The OSCE Permanent Council discussed the situation in Belarus

Society The Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe discussed on June 16 in Vienna report on the human rights situation in Belarus presented by Emmanuel Decaux under the "Moscow Mechanism" of the OSCE. The press office of the OSCE.

"Belarus is obliged to respect its international commitments in the OSCE and the UN, and to agree to a full and continuous monitoring by independent human rights organizations", — the report says.

After giving his report, held a discussion with the participation of all delegations of the OSCE participating states. Lithuanian Ambassador, Chairman of the Permanent

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Eagles' Nekljaev and after 100 years, there will not only in anthologies, but also in the political history

Society Today in court the Frunze district of the capital last words sounded the six defendants in the case for Dec. 19 — the presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyayev and Vitaly Rymashevsky and Alexander Fyaduta, Andrey Dmitriev, Vyargeya Wozniak and Anastasia Palazhanka.

Chief of staff Volodymyr Neklyaeva Andrey Dmitriev, which the prosecutor asked, like the sick, the most serious penalty of six defendants, says that he has a very complex and contradictory feelings. As a human being he is glad I did not go to prison:

"But I see people who have done a lot less and they get the time.

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KGB arrested state control inspector

The Company is also removed from office assistant to the chairman of the Committee of State Control Victor Pisarik.

It is reported online edition of the "Diary."

In the State Security Committee of Belarus has not comment on the detention of Chief of Investigation Department of the Department of Financial Investigations of the Committee of State Control Dmitry Adamovich. "No comment," — said BelaPAN Head of the Information and Public Relations of the KGB Alexander Antonovich. However, he did not rule out that some information may appear in the near future.

The detention and dismissal D.Adamovicha V.Pisarika the

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Kurapaty. Eternal rest

Society of Photo fragment People Kurapaty memorial, which we consider here (Photo 1), done Ilya Bogdan. Photo composition is arranged beautifully, well crafted and well photographed. Good, because that is captured and identified a memorial mood and cold autumn morning — a state of nature and the elusive state of her mind. These are the qualities we must first look to the forest to reveal its contents.

Photo 1

Picture looks good, especially the slanting shadows of trees on the frozen grass. Linear composition consists of a combination of lines, that have emotional expression. And it also helps to release

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About Liberty: Fedor Nyunka


What is your freedom?

Freedom, if you can not be afraid vykazyvats its position and critical judgments about power, you can travel freely and live in other country, little to influence the election and operation of the existing power, have the right to the inviolability of its own legitimate property if you live in a country where there is an independent zakonadavchaya, judicial and executive powers.

What is most limiting your freedom?

Travel and Accommodation in Belarus.

What is happiness for you?

Happiness is when you are

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Ask for nothing

The Company has once again emerged topic geopolitical choice of Belarusians. According to data NOVAK laboratory to the question "What union is better to live Belarus with Russia or the EU?" In July 2010 42.5% of respondents named Russia, 38.4% — the EU. In June, these figures were 43.1% and 32.5%.

Interestingly, the second player sociological market NISEPI gives other indicators responded to the same question: 37.75% for an alliance with Russia and 38.9% and for the union with the EU on the basis of the July survey.

Do not you think that the issue whose importance was, of

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Fantastic Murovanka


Temple-fortress, Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, that Murovanka, much more fortunate. Although the church has nothing to do with his pashtovachnym views. In the church rests a small village street, where half of the homes have already been uninhabited. Towers battlements towering over the slate roofs of the village dying. I came, when the church service had just ended. Several of old peasant women reluctantly went out into the yard.

Older"All we wanted to do. And the composition. And flax stored. Were all destroyed. Then another, and lightning struck. And burned our church. But a

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In the House of the writer Czeslaw Senyuh and Andrew Takindang



Czeslaw Senyuh: "When it's hard, I sing BELARUS Lullaby"

Czeslaw Senyuh

The poem "A New Earth" Kolas. Tragikamedyya "Locals" Yanka Kupala. Book Vasil Bykov and Ryhor Baradulin "If rukayutstsa soul" … With these iconic works of Belarusian literature Polish reader could meet thanks to the translator Czesław Senyuh. He was born in the town of Liubcha Novogrudskaya area in 1930, but for decades lived in Warsaw. Recently starting his ninth decade, Mr. Czeslaw eyeing the new masterpieces of the Belarusian literature. With a translator, hero of the day spoke Michas Scoble.

Michas Scoble"Mr. Czeslaw, we

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Why Czechoslovakia issued Heniyush Moscow


Larissa Heniyush Jurk with his son. Prague, 1941

After the Second World War in Eastern European countries one after the other — where the storm where the humble — the revolution took place, which resulted in the Communists came to power. They were supported by the Soviet Union, the liberator, who had the resources and the authority to impose its will. Was no exception, and Czechoslovakia, where the head of government in 1946 and president in 1948, he became the leader of the HRC Clement Gottwald.

Moscow's intelligence services, waiting for the arrival to power of party members,

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Petitioner will record the video

Society Belarusian officials want to allow to conduct audio and video recording during personal reception of citizens, and are required to respond to requests in the language of the applicant.

On the agency BelTA reported the deputy of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Human Rights, National Relations and Mass Media Evgeny Melnikov.

August 12 at a meeting of the relevant committee, which reviewed a new draft law "On citizens and legal persons." One of the articles of this document regulates the organization of personal reception of citizens by officials. Thus, according to the decision of the head

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