Pashkevich on Youth Day — 40 basic units

Society Moscow court of Minsk fined an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" by Mikhail Pashkevich to 1,400,000 rubles. Pashkevych convicted of organizing an unsanctioned rally in the International Youth Day, which is celebrated on August 12.

The group of democratic activists tried to convey to the Ministry of Education petition against the bureaucracy of the work with young people. The document is accepted, but the police arrested one of the participants — Mikhail Pashkevich. Despite pazapratsovny time today judges worked almost 21 hours, and to punish the "organizer". Here are the first impressions Mikhail Pashkevich on leaving

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Even today, Aug. 13



Returns to the heat, all day sun, the temperature is +33-35 C 

Do not pass:

In the Kaliningrad University of I. Kant (Russia) starts the 4th Baltic educational forum with the participation of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland and Estonia 


1521: Hernán Cortés conquered the Aztec capital Tsenachtytlan (now Mexico City).

1905 In Norway, a referendum on dissolution of the union with Sweden.

1920 The offensive of the Red Army, headed by Tukhachevsky to Warsaw.

1940: Beginning of massive raids by Nazi aircraft on British cities (Battle of

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Pashkevich trial in pazapratsovny time

Society As it became known to Liberty, this time in the court of the Moscow district of Minsk passes the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Mikhail Pashkevich.

He is accused of organizing an unsanctioned rally on August 12. It is significant that the trial began after the end of the working day.

Mikhail Pashkevich trying to provide the court with their own arguments, taken from the clear examples, saying that the film's protagonist is not the organizers. And if Hollywood star Brad Pitt is in a band, you can not automatically consider him

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Physicians: to live is harmful in any weather

Society During this period the abnormal physicians still recommend:

1) Drink plenty of water — this not only prevents dehydration, but also reduces the blood levels of platelets, which normally increases during the heat.

2) to abstain from alcohol, as in the heat is one of the main causes of injury in including and ponds. Alcohol also contributes to a hypertensive crisis, heart attacks and strokes.

3) Be careful with the foods that are perishable and difficult to digest, as they threaten to various problems with the gastrointestinal tract, up to severe poisoning.

4) is not carried away

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Is there a black month of Belarus?


Here are just a few of them.

August 19, 1991 — a group of high-ranking officials of the USSR State Committee formed a state of emergency (Emergency Committee) and made an unsuccessful coup attempt. August 14, 1992 — the beginning of the Georgian-Abkhaz war in which both sides have actively participated Russian citizens. August 4, 1994 — arrested Sergei Mavrodi, collapsed, "MMM pyramid scheme." August 7, 1994 — due to a breakthrough in Bashkiria reservoir killed 29 people. August 6, 1996 — the soldiers took the Chechen capital Grozny, killing hundreds of soldiers and civilians. August 29, 1996 —

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Borodin employs in space technology

Society Today Alexander Lukashenko, it — the chairman of the Supreme State Council of the Union State — Secretary of State adopted the Union State Pavel Borodin.

According to the press service of the President, discussed "the implementation of the production programs of the Union." In particular, the issue of diesel automotive, agricultural machinery, agricultural sector development. Borodin said that at the next Council of Ministers of the Union State will adopt the concept of agricultural policy.

Also raised employment program. Borodin said that through various programs within the Union State in the past years were provided jobs to

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President held criminally liable

Society Kyrgyz interim government passed a decree to lift the immunity of the first president, Askar Akayev, "Interfax", the press service of the Cabinet.

"Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbayeva on August 12 signed the document," — said the press service said.

Attorney General's Office asked to "take all necessary measures to bring to justice Akaev and his extradition to Kyrgyzstan", — said the press service.

The Decree entered into force upon signature.

According to the press service, Akayev accused of committing a serious crime — that allowed the use of firearms against civilians, in the transfer of Kyrgyz land

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Zhirinovsky: Lukashenka no friend and ally!

Society Russian media replicate the strong statements made today by Vice-Speaker of the Russian State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

According to policy, Russia should immediately cease all support for the Belarusian authorities to:

"No one to help — either Belarus or Ukraine. Never. Then we will live richly. No customs unions, with all the spending ratio, as with other countries, "- said Zhirinovsky, again urging:" There is no help, under any circumstances, ever. Lukashenko is not our friend and ally. He wants to possible squeeze more from anyone for his country and stay there for life. We do not

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Brest residents will travel to China

Society For the second half of August is scheduled official visit of the delegation of officials and businessmen of the region to China. In July, the Chinese delegation visited the area, and during this visit vice-chairman Executive Committee of Chinese city of Shenyang Wang Syankun handed brestchan invitation.It then went on possible industrial investment projects with Chinese capital in the region. , Pointed to the possible involvement of Chinese businessmen in the repair of the railway Baranovichy — Brest.

Brest during the Chinese delegation will present the region's voyage on the contact-kaaperatsyynay Exchange. Moreover, vShenyane hold talks with Chinese businessmen.

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After 10 years and remember the death of Kursk in Belarus

Society In Russia and in Belarus today remember the tragedy that 10 years ago happened in the Barents Sea. According to the findings of a special commission during the military exercises August 12, 2000 as a result of explosion of a torpedo sank the nuclear submarine "Kursk". 23 of 118 submariners survived until the last hope for help. But in the end neadlazhanyh rescue operations all sailors were killed.

Among the dead and the two Belarussians — senior assistant commander of a submarine captain 2 rank Sergei Dudko and the commander of the military, commander Alexander Sadkov. Both were

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