Minsk city executive committee drawn from the applicant's reply actions 16 August

About the Company This was announced one of the applicants action, the leader of the Minsk city branch of the BPF Ivashkevich, BelaPAN.

Application for the August 16 march and rally demanding to investigate the disappearances of opposition leaders Viktor Gonchar and Yuri Zakharenko Krasovsky and journalist Dmitry Zavadsky was filed with the Minsk City Executive Committee on July 16. Gathering participants will be in 18 hours near the Academy of Sciences, and then — a march to Freedom Square, where up to 21.00 must pass the rally. Number protesters-to thousands of people.

By law, five days before the

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Nikita Lihavid political prisoner was in solitary confinement

Society Prisoner colony Novapolatsk Nikita Lihavid punished with solitary confinement for being in the colony calls himself illegally convicted and refuses to do some work, which is required of it by the administration. This is "Radio Liberty" said the mother of political prisoner with reference to the letter received from the colony.

"The more information we have about him. We know that it was punished with solitary confinement for 10 days, "- said Elena Lihavid.

An activist of the movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavida Judge Natalia Pykina of Partyzanski district of Minsk sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for involvement

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Mogilev: hunting for petitions

Society An activist of the "Tell the Truth" by Sergei Laputina kept in the October Mogilev police department for more than three hours. It drawn up an administrative offense and confiscation of printed materials. They will be sent to the court.

"I was stopped by traffic police interception to check documents. I was driving in the direction of the enterprise, "Man-made fiber." Saw a couple of newspapers. However, they were interested in, as I later realized, not the newspaper. They assumed that I was going to give previously collected signatures of deputies of the regional council, the head of "Man-made

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Sergei Kovalenko was fined

Society Activist was arrested in July for breach of home "chemistry", the human rights center "Viasna".

Sergei Kovalenko was late home for 2 minutes. According to the activist, preventive detention was before the "Slavonic Bazaar" and his remarks were a response to the persecution of the opposition in Vitebsk, and especially in the pursuit of symbols of independent Belarus.

Sergei Kovalenko, in May, was sentenced to three years of home "chemistry" for the fact that in January, posted on the city's tree-white-redWhite Flag. Additionally the court sentenced him to pay a police officer nearly 5 million rubles as compensation

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White-headed Duck and Grisha. Estrada and cinema




I am perplexed that's what things: Recently, a meeting was heldMinister of Culture with the President …I had a hope, where the hell in there!Again, bear in my "need to raise the stage."It's like a dry tree to plant!Yes it one — stage and film.And the whole culture — is no longer visible.White-headed Duck:

Zaviduytse, empty krytsikany,What zhyzn culture of our pratsyakaetIn prezidenta lic at checkout.Actors on the role he assignsAnd gives singers rank and title …Estrada do we neabhadima with youAs the sun as cleaning impressive.For example, I love the stage!


Speak what

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Mikhail Leonov settled, Michael Bullfinch still on Volodarka

Society Where is the former director of the DOLE Mikhail Leonov, who last year was released and complained about the fact that it will be difficult to find a job? What is the fate of former high-ranking officials who were convicted of corruption?

At the beginning of the year Mikhail Leonov was released from the prison of Minsk, where served nearly 8 years. Let me remind you, the former director of MTW was convicted of bribe through prevarication and confiscation of property. Designated by the court the amount of loss Leonov did not return because so and pleaded not guilty.

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It is impossible for a woman to decay at work


Woman: "Do not. Not all women's health to finalize before that age. And, of course, the extra money if you work. However, not all have the health to work."

Woman: "No, and leave. Even men can reduce the retirement age, because, unfortunately, they have lived less than women. Many do not live up to sixty. But that does not increase — is unique."

Woman: "No. Well, first of all, the woman herself was of a woman. So, I like that phrase that say:" It is impossible for a woman to decay at work. "This is a very correct."

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In what may go wrong in Belarus, Moscow?

Society Russian political scientist Paul Svyatsyankov not rule out that Russia, having decided to drop Lukashenko can not provide for the further development of events — when and who will replace the successor to Lukashenko.

According to the expert, "if there is no serious external pressure on Belarus," then, likely, in the upcoming elections the incumbent president of Belarus will win.

In an interview REGNUM Paul Svyatsyankov expressed the opinion that "the West alone, probably will not be able to destabilize the regime of Lukashenka", as the official Minsk relies "on Moscow's support system and relations with the Kremlin,

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In Vawkavysk and Byalynichy banned picketing movement Tell the Truth

The response of society Volkovysk executive committee, according to activist Vitaly reveler, explained that the picket, under the law, can not lead to the collection of signatures.

In addition to the executive committee do not know when will be the fourth All-Belarusian People's Assembly, and, they say, to still not defined the procedure for nomination of delegates. On the basis of this Vaukavysk authorities and refused to hold a picket.

Collect signatures for Neklyaeva banned in Byalynichy.

Belynichi executive committee are also not allowed to hold rally on August 15 to collect signatures in support of the director of

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Belarus is coming to the new wave of heat from Russia

Society Hot air will flow from the territory of Russia. Tomorrow the temperature will be 27-30 degrees. In the following days the temperature will reach 29-37 degrees. The highest rates are reported in the weekend, when the day the thermometer rises to 39 degrees Celsius. The same weather will continue into early next week.

In Minsk tomorrow is expected to 28-30 degrees Celsius, the weekend — 32-34 degrees. Intense heat will be accompanied by thunderstorms and wind squalls.



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