Kastusyou offers rentals of forests

Society The presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou sent to the Ministry of Forestry offers a program of forestry development for 2011-2015.

The draft state program is being developed by the Ministry of Forestry and will be considered by the Council of Ministers before the end of August.

Offers BPF aimed at radical change in the model of state policy in the field of lesakarystannya. Expected to extend lease forms of business, retaining only the control functions of the state.

"Rent forests — is a compromise of an alternative instant privatization of forests

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Why kill? This is very scary

Society The International Day of homeless animals: "What do you think of what to do with stray animals?" On the question has been answered Grodno passers-by.

According to the latest statistics, for the year are killed in Belarus ("put to sleep") to 70 000 animals. This does not solve the problem, the number of homeless cats and dogs is growing, as well as money that the state allocates for their destruction.

Girl: "It's a pity them, we need to create shelters for homeless animals."

Young people: "We need to advertise in newspapers, on television, so that people who love dogs,

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Belarusian-language schools have less than 20%

Society This year, for the first time in Belarus in recent years the number of schools with Belarusian language of instruction will not exceed 20 percent. In regions close more than 100 primary, basic and so-called small schools. Another recent trend: in the Belarusian-Russian-speaking schools authorities create classes.

On the situation with the Belarusian-language education in different regions of Belarus correspondent learned today of "Freedom"

Grodno region

"For it is easier to open a class with the Polish language, with the Belarusian"

The position of the Belarusian language in the schools of Grodno traditionally stronger than in other regions. There

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Belarus has changed the Russian vaccine into Chinese

Society In This year, people of Belarus will vaccinate against influenza vaccine in China.About This was reported "Interfax" Chief Epidemiologist of the Ministry of Health Inna Karaban.

She noted that in This year, No tender was won by Russian and Chinese vaccine against influenza.

Total it will buy about 1.4 million doses.

China's vaccine will be supplied to Belarus in late August — early September.

During recent Belarus buys Russian vaccine against influenza.


flu vaccine

How to respond to the Belarusian Godfather?

Society "The Godfather" looked every seventh citizen of the city, and the number of negative evaluations than positive. These are the results of a sociological survey, which published the online resource Naviny.by.

Recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia would zastaparyla Belarus' relations with the West

Society Possible recognition independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia "zastaparyla would relationship" Minsk with Brussels and Washington.

This opinion was expressed by the Brussels analytical portal EuObserver senior Lithuanian diplomat, who requested anonymity.

According to him, the Belarusian government "knows" that the recognition of the breakaway republics could also entail the withdrawal of Georgia from the policy of the EU "Eastern Partnership", which includes Belarus.

"Among other effects — and visa bans any more money from the IMF, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, any new agreements with the EU and access to markets

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Even today, May 19

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Cloud …

…with prayasnennyami. Temperature: 20 — 25 ° C.  

Do not pass:

In Minsk, the heads of the governments of the CIS — Russian Prime Minister Putin, Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov, Deputy Prime Minister Ayyubov, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkmenistan Shaguliev. Premiers will meet in the framework of the EurAsEC Interstate Council and the Supreme Body of the Customs Union "troika".

Scheduled to meet Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin In the factory, the trial court of Minsk continue trial 5 members of the anarchist

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The negative balance of foreign trade amounted to about $ 2.4 billion

Society In January-June 2010 the balance of foreign trade in goods and services on the methodology of the balance of payments was in deficit of nearly 2 billion 390.8 million dollars, according to the National Statistics Committee.

In January-May, the figure stood at 1,000,000,000 813.9 million, for the first half 2009and — 3,000,000,000 301.9 million.

According to the methodology of the trade balance, which takes into account the data of the State Customs Committee, in January-June, the negative balance of foreign trade in goods was formed at a rate of 3 billion 510 million dollars (in January-June 2009and

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In Belarus, an annual catch of about 80,000 stray animals

Society August 16 in the world celebrate the International Day for the homeless animals. Initiated the establishment of such a day by the International Society of Animal Rights (ISAR, USA). The problem of stray animals is relevant for Belarus. On animal protection in the country annually harvested about 80,000 stray dogs and cats, most of which usmerchvaetstsa.

In this case, murder is often inhumane methods: in many cities bench animals themselves victimized them. Cases of cruelty to animals very rarely reach the courts. For example, in 2009at trial was conducted only three such incidents.

The most successful situation of

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Belarusian-Ukrainian border — the queue

Society Queues at the two checkpoints — Nowa Huta and Veselovka — on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border will hold on until the end of the summer.

About This was announcedand the "Interfax", the State Border Committee of Belarus.

During the holiday season the number of those who cross the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, increased by 3 times. In addition to the residents of Belarus who come to rest on the south through Belarus Russian citizens traveling in transit. They even added the citizens who travel to shop tours for Ukrainian flea markets, reported in the Code of Civil Procedure.

The length of

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