Brest opposition is seeking to back travel benefits

Society Minsk city organization "Fair World" sent an appeal to local MPs and Executive Committee with a proposal to grant the right to a full free ride school children in the city, and not just to and from schools. This is primarily motivated by a complex financial situation being faced by ordinary Belarusians. Officials disagreed.

Chairman of the party "Just World" Ludmila Denisenko says that appealed to MPs and government officials to allow students free travel on public transport. As an example, it results in Minsk, where the issue of a free ride school decided in March:

The regional council

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Lukashenko is ready to change the grain of oil and gas

Society President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko expects to receive "maximum profit" from the export of agricultural products, given the difficult situation in a number of states. He stated this during his working trip to Minsk region. It also became known that Belarus will receive this year, 7,000,000 tons of grain instead of the planned nine. According to Lukashenko, Belarus has no oil and gas, which annually Belarusians raise prices. Therefore, they say, "we also want to sell and with the increase in hydrocarbon prices and the cost of other components to get the happiness in the prices." Lukashenko said that

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Belarus still living enemies of the people

Society Exactly 20 years ago, August 13, 1990, the first and the last president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev signed a decree "On the restoration of the rights of all victims of political repression 1920s and 50s." Soon the Soviet republics began the rehabilitation process repressed, which, however, evolved under different scenarios. For example, in Belarus, with the arrival of Alexander Lukashenko process has been minimized, and under Stalin's brand of "enemies of the people" are still thousands of innocent people.

Researchers estimate that as victims of political repression in the Soviet Union were more than 30 million people. Since

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Belarus will disappear with the first European map of nation-states?

Society In an interview with the Latvian edition Neatkariga rita avize, which has been translated resource Inopressa, Rasnacs commented on the plans of the Latvian authorities to introduce education only in the national language. "We do not want to be in a situation in which is now Belarus is "- said the official. On He said, "Belarusian knows 80% of the population, but uses only 20%." "The Belarusian language disappears, giving way to Russian language"- Said Rasnacs." For us, this path is not fast, but, unfortunately, we are also going through it … We need to create a mechanism to

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The grains will be less, but should be enough

Society Grain harvested in Belarus will be enough for domestic needs and export. This was announced by Sergei Sidorsky during a trip to the Gomel region.

Grain harvest This year, in Belarus will lower than planned. The main reason for shortage of the crop was the severe drought in the east. At the same time, as the prime minister, the harvested grain is sufficient to provide the population with food and livestock — feed.

According to Sidorsky, in the last two years the government has decided to provide the population with the task of self-produced cereals. Now in Belarus in

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Belarus will receive 7 million tons of grain, not 9, as expected

Company "Bread in all categories of farms we get 7,000,000 tons in svirnavay weight, "- said the Minister.

What Alexander Lukashenko said, "promised to 9,000,000 tons.'s your Start ".

M. Brown assured that next year the agricultural organizations of the country will take to the planned figures.During the working visit Head of State the Gomel region in July this year M.Rusy assured him that the This year, scheduled 9,000,000th excluding maize crop. Napyareadadni Lukashenko's visit to Minsk Region Boris Batura, Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee warned of "strict measures" against the officials who allow the registry. He

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KGB again against SCC

Society In the State Security Committee does not comment on the arrest of the chief of the Investigation Department of Financial Crimes Investigation Committee of State Control Dmitry Adamovich in connection with allegations of corruption. Observers say a new stage of struggle KGB and the National Audit Office. Detention Dmitry Adamovich happened last week. According to the publication, "Diary", KGB officers caught and arrested the chief investigator on the porch of the SCC republican prosecutor's office, where he allegedly went after he was invited to a meeting in the KGB.

"Had an active resistance. But there is also strong

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The EU and Russia will soon move to a visa-free regime

Society "I am confident that this will happen, and happen soon," — said the Ambassador of Belgium. However, he noted that the introduction of a visa-free regime "slows a lot of problems and technical issues." "Reciprocity — a big problem — he said. — If we move in this direction, and Russian have to make concessions to the Europeans that they could just go to Russia," according to BelaPAN.

According Truverua, the Russian authorities should also be liberalized in the economic sphere that foreign nationals can "record business is not, as is currently done."

It is worth noting

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Lukashenko will meet with Medvedev

Society According to the agency DELF, during the summit is expected to meet the presidents of Belarus and Russia.

As theand in the press-service of the President of Armenia, in the framework of the summit will be informal meeting of heads of CSTO member states in Yerevan and in the resort town of Sevan will be held working discussions and bilateral meetings.

It is planned as the agency ArmInfo that the summit will discuss regional security, including cooperation between CSTO member countries in matters of counter current challenges and threats.

CSTO includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia,

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Forward motion seeking the return of office

Society August 13 dosledna-educational institution "Moving Forward", which makes the civil campaign "Tell the Truth", filed a complaint against the decision of the Economic Court of Minsk on the recognition of the lease office invalid.

July 29 Minsk Economic Court of Minsk City Executive Committee granted the petition against dosledna and educational institutions, "Moving Forward." Office space rental contract invalidated, which gives a legal basis for the elimination of the institution.

Office of the organization is still sealed after the events of May 18. On that day, the activists of the campaign "Tell the truth!"And in the office,"

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