Belarusian rivers dry

Society About This was announced journalists chief gidrametearalyagichnyh national hydrometeorological forecasts Dmitry Ryabov, BelTA informs.

The most challenging conditions on the Western Dvina at the site Suraż — Vitebsk and Polotsk district on the river Sog about Gomel, where the water level is below the danger mark. This can cause complications in the river transport.

In the coming days, the decline in water level will prevail on the Berezina near the town of Borisov and Pine in the city of Pinsk. This performance will approach dangerously low marks for shipping.

As for water temperature, then in most

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The opposition will announce the format shares on August 16

Society At noon on August 12 in the office of the United Civil Party will hold a press conference on the demand for an international investigation of abductions and murders of opponents of the Belarusian regime. During the event, will also be voiced by the rendering format actions of solidarity with families of the missing, to be held August 16 in Minsk.

The press conference will be attended by the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, Chairman of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin, leader of the civil campaign "European Belarus" Andrei Sannikov, leader

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School — a pleasure for the rich

Society To prepare the student for the new school year, parents will have to spend 100 to 400 dollars. This was announced by the head of non-food market organization of the Ministry of Commerce Nina Pasko.

She noted that the cost of the optimal set, including clothes and shoes for school children ranging from 270 to 880 thousand rubles, for high school students — from 280,000 to 1 million 150 thousand.

Exactly a year ago The same Nina Pasko spent a similar press conference. Based upon her words, Last year, to correct their children to school were significantly cheaper. Set

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Nikitchenko: Radiation from forest fires — a drop in the sea of radioactive

Society Since the beginning of the summer fire ecologists have registered on the territory of the Russian Federation 'contaminated'. This is primarily Bryansk, Kaluga, Orel and other areas. Until now, the Russian authorities have denied warning of radiation danger, but today confirmed: indeed occurred in Bryansk fires in forests contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Does it pull the consequences for Belarus, which is adjacent to the Russian regions?

Russian environmentalists are sounding the alarm: Depending on weather conditions, separation of radionuclides downwind from the fires could exceed several hundred kilometers. However, specialists in Belarus deep

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Study abroad: to go — and do not come back

Society 2/3 of the contingent of the European Humanities University — Belarusians. After 12 years of work in Belarus and forced self-destruction in 2004, the school is on offer in Lithuania "prescribed" in Vilnius. Now all forms of education are about 1,500 students. How many of them eventually return home, where this level of education is simply not recognized — is difficult to predict. Says YSU student Cyril Atamanchyk, we must proceed from the fact that the political situation in another university of Belarus and would not leave:

We must proceed from the fact that the political situation in a

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Belarus will visit the president of Tatarstan

Society As the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, August 12 Belarus on a working visit to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation Rustam Minnihanav.

The Foreign Ministry clarified that morning Tatarstan delegation will lay a wreath at the Victory Monument, followed by a series of guest talks with senior officials of Belarus. First, with Rustam Minnihanavym will meet Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky, then scheduled in audience the President of TatarstanAlexander Lukashenko.

After dinner, head of the Russian region demonstrate the multifunctional complex "Minsk-Arena", after which the planned approach and Minnihanava

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Harvest is not at all

Society On private land many villagers showered, lost grain. People complain that the only harvest the collective farms can expect aid equipment. At the same time combine rental is expensive.


"We will not pay this threshing"

Brest villagers complain that the price of threshing grain in home gardens are quite large. Perhaps the current crop do not even pay for fee harvester.

In the village Panasavichy Berezovsky district a lot of elderly people on their land sown wheat. Hoping for good weather, the villagers wait and combine local SEC. However, for the thrashing to pay. Prices

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Rest in Drazdy in Austria

Society In Belarus, the state leaders, ministers, members of parliament — not a public person: find out where they are going, it is difficult. Policy, party leaders are more open, but many of them said, now is not to rest in front of a responsible political campaign.

Alexander Lukashenko in the heat continues working trip to the country, controls how the harvest. On Monday received Minister of Culture and Director of Administration of High-Tech Park, on Wednesday in his plan — working meetings. Even on a trip with his young son Kolya on Narach he has met … The Belarusian

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A.Yablakav: Get in Chernobyl

Society Drakakhrust: Mr. Yablokov, many radionuclides are now preserved in the areas to which they have dropped out after the Chernobyl disaster? Yablokov: Despite the fact that after 25 years have passed Chernobyl most radionuclides disappeared main

Fires are more dangerous than they were before.

dozavtvaralnym radionuclide is cesium-137, and it's half gone in a physical way. But the half that remained, there are more dangerous than it was 5-10 years ago. Radionuclides down into lower layers of the soil. They were in those sections where many of the roots of plants. And these plants pull up radionuclides, making

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The new temperature record. In Vasilevichy — 39.2

Society Heat waves this summer in Belarus has caused economic losses in a number of industries in the country. Experts now count the losses and plan to regulate labor in accordance with the climatic changes. Meanwhile, forecasters Belarusian hydrometeorological report that Belarus is approaching a new wave of heat from Russia.

Belarus has broken all-time record maximum temperature: in Vasilevichi Rechitskoye district recorded 39.2 degrees Celsius. Previous highest figure was recorded here in 1946 and was 38 degrees. Of thunderstorms and squally winds and hail that accompany heat, killed one person. Abnormal temperature this summer has damaged a number of

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