Belarus has increased zapylenne air

Society In some cities, the content of dust in the air drobnadyspersnaga over the weekend significantly exceeded the maximum allowable concentration.For example, on August 14, Zhlobin this figure exceeded the norm by 1.6 times. Exceeding the maximum allowable concentration also registered in Minsk, in the streets of Radial.

About This was reported Learned from a representative of the National Center for Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring of the Ministry of Natural Resources Bogdan Kozeruk.

Such a situation led to prolonged heat and lack of rainfall. By Bogdana Kozeruk, affect the level of air pollution in Belarus could and smoke

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Land of castles and palaces we lose forever

Society The listener outraged promise of Alexander Lukashenko to Vitebsk region responsible for the supply of agricultural products in Tatarstan. In This year, because of bad weather, many areas have not collected a planned harvest of grain, vegetables, and potatoes in Belarus will also be less than it hoped farmers.

"If the potato crop in the Vitebsk region of Tatarstan Lukashenko secured, it shows its relation to the collective farm serfs Vitebsk region. I think that it is necessary not to sell to those who first come running in Minsk for potatoes, and the one who gives more. Introduce and

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The rally on August 16 will be watching PACE

Society This was the leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka informed the head of the working group on Belarus Sinikka Hurskainen.

August 24 Sinikka Hurskainen intends to visit Minsk and hold a series of meetings with representatives of the authorities and the opposition, the website of the United Civil Party.

Anatoly Lebedko said he would inform the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe about today's action.

"The fact that MPs are showing interest in the event dedicated to the abductions and murders of opponents Belarusian authorities this is definitely a positive fact. I would consider this

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Choi Us

The Company's August 15 was 20 years old, there is no Victor Tsoi. This date has caused many again wonder how alive and remain relevant to his songs not only for those whose youth and youth fell to the 80s of the last century. I do not see a big secret, and the circuit "legendaryzatsyi" musical hero in the case of Choi's no different from the same, in which up to still "Live" Presley, Morrison and Cobain.

At the eventful period of change and when all creators have enough space for self-expression, Choi was very special, but not exclusive event.

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Kommersant: There can be only one comment: the doctor

Society Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is not going to talk to the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during the forthcoming informal CSTO summit in Yerevan.

This writes the Russian "Kommersant".

On Friday, Alexander Lukashenko, responding to criticism of Dmitry Medvedev of failing to Minsk promises to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia, accusing the latter in the "nesumlennastsi." In response, the Russian leader's assistant Sergei Prikhodko expressed willingness to disclose not only the transcript of the CSTO summit in which Alexander Lukashenko promised to recognize the two republics, but his other statements, "which are not without interest of both

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Oksana Sprinchan — about the best books fotavershav

Society If poetry — the soul, frozen in words, then the pictures — zneruhomely movement of the soul in the image. And our current expert poet Oksana Sprinchan decided to find out who the creators of the Belarusian better able to combine these two types of art.

Lavon Wolski. Album: Poems, Minsk, "The Ark", 2000

What you have presented, read the title "Photo Album," is not really true. This is a slim book, the cover of which features 9 horizontal photos up 2.4 x1, 5. These 9 images found in the book, except that the size of their increases

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Even today, 16 August

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history. 

Heat waves

continues. Temperatures will range from 30 degrees to the east and 39 in the west. 

Do not pass:

"Chain of people" demanding the international investigation of the disappearance of V. Gonchar, Krasovsky Zakharenko and D.Zavadkaga. 18:00 Minsk, the building of the Academy of Sciences 


1920 — Battle of Warsaw, called "Miracle on the Vistula" — the decisive battle of the Soviet-Polish war of 1919-1921, which resulted in Poland defended its independence, who defeated Soviet Russia. Battle joined the list of the 18 most

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In Vitebsk, terrorists continue to look for lab

Society In the residential area of the DSC, where they lived two accused in the attack after the explosion in the Minsk metro on April 11, before forced "inventory" of the dungeons houses. Vitebsk human rights activist Paul Levinov believes that the police in this way is going to hold a series of unauthorized searches.

Ads for "inventory utility vaults" appeared on the houses on the street Repin in Vitebsk, in including and those where there lived two boys accused of the bombing in the Minsk metro. On pieces of paper attached to the door of the entrance, says that

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Today solidarity action

Society The leaders of political parties and movements are planning to share today in "chains of those who" with the requirement of the international investigation into the disappearances of opposition politicians Viktor Gonchar and Yuri Zakharenko Krasovsky and journalist Dmitry Zavadsky.

They called upon to meet on August 16 at 18 hours with portraits of disappeared at the Academy of Sciences.

The authorities have banned the opposition to hold Aug. 16 march and rally — they say that application is completed correctly. What are the violations in the design, the applicants have not explained.

Despite the ban of

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Larissa Heniyush and Prague


Larissa Heniyush with his son about Jurk Prague towers. 1940

When sculptor Genyk Marinkina already begun work on a plaque, which was supposed to set in Prague at the house where she lived Larissa Heniyush, we have been discussing what words should be pronounced with the poet of the board passers-by. And finally we decided to quote from the "Confessions": "In the full force of the Belarusian equal to everyone and humiliated, Ifelt Chehah only. " For this statement — eventful decade living in the Czech capital.

In Prague, Larissa Heniyush written two books of poetry — "Hell

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