Belarusians are drinking more

Society Belarus continues to grow sales of vodka. According to the National Statistics Committee, in January-April of this year the vodka sold a 2.7% increase compared with the same period last year. Sold 3 million 438.6 thousand dal of vodka, its share of total alcohol consumption was 43.2% (in January-April 2010 — 46.1%).

Sales of alcoholic beverages in the total retail trade turnover in January-April 2011and was 10.5%. In the consumer market it was sold alcoholic beverages and beer for $ 1 trillion. 932.9 billion rubles.

Beer for four months sold 9 million 952.2 thousand dal — a 24.6% increase

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Count offers master's lottery

Society An original way to identify a single candidate for the upcoming presidential elections offered Count Alexander Prushinskiy. The very flamboyant figure in 1994 tried unsuccessfully to register as a presidential candidate. The reason for refusal was the absence of his Belarusian citizenship. By the way, today, exactly two years as Prushinskiy became a citizen of the Republic of Belarus.

In a statement released by the Count Prushinskiy proposes to determine the procedure for election single candidate the democratic opposition by … Toss with the lottery. And adds: all politicians who have indicated their desire to participate in the elections,

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August 16th opposition gathers Chain of people

The leader of the Society of the Minsk city organization of the BPF Ivashkevich, who filed similar claims in the Minsk city executive committee of about 50 times and thoroughly knows the procedure, called the refusal of the city authorities' anecdotal formal reply. "

Despite the ban on government action initiators called on their supporters to come on August 16 at the 18th hour of the Academy of Sciences of the portraits of the disappeared to carry out the action in "chains of those people."

The leader of the Belarusian Social Democratic bulk Stanislav Shushkevich drew attention, that "it is

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Veterans of the war in Afghanistan turned to Lukashenka

Society It should help the President stamp out corruption and for all put an end to the war between the security forces.

The text of the letter, circulated in the media, quoting the Russian newspaper "Kommersant". The letter says that the country is "transformed into a privately run prison in the battlefield of criminal clan for their own interests, for its proximity to the body of the president, which allows them to plunder the wealth with impunity and imprison their competitors."

The main problem veterans see the corruption that hit the power structures:

"The war power of government institutions,

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Even today, Aug. 12



Sunny, the temperature of +26-28 C 

Do not pass:

In Minsk, in the office of the UCP will be a press conference by the organizers on August 16, concerning the disappearance of more than 10 years ago, Belarusian politicians Viktor Gonchar and Yuri Zakharenko and Krasovsky and journalist Dmitry Zavadsky. 


1399: The Battle of the Vorskla River, ON troops smashed the Golden Horde.

1794: Surrender of Vilnius before the Russian troops.

1851: Isaac Singer was granted a patent for an invention sewing machine.

1953: The Soviet Union conducted its first test of a hydrogen

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As Larissa Heniyush became a citizen of Czechoslovakia

Society August 9 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Larissa Heniyush — Legends of the Belarusian poetry, a citizen of the BNR, the prisoner of the Gulag, and the Christian sacrificial love for free voices Zelva, Neman, Belarus, which is the whole of August sounds on the waves of "Freedom." Daily — Unknown photographer, unique record, and apocryphal stories from the life of the poet.

Yuri, Larissa and Vanya Heniyush. Prague, 1942

From the cozy Zelva in the Golden City of Prague with her husband Larissa Heniyush people leaving the country in 1937 as a citizen of

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Authorities soothe: radiation situation is normal

Society This was stated by the agency "Interfax" in the Republican Center of Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring Belarusian Ministry.

"Our laboratories have not detected any change of the radiation situation in the border region of Bryansk regions of Belarus", — reported in the center.

"The radiation situation in the country remains unchanged, as before, the higher values of gamma-rays are stored in the permanent monitoring points located in areas of high contamination — Bragin, Narovlia, Slavgorod Chechersk Khoyniki" — reported in the center .

It was reported earlier with reference to Rasgidramet that the territories of the

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Veterans Against the Independence Square

Society Renaming the metro station "Ploshchad Lenina" in "Independence Square" will be considered in the Minsk City Executive Committee in September. About this portal TUT.BY said head of cultural and educational work of the Executive Committee of Culture Olga Lukashuk.

Commission on March 15 naymenavanni i renaming streets in Minsk city executive committee, composed of city officials, members of the City Council, the main artist and the public) decided on a number of renaming the capital. The metro station "Ploshchad Lenina" had get the name "Independence Square", which is worn from 1992 to 2003.

Deputies of the Minsk City

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In Mogilev banned all picketing movement Tell the Truth

Society Mogilev city executive committee is not allowed to hold rally on August 15 to collect signatures in support of the director of research and educational institutions, "Moving Forward" by Vladimir Neklyaeva delegate to the Belarusian People's Assembly.

In response, the signature of Deputy Chairman Executive Committee Igor Avseenko states that the applicants submitted no place for its shares. Activists intend to collect signatures on a platform in front of the home life of the city, exactly in front of the city hall.

Applicants unsubscribe officials that the place designated for mass actions of citizens — a platform in front

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Before the start of Euro 2012 Belarusians won the Lithuanians

Society On the eve of the launch in the next qualifying tournament for the European Championships — 2012, which in two years will be held in Poland and Ukraine, Belarus team played a friendly match in Kaunas with the national team of Lithuania. Belarus victory — 0:2.

Double of the 49th and 90th minutes of the meeting midfielder scored against Belarus Vyacheslav Hleb. The game, especially in the second half, was held under the dictation of the Belarusians, but both teams were noted just a "parade" of errors. In fairness, the hosts were moments that the number of least

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