Lukashenko ordered to teach Russians how to put out fires

Society during the meeting with the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnihanavym he declared his readiness to "generate and send new troops" in Russia, reports Interfax.

"There is no politics here, no need to wind the media. Here there is absolutely no politics. Which may be a policy, when the lights of the village? We will never assume the Russians and Russian foreign country for himself and the people. Trouble for all of us shared."

The Belarusian president said that Belarus has also formed an unfortunate situation, especially in the south. However, Belarus has chosen "active method of combating these

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Member of European Parliament defends Teresa Sobol

Society on August 4 Teresa Sobol shot in Brest train that was heading to Poland, saying that it is in the list of restricted to travel abroad.

In Volozhin police department lawyer Sable reported that on August 3 prosecutors resumed the criminal case against T.Sobal.

The case was filed on December 18 2009and on charges of abuse of Mrs. Sable after receiving the 2004 financial assistance from the management of STDs. However, on 24 February, it was discontinued due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. Soon, it was rebuilt in the house Sable June 28 were

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Kastusyou rely only on the Belarusian money

In society G. Kastusiou, This campaign is the candidate of the Party of the BPF will be different from the campaigns of all the other contenders for the post of Head of State.

"Financing of political campaigns for foreign money is incompatible with the interests of Belarusian people. We do not seek foreign "investment policy" not to lose autonomy in their operations. My company at all stages will be carried out exclusively for domestic funds, but at the expense of the Belarusian sources of funding. It will be 100% Belarusian company ", — said the challenger BPF.

"Lukashenko is

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Grodno decipher the abbreviation BRYU


Guy: "Belarusian Republican Youth Union …"

His friend: "Belarusian Republican Youth Union …"

Reporter: "What does this mean for you business?"

First guy: "We have entered into it, but no redeeming features, except that the only money we hand over there."

His friend: "I think they're doing something, but do not see any results."

Reporter: "And what is required from you as members of the organization?"

First guy: "Nothing so far, but no pros."

Guy: "Belarusian Republican Youth Union. I have in its ranks."

Reporter: "And you can say about

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The authorities acknowledged — fires can bring radiation in Belarus

Society In an interview, Mr. BelaPAN Golikov explained that, when a high-intensity fire radionuclides rise in the air, but the distance that they are usually small — up to 10 kilometers. "So that recovery of radionuclides that was in the accident at Chernobyl, due to fires in the forests of course, can not be", — said Golikov.

On He said, Today the radiation situation in Belarus has not changed the dose of gamma radiation did not increase. Experts are monitoring, and for an increase in radiation levels will appeal to the MOE.

In turn, Head of Department for

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Dobrushskiy policemen smoked cannabis in the area

Society, however, it was not the smoke from the fire on the Russian side. To him led by local police.

About This was reported Freedom Demyanko resident of the village, which, after the Chernobyl disaster has refused to move to a clean area:

"In the Circle neighboring police mowed hemp and lit them. They grew up lying next to manure — manure and then caught fire. Smoldering heap that we have so smelled of smoke. Near here Krugovka th Birches. Cannabis allegedly overgrown, police and mowed them smoked. Here we have all the grass around the bush, the forest is

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Belarusian Tatars to count on help from Tatarstan

Society in an interview with the correspondent of "Freedom," said the mufti of the Spiritual Board of Muslims Republic of Belarus Ismail Varanovich.

"We are still waiting for an answer, will address the issue of the meeting or not. We want to ask for more attention, so we turned to face our problems are taken into account. First and foremost — this is the material support, for example, for the construction of mosques in Belarus. We dream for the first time in Belarus to open madrassas, though secondary religious education. Also mosque in Minsk. "

According I.Voronovich, financial support for

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Tatarstan President asks Belarus grain

Society in Minsk Tatarstan President meets with Sergei Sidorsky said his republic is interested in purchasing Belarusian grain and potatoes.

Mr. Minnihanav said that instead of the previously planned 5 million tons of grain will gather in Tatarstan This year, Only about 700,000 tons due to the abnormally dry weather.

He stressed that the low yield "a big problem" for Tatarstan as the republic to provide food grain, grain alcohol for the industry, as well as fodder for livestock. The president of Tatarstan emphasized that the country is breeding region. Tatarstan President added that there is a need also

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Belarus wants to build houses for the Russian fire victims

The Company reports Interfax , citing a source in the ministry.

As the reporters on Saturday the Minister of Architecture and Construction of Belarus Alexander Seleznev, Belarus has sent a proposal to the Russian side to build up to 100 homes for people who lost their homes in fires in Russia. Offers to help in the construction of such housing were sent to Smolensk, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, and the Russian region Varoneskuyu Minregienrazvitstse.

"Our proposals are in the price range that they have identified. We fit into them without much return — around zero percent, taking into account transportation.

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Aphorisms: Conscription-2

Society Transfer of the second.

Participating journalists, a youth activist Frantisek Vyachorka.

Ether 12 July 2010

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "Bread, salt, water-soldier's food," "Soldier money in three days — where hochysh, there day." From my point of view, it is very typical of proverbs about the financial condition of the soldier, his so to speak, well-being. And today they are relevant for Belarus the army?

Frantisek Vecherko: Soldier's salary — 24,560 rubles a month. This is a 7 packs of cigarettes and 3 packs of seeds, or a stick of sausage. To earn a couple of thousand could on the graves,

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