Society One of these days, "Nasha Niva" pleased kanibalska and linguistic history, which took place in Bashkiria. On the shelves of local stores appeared sausage called "Boiled children." It turned out that the manufacturers have simply forgotten a single word in the product name: instead of "balalar oson asherelgen" ("Cooked for children") wrote "balalar asherelgen" — that turned a delicacy for Cannibal .

Is this possible in Belarus, where the use of a patriotic order of the Ministry of Health of the Bashkir language on labels is strictly prohibited What is there sigh native cannibal, who already have a

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Lukashenko accused Medvedev of lying

Society Alexander Lukashenko said that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has misinterpreted his remarks on the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, "the Russian counterpart in bad faith and dishonestly pulls out some things."

As quoted Lukashenko "Interfax", Medvedev failed to prove the second part, "I said, that's not a problem for Belarus to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia. But I have him listed all the problems in this regard arise from Belarus from the European Union, the United States, the CIS. "

On He said, Belarus two months working on it, isolate a dozen problems. And then he turned to

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The police were ordered not to let the opposition in the capital

In society today detained activist Vitaly reveler confiscated 35 copies of "Train". On He said, search protocol was only after, as the police arrived KGB.

All but the newspaper, after the search Vitaly Gulyako brought back and released. The police also tried to find out where he picked up the newspaper.

If Vitali asked — on what basis he was detained and confiscated the newspaper — the policeman showed him the telegram directly from Minsk. The message, according to the detainee, said that on July 15-16 in Minsk preparing mass opposition rally and the police should interfere in the capital's

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Entered final judgment for the recovery from the church New Life 249000000

Society August 14 came into effect the decision of the Economic Court of Minsk to recover from Minsk church "New Life" 249 million rubles in compensation for environmental damage.

July 29 Commercial Court declared capital of the church "New Life" Religious communities Association of Full Gospel Christians in Republic of Belarus guilty of causing damage to the environment — pollution of the territory of the Church of petroleum products. In addition to 249 million "New Life" is required to pay state tax 8,000,000 rubles, which paid for the appeal to the Court of Minsk City Committee of Natural Resources and

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On Sunday the show Godfather-3

Society Russian TV channel NTV advertises the promised continuation of the movie "Godfather". The third part of the documentary investigation of journalists of the "Extraordinary Event", which will be shown as 18:30 Minsk time on Sunday, accompanied by a catchy annotation: "Godfather-3: How to Make Money Family Lukashenko? As the fight for power? And as jailing? "

The first two series of scandalous tapes were shown on NTV 4 and July 16. Rod theme — the disappearance of opponents of the current regime. The film argues that the country's leadership is directly related to the physical destruction of unwanted opposition.

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Censorship by freeloading

Society The presidential decree number 60 continues to irritate the minds of the Belarusian Internet community. The most common diagnosis — the intrigues of the next dictatorship to suppress the last remnants of free speech, which found its home in the virtual world of the Universal pavuchynnya.

This attitude of democratically minded public is understandable. In the words the hero of an American film, everything, "what they do these types — already suspicious. "

But I do not agree with this approach.

With all the efforts of the Belarusian authorities to demonstrate ideological interest, it looks like this

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Amelioration: yesterday — swamp tomorrow — Ashes

Society The total number of fires, which are now fixed in forests and peatlands in Belarus, over 500 cases. The most dangerous situation — on previously reclaimed areas, which are found predominantly in the so-called Chernobyl zone. Meanwhile meliyaratsyya in Belarus continues today.

Details about the consequences of large-scale land reclamation refined regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Ecologist from Pinsk Elena lagoon before and now protected nature Polessye. Believes that especially this year appeared effects of total reclamation and its errors:

"I believe that the current effects are not random — Gomel oblast fried everything. Since May, there was no

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Volkovyssk detained activist Vitaly Gulyak

Society He was detained in the train "Grodno — Baranovichi," when he was distributing the newspaper "Train." The policeman took him to the office at the station Volkovisk.

Vitali Gulyak unit is 16 hours. On He said, police did not immediately know what to do with him, and called in a different jurisdiction. Now, according to Vitaly, the station has to come KGB, in place to deal with it.

Vitaly Gulyako said by telephone that the newspaper "Train" was not anything about politics. True, there are the articles about how people are clamoring to in Belarusian cities was

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Milk is expensive and flows into Russia

Society The Council of Ministers adopted a decree that from August 12, the purchase prices for milk in Belarus rise by an average of 10%. How will this dairies, is on buyers, will help farmers themselves?

According to official information, Ministry of Agriculture, it is expected that the profitability of milk production will increase to 15%, and agricultural organizations will receive in August — December, about 200 billion rubles additional revenue.

An expert in the field of agriculture, teacher Hoerki selhozakademii Andrew Jurkov opined:

Andrew Jurkov

"That allowance — 10% — it will all go to the factories not to

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Lithuania continue to protest against the Belarusian nuclear power plant

Society How falls BelaPAN official said the experts of Lithuania did not want to agree that the Belarusian Nuclear power plant to be built "so close" to the Lithuanian border. They believe that additional meetings with Belarusian specialists to discuss the details of the NPP and the possible impact on the ecology of the station.

However, as stated Andreev, Belarusian side believes that additional meetings with Lithuania is required. "All the international standards of Belarus saved. To us there is no question," — he said.

Andreev mentioned that the Visaginas nuclear power plant in Lithuania is located 2

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