all activity and inactivity. — Freedom is a state of mind.

What is most limiting your freedom?


What is happiness for you?

The ability to change the world (or at least his corner) for the better. Or what seems the best subjective.

What are you most afraid of?

Do something for which it would be a shame. Or vice versa — do not do something, do it right.

What a talent you would like to have?


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The film The Godfather 3 comments in Belarus

Society On Sunday, the Russian TV channel NTV showed the film "The Godfather — 3", which continues revelatory series of Alexander Lukashenko. This time the band was dedicated sources of income of the family of Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian business depending on the corrupt government, and the theme of mental health of the Belarusian leader. As the film took the famous Belarusian viewers?

Economist Leonid Zlotnikov considered the strongest those fragments of the film "The Godfather — 3", which are devoted to the order of the Belarusian business. For information about what the business has to pay tribute to

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Slavery in Korma

Society Pensioner from the village of Korma Dobrush district accused that she traded in human beings and illegally deprived of freedom of a local woman. In Dobrush District Court a criminal case on slavery, which caused a public outcry.Defendant pensioner refuses to talk to reporters. He says that it has already profaned the whole of Europe. It is, they say, gave shelter to the rural woman and her unjustly accused of slavery:

"It is unfair. Person I gave shelter and at me like that …"

How do I find the police, the victim in the back in the 2003's house

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Leonov: To not have to buy more grain itself

Society August 15, Russian authorities have imposed a temporary ban on the export of grain and flour. Until December 31, prohibited the export of wheat, barley, rye, corn, and wheat and rye flour. Similar measures, Moscow offered to members of the Customs Union — Belarus and Kazakhstan, which, however, have ignored the call. Moreover, Minsk expects to earn on exports of grain in Russia, where, because of the abnormal drought has already killed more than 5 million hectares of crops. But experts say that is unlikely to make — to the domestic needs of Belarus needs at least 8 million

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