Wreath Memory: Vyacheslav baton

Society He was born in Slutsk. Freedom-loving spirit of the city is involved in the formation of personality irrepressible and indomitable. After the seventh grade, he decided to look at the sea and no money drove to Odessa. He will travel all my life and then put their travel experience based prose. Said a member of Vyacheslav Batons, historian and public figure Oleg Trusov:

"He wrote a lot of interesting novels with good humor Slutsky. Was an optimist, a man of extremely alert, which is not missed in any situation. And so, of course, Belarus will miss ethe man very

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We live in debt. Bankruptcy is just around the corner …

Although the Company that the elections in Belarus have not been announced for the past few months much of the e-mail "Freedom" — that on the subject. Our students are actively discussing the chances of opposition politicians argue about the conditions under which the campaign can be conducted democratically. Too many are inclined to think that the elections in Belarus will be held on the same scenarios and the same with the same result — just as it did in 2001, and in 2006, respectively.

Our listener Vasily Unnamed of Smalyavichy, from a letter which will begin today's discussion, said

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What did Liabedzka for harvest? ..

Society Listener Tatiana Barrel answer requests from Asipovichy who actually owns the land in Belarus and its subsoil, and on what basis are selling companies that recycle resources.

"I wonder who owns our rivers, forests, land? If we, the people, the people of this land, why not ask us when they are going to sell" Belaruskali "?"

This question is answered Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk:

"In Belarus, lakes and rivers belong to the state only. As for the" Belaruskali ", this state-owned enterprise. Government says it wants to sell it, but to date no action there. Therefore, we can say that

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M.Hadarkovski: Nothing changed in my life would not have

Society The most famous Russian political prisoner, former head of the Yukos oil company, Mikhail Khodorkovsky gave an interview to the German magazine Der Spigel.Spigel: Mr Khodorkovsky, you had been in prison for more than a year, and met with the camps of Siberia, and with the capital insulators. What are your impressions of the Russian penal system?

Khodorkovsky: Domestic penal system is not aimed at re-education, not to help convict not to protect society from crime, but only for punishment, often — cruel and humiliating for scrapping of the human person. But the punitive function can not be

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Intense heat will subside next week

About the Company This was announced reporters, the chief of the National hydrometeorological forecasts Dmitry Ryabov.

Heat, by He said, will slowly fade from 18-19 August. Mr. Ryabov said that daytime temperatures decrease to 23-29 degrees, 10-17 degrees at night is expected.

In the third week of August the weather will be set for the autumn mood. Expected short rains. The maximum temperature will be 18-25 degrees during the day, but especially hot days of August it is possible its rise in some places up to 30 degrees.

The Council of the intelligentsia is not a mediator in the selection of a single

To coordinate the activities of the society round table head of the Council of the Belarusian intelligentsia Vladimir Kolos, who was the intermediary between potential presidential candidates. The leader of the "European Coalition" Statkevich said:

"But Last week the situation has changed, because Parliament has decided to nominate their presidential candidates. This is her full right, but I'm glad this step is losing neutrality and angazhuetstsa under the section of the round table, and therefore can no longer act as a mediator. Therefore decision, that preside over the meetings of the roundtable will in turn do the participants. At the

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Secret Belarusian arms deliveries to the Middle East

Society The Russian newspaper "Novye Izvestiya" writes about suspicions of secret arms shipments from Belarus in the Middle East, from which weapons fall into the hands of radical groups.

In Minsk yesterday refuted the common foreign media reports delivered anti-aircraft missile systems S-300s from Belarus to Iran. Israel has so far refrained from official statements on the subject, though in a closed session of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Knesset has already discussed the issue of the Belarusian military supplies to another country — Syria, through which weapons, according to Tel Aviv, get into the hands of the radical

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Milk wars over?

Society Russia in case of deficiency will buy milk in Belarus. This was stated by Russian Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik, BelTA informs.

"For dairy products, we do not have a positive situation. We go with a slight excess of the figures of last year — said Elena Skrinnik. — We have problems with food supply due to the drought. If need be, we will buy milk in Belarus. "

"Milk War" may have in the past not just because of the needs of the Belarusian milk that may arise in Russia now. As theand Chief Medical Officer

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Yablokov: separation of radionuclides may be several hundred kilometers

Society In the Bryansk region fires occurred in forests contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

This information was confirmed today in the "Roslesozaschite." From mid-June were recorded fire areas and other areas contaminated with radionuclides in Kaluga, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Tula, Orel and Penza regions. Earlier, the authorities denied the reports environmentalists.

Russian environmentalists are concerned about the possible consequences of forest fires in areas contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

According to prominent Russian environmentalist Alexei Yablokov, depending on weather conditions separation of radionuclides can reach several hundred kilometers.

The Office of

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Arrests in the administration of the Central district of Minsk

Society Officials detained by the Department for Combating Economic Crimes involving "Diamond", the "Belarusian News."

At the heart of the criminal history was not yet built residential complex "Swan." The material featured in the amount of several thousand dollars.

Previously arrested the former head of Minsk City Executive Committee of the housing policy Nicholas Com. May 25 Central Investigation Department of Interior Ministry has filed a preliminary investigation against him of repeatedly accepting bribes and abuse of power.

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