Scientists warn of dangerous new diseases

Society British scientists are warning about a new very dangerous disease that can have much more impact for swine flu. It is about the bacterial gene NDM-1, which is easily transferred from one bacterial species to another and is extremely insensitive to the most powerful antibiotics.

His name NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-lactamase-1) is required in India. As the researchers at Cardiff University (UK) in an article posted in the latest issue of the authoritative medical journal Lancet, the first time the so-called superbakteryya was discovered a year ago in the intestinal flora of one Swede. Like many other western tourists,

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In Brest want to speak in favor of the convention on disappearances

Society In the Brest City Executive Committee on August 15 sent an application to host the regional center of the rally, the participants of which intend to speak for signature by Belarus of the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance.

As BelaPAN applicant shares, human rights activist Raman Kislyak, event scheduled for August 30. His goal — to attract the attention of the inhabitants of the city to demand the signing of the competent public authorities of the country of the convention.

Kisljak recalled that on August 30 — International Day of the

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Collect a hundred thousand signatures will only three

Society Co-chair of the organizing committee of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski met on August 15 in Grodno with their fans. The conversation was primarily about the upcoming presidential election and his plans to personally participate in them.  Rymashevski thinks of opposition candidates will be able to collect the necessary registration for one hundred thousand signatures of no more than three people. Already we can say in advance, that elections will be illegitimate if they would participate Lukashenko, Also notes V.Rimashevsky. "So little time before the election — agrees chairman of the organizing committee of the BCD, and also a small chance

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Baku to deny the information about donor organs from Belarus

Society Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office has denied the information on the transnational criminal gang that was engaged in a "black transplantation" of the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Uzbekistan, and then transported them to Azerbaijan and Ecuador for transplant recipients from Israel. Some media CIS has also been reported that the criminal activities of black transplant surgeons led by the National Institute of Surgery and transplyantalegii name Shalimova in Kiev, managed to uncover and disrupt Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

As stated by the Attorney General of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Interior countries were given appropriate instructions regarding the

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The Godfather — 3

Society Russian TV channel NTV continues to film "The Godfather." The third part of the film Perche viewers saw in the Russian Far East and immediately put it on the video portals youtube.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The previous parts can be found HERE


Lukashenko, NTV

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In Brest picket for Neklyaeva can only be at the stadium

Society Brest city executive committee banned the pickets to collect signatures in support of Vladimir Neklyaeva delegate IV All-Belarusian People's Assembly.

Requests for such shares on August 15 in the city center, near the Central Department Store and Cinema "Belarus", served as local activists of the civil campaign "Tell the truth!" Vladimir Wujek yes Igor Maslowski.

As the BelaPAN I.Maslovsky in carrying out actions refused on the grounds that they were not planned at some of these activities by local authorities place (stadium "Locomotive").

According Maslovskoye, to hold such shares in the stadium, where practically no people does

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What remains in the morning newspaper stories


Larissa Heniyush — author of "The Morning." 1940

Yanka Kupala made his debut as a poet in the pages of the Minsk Russian-language newspaper "North-Western Territory." Kolas opened Vilna newspaper "Our market share." Maxim Bogdanovich began to be published in the now-legendary "Nasha Niva"-" The first Belarusian newspaper with pictures. " Today, we remember with gratitude these publications and their editors.

Poet Larissa Heniyush courted newspaper "Morning", published in Berlin from December 1939 to March 1945. Its pages were published about two hundred poems poet, critical reviews of her work, biographical material. This alone makes us take a

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Homel activist detained again because of the t-shirts

Society In Gomel about 18 hours transport police detained near the station owner, a member of the United Civil Party, Vladimir Nepomnyastchy.

"Ensign Yuzepenku, as he introduced himself, did not like the writing on my T-shirt. Front: "For Belarus without Lukashenka", back: "Enough, Enough is enough!" Ensign called me into the duty room, which is located at the train station to the duty — Lieutenant Atamanchuk ", — said Mr. Nepomnyashchikh, who, incidentally, had once served in the transport police department in the fight against economic crimes.

According to the businessman, Lieutenant Colonel Atamanchuk required first to remove a T-shirt,

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Nicholas Avramchik


Nicholas Avramchik Nicholas Avramchik — Belarusian poet, writer and translator. He was born in 1920 (according to other sources — 1919) in the village of Reach Bobruisk district. Author of many books of poetry and several novels. Together with Neil Gilevich created the famous poem "The Tale right Bald Mountain."

Potential candidates for president met in Orsha

Society Activists Orsha interregional UDF coalition sent out invitations to all the politicians who have declared their intentions to run. But local forum came only three potential candidates, and several representatives of the political structures that have their nominees.

58 participants of the forum of the United Democratic Forces coalition that came in from Orsha Orsha, Chashniki, Tolochinsky, Beshenkovichi and Dubrovensky areas, first shared their impressions of the last local elections. By the way, in the Vitebsk region to get the local council managed unified democratic activist — Victor Mikhaseva, which is the fourth time he became a member of

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